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Anime x Reader One Shots.

Anime x Reader One Shots.

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Luna Knight By Animegirl_4life Updated Feb 15

This is where I will let my imagination go wild. Can't promise that they will be good -_-. But I do hope that you will enjoy anyway. This use to be a Fairy Tail x Reader One Shot book, so the first about 90 one shots are from Fairy Tail. Just warning you.
    (I don't own anything in Fairy Tail, sadly. I only own some of the plot.)

Can you do Shikamaru x depressed and bullied reader (with a happy ending ) please
KSPAseries KSPAseries Jan 07
Its a good good fic but i feel like (Y/N) is a little over powered.
AbbyBaskerville AbbyBaskerville Nov 27, 2016
Hello! If requests are still open could you do an Edolas!Hughes x reader please?
NoeleCruz NoeleCruz Feb 14
Is it me or does this paragraph make reader-chan seem pretty OP?
Animegirl_4life Animegirl_4life Sep 23, 2016
I will try my best I've never tried a female x reader one before, but I
                              will try my best.
kenny_something kenny_something Dec 31, 2016
That was good. But all I could think about was will (Y/N) and gajeel wore kissing is that natsu was getting his ass handed to him.