April 28, 2020 - Launching the #WriteTogether Challenge

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Hi Wattpad Writers,

Whether you're at the beginning stages of your writing journey, or are a seasoned scribe, we've heard from many of you that this has been a difficult time to establish a writing routine and stay motivated. Many of us at Wattpad HQ are writers too—we know how hard it has become to stay focused and get creative during uncertain times. First, we want to say—it's normal and perfectly reasonable to find writing harder during these times. Go easy on yourself! For those of you who find coping with unpredictable periods of time can feel more doable with a little structure in place to look to, or when we have a supportive group of other people to inspire us to keep going, we've got something for you.

Today, as part of our #WriteTogether initiative, we're launching the first in a series of weekly community writing challenges that we hope can bring us a little closer together and help us stay positive and inspired. The challenges will be a mix of activities that can motivate, inspire and push us to think beyond our normal writing routine.

Here is Challenge #1!

Post a short story inspired by current life events (1,500 words or less) of your life with social distancing to your Wattpad profiles. Share your entry before Tuesday May 5th, when we'll share our next challenge with you. Once we've collected all of the entries, we'll amass a curated anthology to share with you all. Remember to add #WriteTogether so we can find your entry!

All of the challenges will be posted here and on our social media in the weeks to come, so make sure you're following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (and now, TikTok!) at @Wattpad, and check back here to look for your next challenge. We hope you'll join us and look forward to reading your entries!

- Wattpad HQ


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