Illuminated.(A Loki Love Story)

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Time waits for no one,

So do you want to waste some time,

Oh, oh tonight?

Don't be afraid of tomorrow,

Just take my hand, i'll make it feel so much better tonight

These feeling i began to get were almost unreal to me,Aorabelle and siti waded in the water, ora touched the surface gently with her fingertips, a serene smile on her lips, i could feel Thors eyes on me, ''You two have been spending alot of time together,she seems,different. less, hostile towards you.'' i chuckled and looked at him, ''and?'' Thor put a his hand under his chin, '' I've noticed the way you look at her, when she's playing with children, reading. or even when she's doing nothing but standing there,at your side.'' i started to come to a deep realization as thors words sank in, ''Whats your point?'' i asked doggedly, Thor looked at me in all seriousness.''Has thou finally learned to love brother?'' i looked down at thor then at the two girls playing in the river, i closed my eyes shut for a brief second, ''You know brother, i've been acting slightly out of character.'' he nodded and chuckled. ''siti is beautiful.'' he said gesturing to his own, ''as is aorabelle, and yes thor, i,Love her. i Loki, God Of mischieft has found someone to love.and she is the only woman i'll love.'' aorabelle looked back, her eyes shining in the sunset and she smiled, i smiled back in complete adoration at her. i had gotten her to finally show her true nature, how she acted on earth and all in the course of a few months thor put a hand on my shoulder, ''you know,if you really loved her,-- i shook my head, ''I Know you dont have to say it.'' i looked down at him, ''Do you even know what i was going to say?'' i looked into my brothers eyes. ''I have to let her go,Dont i?''

Suddenly my eyes are open,

Everything comes into focus, oh,

We are all illuminated,

Lights are shining on our faces, blinding

ok i really have been wanting to do this for a really long time, but i didnt know how,its a slave story i have already resolved that with myself,im staying original,no vampires,that it. this story will be EXTREMELY explicit,  (sex,rape,cursing,kidnap ect,) but mainly rape, so prepare yourself for almost the worst and TBH im kind of debating on wether i want to continue from here...hmmm