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My Missing Doctor by TheGlitchKing
My Missing Doctorby T̷̘̾̀h̶͍̒è̴͕K̵͓̬̊͝i̸͈̰̿͝n̷͗͜...
Dr. Schneepelstien left and something is happening to Anti. He's becoming more violent and insane. No one understands him. No one can seem to get through to him. And the...
Anti x child reader (Completed) by booped_snoot
Anti x child reader (Completed)by Anti
The soft side of Anti shines trough the darkness in a little childs life.
Play Time (Anti x Reader) by The_Angel_That_Wrote
Play Time (Anti x Reader)by the_angel_that_wrote
You go to Ireland for a couple of days to help a fellow Youtuber, and friend, out with doing something for the lead up to Halloween. He said the character's name was Ant...
Lost Fragments by Gracie_is_everything
Lost Fragmentsby gracie_is_everything
What happens when anti gets into another fight with the egos, but ends up losing his memory? read to find out
Baby Bean by JuleWolfStar
Baby Beanby Julian Wolf
Everyone's favorite glitch, or, well, every Iplier's favorite glitch, has been turned into a child due to a malicious spell cast by Marvin. But upon realizing what happe...
The Stones In My Stomach (Control) by dorami_sun
The Stones In My Stomach (Control)by Eldora
Anti struggled with an eating disorder as his urge to control the glitches grew stronger. The sparks in his system dimmed down, but so did the spark in his eyes. Someone...
Demon Dads (DarkiplierXAntisepticeyeXIdkAnymore,Someone) by thisismyspoon
Demon Dads ( iamspoon
Dark and Anti owe a man a debt, and to repay it, they adopt his daughter... Cover's not mine, I can't draw. I kinda stole it.
I Am Septic - Antisepticeye by jodee_kurikara
I Am Septic - Antisepticeyeby Ribemo
I've always been an outcast. But Jack was always there with his smile. But when someone hurts him, I'll have to discover something about myself I never knew ...
Disowned by graphic-hawk
Disownedby graphic-hawk
Anti's still dealing with the pain of his fellow Septic egos forcing him away from them. Did he deserve it? Maybe. Had he changed? Probably not. Did he regret it...
Game Over ~AntiAverage by TheGlitchKing
Game Over ~AntiAverageby T̷̘̾̀h̶͍̒è̴͕K̵͓̬̊͝i̸͈̰̿͝n̷͗͜...
(~The cover took WAY to long to make lol~) (Ok warning... Anti does not have DID or anything like it. This book does not portray DID or anything else correctly in anyway...
Never betray the family... (Sequel to "One Big Happy Family!") by DeathFire03
Never betray the family... ( Zermaroon
Everyone thought that they were gone...but oh boy were they wrong. The dark side is never going to stop. Where light is, is also a shadow... A Sequel to "One Big Ha...
It's Beautiful~ A Jse Ego Story by OrbitingIn5
It's Beautiful~ A Jse Ego Storyby Hobo Mojo
Three years ago, the septiceye household was chaotic. Absolute mayhem. The egos would break out into fights, and each one was about something small like chores or being...
Always. (Yandere Jacksepticeye X Reader) by Elyese_the_writer
Always. (Yandere Jacksepticeye X Elyese Van aalst
Sean Mcloughlin, your Science teacher is a medium built, Irish; ecstatic guy. He's your favourite teacher, and you're his favourite student. But he's more than a little...
Anti and Dark: Misjudged by graphic-hawk
Anti and Dark: Misjudgedby graphic-hawk
Dark and Anti both have problems trying to fit in with the other egos. They are perceived as evil without given a chance to prove otherwise. Enjoy! :) Please don't ste...
Corruption And Magic (A Septiceye Ego Fanfic) by Melody_Blanc_16
Corruption And Magic (A Melody_Blanc_16
The Egos had been in a few fights with Anti, and it's been roughly the same; Anti desperately tries to kill them, they fail to get his knife or even hit him, and they re...
My Child (Markiplier/Darkiplier x Adopted! Daughter) by ImJesseBruh
My Child (Markiplier/Darkiplier Jesse
As a 11 month old little girl who was sold on the dark web, the person who bought you was someone saving children on the market. He would buy them and leave them at door...
What A Family by graphic-hawk
What A Familyby graphic-hawk
Anti never liked the idea of a family but after a mistake of his own, he's come to realize that maybe he could give a try. This Septic girl is new but she's happy and ex...
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙ by KittyBleh
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙby Jay
Last kNight (Antisepticeye X Reader) {UNDER EDITING} by MarksmenRose
Last kNight (Antisepticeye X MarksmenRose
A young (Y/N) get captured by the King's army. I am (Y/FN) (Y/LN). I was brought to King Dark as punishment for my accused crimes against demonkind. King Dark c...