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FNAF One Shots/ Scenarios by MarshmallowSahnielle
FNAF One Shots/ Scenariosby MarshmallowSahnielle
This book is for readers and OCs. Have fun reading about your FNAF crushes. Disclaimer: I don't own the fnaf characters, they belong to Scott Cawthon.
  • romance
  • love
  • wattys2018
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200 Books On Wattpad You Should Read Before You Die by blackberrydragon
200 Books On Wattpad You Should Amber
Life is an open book full of blank pages, you write the story as you go
  • random
  • humor
  • werewolf
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The Pen & The Sword: A Discussion Book by TheFaeFolk
The Pen & The Sword: A The Fae Folk
Welcome to your high fantasy haven! Here, you'll find weekly articles designed to help you improve your writing and interact with us and each other. You'll get input on...
  • community
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The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girlby Abbie
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
  • rosy
  • child
  • confusion
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Random x teen/child/baby reader *REQUESTS ON HOLD!!!!!* by BadwolfRed18
Random x teen/child/baby reader * BadwolfRed
All of my favorite fandoms based on the reader being a child or baby. I've always had a guilty pleasure for reading fandoms with the reader being a child or baby. They a...
  • disney
  • bbc
  • starwars
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Wattpad Yearbook 2018 (The Making) by charliegotcaught
Wattpad Yearbook 2018 (The Making)by Poppy
Read more in order to be able to participate in the making of The Wattpad Yearbook of 2018!
  • remember
  • yearbook
  • year
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Halloween Vault by OUATfans
Halloween Vaultby Once Upon A Time Fans
For the first time ever, we have collaborated with 24 profiles to bring you a super duper fantastic event called HALLOWEEN VAULT. Awesome writing prompts, scavenger hunt...
  • halloweenparty
  • fun
  • scavengerhunt
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Read for Read! + Shoutouts!! by sciencefiction_fan
Read for Read! + Shoutouts!!by Sci Fi Fan
Click the book for more! FOLLOW - READ - COMMENT - SHOUTOUT
  • shoutout
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The Stolen Horn by empiter69
The Stolen Hornby empiter69
One day, in the Mines of Joelak, Meepo was mining just like every other day until he found a magnoceri horn. On his way home it was snatched from his ha...
  • stolen
  • engish
  • need
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witch mountain continuation of chapter 1 by skitlezz
witch mountain continuation of skitlezz
  • part
  • mountain
  • writingcontest
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Delusions Of Destiny by KeerthanaMuthiah1
Delusions Of Destinyby Keerthana Muthiah
Short Poems written on the emotions of a human being at different occasions of life and how exactly the emotions wander around like a feel spirit across the oceans. Poem...
  • optimism
  • watty
  • love
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[ C ] HEAVEN 헤븐 | Chanyeol ※ by x_xxx_x
[ C ] HEAVEN 헤븐 | Chanyeol ※by ● I'm Toilet Wife ●
+ Chanyeol mengalami kanser Jantung . Dia merahsiakan sakitnya kepada ahli EXO and teman wanitannya Kim Hyun Jin selama 4 tahun . Adakah dia akan memberitahunya tentang...
  • gdragon
  • exo
  • kimhyunjin
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Questions Without Answers by EppyPhantomhive
Questions Without Answersby EppyPhantomhive
Last time I gave questions with answers included, but now there will be no answers given fufufu. So, just relax, take your time because the time is unlimited. Ps: this i...
  • fan-girls
  • fan-girling
  • classroom
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Natsume's Book of Randomness (Book 1) by TsundereQueen_
Natsume's Book of Randomness ( 『✰ 𝔸 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕝 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕 𝕌...
Just me being random and weird with friends :3 This book will go to 200 parts then end. Then, I will make a new one as book 2
  • fanfic
  • random
  • ttsh
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Watt pad contests by Danie78
Watt pad contestsby Danielle James
This is a contest book! Copyright © 2015
  • shutouts
  • youngwritersprize
  • justwriteit
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TAG BOOK. by thefcllowers
⟶ jesus christ, this again?
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Vacation... by reanajillane2006
#18 😘yana_Meweana🖤
So as you can see the title is School Which is a horror story as you can see my cover picture.. in my second account in wattpad of course some of my readers just commen...
  • ahah
  • minathecutiepie
  • readers
Ask me and Announcements by Kommando293
Ask me and Announcementsby Kommando293
Ask myself, Kommando293, or one of my OC's listed below a question Steeltrix :My Little Pony Kommando: Attack On Titan Grim Reaper: Percy Jackson Cadet Jonathan: L4D3 St...
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