Saving Niall

When Aria brings her best friend, Amelia to a One Direction concert, they witness Niall getting bullied by a group of girls telling him he shouldn't be in One Direction. They soon hang out more and more then fall in love. Also, Aria is nervous for Niall... Also, if you like Harry Styles, please do check out my Fan Fiction dedicated to him.
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I love this a lot more than I would in a normal fic because my name is Amelia :). So HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY
If we take this bird in with its broken leg 'we can nurse it' she said...........
I have a friend named Amelia. And she's a HUGE Directioner. So this book is, like, PERFECT for her.
Omg this is one of the cutest Niall fics' I've ever read! It's sooo good, it's beautiful! x
U know kissing the top of a ransoms birds head can giv u diseases. Who am I kidding? I would've done they same thing!!!
Am I the only one who thought of ''Little Bird'' by Ed Sheeran while reading this part?

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