Saving Niall

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MakeupMaddie By MakeupMaddie Updated a year ago
When Aria brings her best friend, Amelia to a One Direction concert, they witness Niall getting bullied by a group of girls telling him he shouldn't be in One Direction. They soon hang out more and more then fall in love. Also, Aria is nervous for Niall...

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ballar3 ballar3 a month ago
I haven't even started the book and I'm swooning over the cover
MaoToma72 MaoToma72 5 months ago
I hope no one every hurts niall in real life he is perfect in his own I don't care if his teeth aren't perfect or if he isn't perfect Antone who sends him hate will get my hate because no one should get bullyed he is perfect to me:)
Maggieclairexd Maggieclairexd 6 months ago
I'm sorry but Niall is a lot tougher than that he wouldn't just go ch to someone about that I mean yeah I bet he would be hurt by it but not enough to "tell on them" idk
TheRawrImADinosaur TheRawrImADinosaur 6 months ago
Xx_OneWay_Xx Xx_OneWay_Xx 7 months ago
I love this a lot more than I would in a normal fic because my name is Amelia :). So HAPPYYYYYYYYYYY
BudderGirl13 BudderGirl13 a year ago
I've been reading the first chapter and think you should write more!