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Community Happenings by Wattpad
Community Happeningsby Wattpad
Welcome to The Wattpad HQ Community Happenings story! We are so glad you're part of our global community. This is the place for readers and writers to come to discover...
A Look at the Story Insights Report by storyinsights
A Look at the Story Insights Reportby storyinsights
Here's what the Story Insights Report looks like.
Wattpad Account Updates by Raven_ThePrideWitch
Wattpad Account Updatesby Raven TheScarletFox_Yt
when I have updates that I want to share I will put them in here for you guys.
HungerGamesHunter's Latest News by FreeInTheUSA
HungerGamesHunter's Latest Newsby Hashtag Name Me
Sometimes, you spend to much time on your phone/tablet/Ipad/Kindle and you wish to be more up to date. You find news apps for little kids and you find news apps for peop...
Stand By Me by YourAuthorClara
Stand By Meby Clara Heart
Mikaela Rosales or A.K.A "Myka" Isang great Yaya na gagawin ang lahat mapansin lang siya ni Theodore Jan Bautista o mas kilala sa pangalan na "Theo" ...
I love Wattpad... but look at this...  by flexinayan
I love Wattpad... but look at this...by nat <3
I love Wattpad... but I hate those updates that ruin it here. Let's see what Wattpad destroyed... And what's good here. Okay. My native language is not English so I'm s...
Update Book by Dewdrop_1
Update Bookby Gabriela
This Book tells all the updates of my Books that I'm working on. It will also tell if I'm sick and can't work on Wattpad for a while. This could also work for questions...
Channel Updates by princeofangarth
Channel Updatesby Martin conDoin
This is where I'm going to post updates for my readers to see what I'm doing and/or why I haven't posted a chapter to one of my stories recently.