May 19, 2020 - #WriteTogether Challenge #3

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Hi Wattpad Writers, 

We loved reading all your entries from Challenge #2 nominating a writer in the community that has inspired you. Spreading so much positivity in our community definitely helps lift our spirits and keep us smiling! 

Here is Challenge #3 to keep you motivated and writing for the week ahead:

For many of us isolated around the world, we might be feeling increased pressure to write and use this time productively. Whether that pressure comes internally or externally, our community has let us know that, frankly, a global pandemic can be a hostile environment for creativity. So for a minute, ignore the drive to be productive and tell us—how are you feeling? Connect with those feelings in whatever way makes sense—a stream-of-consciousness flow or a quick update for those of us reading around the world. Whether this is the prompt that gets your creative juices flowing, or just gives you an excuse to do some much-needed honest sharing, knowing we're all in this, writing together, will help make us all feel less alone.

There are no word limits on this challenge. Just remember to add the #WriteTogether tag to your story so we can find your entry. Thanks for being a part of our #WriteTogether challenges. We look forward to reading your entries! 

- Wattpad HQ

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