Fairy Tail's Angel slayer

Fairy Tail's Angel slayer

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💫 Wolf Angel 💫 By W0lf_Ang3l Completed

Fairy Tail X Reader ~ 

This book is a bit of everything~

You were taken from your family for 3 years. Whilst in captivity you witness the miracle of seeing an angel. You are granted its powers and you are taught by the Angel. It leaves you the day you broke free. You head home and show everyone your new found strength. Only, there's nobody else in the world like you. So how will your magic live on? 

Disclaimer: I don't own fairy tail :)

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Wow. Natsu must have a lot of faith in me if he says I can beat Erza...
You’re right. 
                              You’re not friends. 
                              You’re boyfriends ;)))
Maria-Goldenheart Maria-Goldenheart 5 days ago
                              A DAY FOR THAT I'VE WISHED SINCE I WAS SMALL!~
arisub arisub Oct 25, 2017
i can play piano, keyboard, flute, recorder, violin and im trying to learn guitar.
Etnoyere Etnoyere Jan 09
My question is how the heck am I in Fairy Tail, and have not managed to somehow reveal my magic?
pancake-in-armor pancake-in-armor 7 days ago
I would be too shocked to cry because gray has his shirt on. Is the world ending