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February 1, 2024

Hi Wattpadders, 

At Wattpad, we embrace and celebrate the diversity of Wattpadders all year round. You're the ones who make your community feel seen, valued, and, of course, entertained. We can't thank you enough for continuing to celebrate incredible storytelling with us.

This month, we're shining a special spotlight on stories that elevate Black love, coming-of-age struggles and triumphs, fantastical adventures, and so much more. These reads bring to life the beauty in the intersections of identity, and definitely need to be added to your Library! Check them out on our Reading List now.

Don't know where to start? We have some suggestions for you below:

The Double-Tap Accident by nikki20038

Have you ever accidentally liked an Instagram photo of the captain of your university's varsity volleyball team? From three years ago? A guy you have never spoken to in your life?

Jaiyesimi 'Jaime' Okusanya can relate.As a second-year biophysics student at Herringway university, Jaime is trying to do what every person at university is as well: survive. Especially as she tries to fulfill the requirements to obtain a research position at Dalhousie Laboratory. But when she accidentally likes Aven Montaque's Instagram picture after noticing him twice over a few days, she attempts to survive her fascination with the hot and cold fourth-year criminology student who's aspiring to go to law school.

In a coming-of-age story of romance, friendships, drama and mottos, Jaime discovers that her priorities are about to shift. And Aven Montaque might become one of them.

The Lost Elixir by XxBriannaMariexX

Rayne, who is next in line to be alpha, is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her people from the wrath of an ancient vampire lord that seeks to wipe out the fae and werewolf population forever.

One morning after training, Rayne is surprised by her father's recent capture, the King of Fae, whom is more than reluctant to help them. When Rayne learns of the famous elixir that can defeat the vampire lord, she forces her father to let her and the King of Fae go in search of their last hope. Along the way to salvation, Rayne is tested in more ways than one. Can she find the elixir? Will she make it back in time before the war breaks out? And most importantly, will she be able to choose her duty to her people over her heart if they win the war?

The Search for Juno by _jnicole_

When nineteen-year-old Angie Nohl accidentally kills a man in a skirmish one night, she never would have guessed that man could be the god Poseidon.A heavenly bounty now on her head, Angie is a fugitive at large. When the trickster god Hermes comes to her aid, however, the two spring up a wild idea: pin the disaster on another person, and take the prize money for themselves.

The feat certainly won't be easy, especially not when two of Angie's childhood friends, hired by the gods to locate her, see right through her plan.

Follow the unorthodox journey of a god, a part-time online college student, and a wood nymph as they attempt a divine deceit for the ages.

Happy reading!

— Wattpad HQ

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