I'm NoT cRaZy  (Septiplier)

I'm NoT cRaZy (Septiplier)

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"Oh, and also Mark" He said, Mark looking up at him with pursed lips.
"Don't look, listen or talk to Sean for too long".
"He'll drive you to insanity"

_Freckls_ _Freckls_ Apr 25
didn't you write this on Quotev first? It's not on there anymore but your username is the same as the other one
WooshieWoo WooshieWoo Mar 17
I mean I would stab someone with something if they didn't like video games so yeah same Sean
GamingMagic GamingMagic 6 days ago
This is supose to be serious and here I am laughing and smiling like an idiot 😂
This is probably the 3rd or 4th (I've lost count) that I'm re-reading this story. It has been my favorite one for so long. It even kind of helps me feel better about some of my disorders so thank you :)
Vickythebooknerd Vickythebooknerd Sep 26, 2016
My mum allways says calm to me and this is literally my response😂
Ginger_spice16 Ginger_spice16 Dec 10, 2016
I read this on Quotev before I had my Wattpad account & I found this story again!!! I've come full circle. (THIS ATORY IS AMAZING I LOVE IT KEEP READING DEAR READERS)