Something's in the air... It's #WerewolfWeek 🌖

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October 25, 2022

Awooooooo! 🐺🌕

What's that over there in the distance? The piercing yellow eyes of a werewolf under a full moon? A ghostly encounter? Something else equally scary?

It's officially Werewolf Week and you know what that means. We're coming to you with the best, scariest, spookiest stories on Wattpad. From romantic werewolf tales to stories of mysterious paranormal activity, there's a story on Wattpad to make anyone's spine tingle.

Beware: after reading these stories, you'll want to sleep with your lights on. Get into the spooky spirit by diving into these eerie stories. Plus, join the Wattpad wolf pack by following , and let us know which stories scared you the most on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Don't know where to start? Check out these three picks with excerpts from our Werewolf Week Reading List.

Bleeding Heart by TheoryKierei

I will get you whatever you need for him, his master's voice said quietly into his mind, drawing a small smile to his face as he followed the two toward the door. Seba stopped a few steps back as the alpha walked outside, then turned to look at them. When he produced a small vial of something from his coat pocket and handed it to Pretennon, Seba titled his head, curious but suspicious.

It didn't take but a few seconds for the scent of strong, sweet-smelling blood to drift into his nose once Pretennon handed it to him.

Wolf Bound by Loutka

Anxiety ate away at my insides until I felt like I'd puke. There were only two times in my life I'd been this close to danger. There was no way in hell I wanted to make it a third. Because there was no guarantee I'd make it out alive this time. Three's a charm never worked in my favor. It was more like three strikes and you're dead. Not even out, just six-feet under.

I had terrible luck.

The Alpha's Siren Song by wonderstruckagain

I could feel the tips of my hair shifting, trying to move as they would if I was fully submerged in water and caught in a smooth tide. The elastic held them still. My vision became hyper focused, the world around me becoming so sharp it was almost painful. I knew that my irises would no longer be the ocean blue that they normally were. They would be shining now, as if electricity flowed through me.

Read at your own risk, Wattpadders...

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