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Transported by MirlyMe
Transportedby Emilia
Marilyn doesn't know why, or how it's possible, but she transports at any time to any place. This curse has saved her life but couldn't save her parents. She can't trus...
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Destiny leads... by AnjaliSonawane
Destiny justin'sshawty
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I H<3te Everything by TagPanda
I H<3te Everythingby Sabrina
A collection of poems.
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Time Jinx by Nikoliberty
Time Jinxby Nikoliberty
After 19 year old Bradley Jinx finds out his parents were in a secret rebel group, he joins The Elites and completes work along side his father. He soon finds out about...
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my punishment for not playing by myfetishes
my punishment for not playingby myfetishes
cricket, box, cup, jock, jockstrap, water sports, bukkake, sex, gay, gay porn, blow job, 69, punishment
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Not My Crime by Shadowjess
Not My Crimeby Shadowjess
This is a small preview of a little story I may be continuing for a short story, but I'm not sure at the moment. Any feedback would be great if you would like more of th...
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The Street Fighter. (Harry S. Fanfiction) by FlippinFangirl
The Street Fighter. (Harry S. FlippinFangirl
He loves no one and no one loves him. That's how he likes it. But when a spunky teenage girl shows up to one of his matches and makes a scene, he can't help but notic...
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Pandora's Box [HIATUS] by kalyco
Pandora's Box [HIATUS]by kalyco
The Golden Age died. The Silver Age was born. For years, mankind and the Greek gods lived in peace. Then Prometheus gave the secret of fire to the humans, and the gods e...
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One Shot Tales by Keira000
One Shot Talesby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
From faithful childhood friends, to hidden tribes to bitter sweet secrets, a collection of one shot short stories for your enjoyment. Just a collection of one off short...
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Sylvia Plath (essay) by raindropheaven
Sylvia Plath (essay)by raindropheaven
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Stories Your Mother Never Told You: A Collection of Short Stories. by HeyMrJones211
Stories Your Mother Never Told Maya
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The Love Box Experiment by chrishaighUK
The Love Box Experimentby C M Haigh
Paul is twenty-six, handsome and on the verge of becoming seriously rich. Katie is seventeen, innocent and sexy. Paul wants her. . . not for love or romance, but for his...
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Romeo & Juliet In Wonderland by Killer_Choco_Bunny
Romeo & Juliet In Wonderlandby Yeisa Alanis Garcia
You all know the story of Romeo & Juliet and Alice In Wonderland. But,what happens when Romeo & Juliet crossovers to Wonderland? Romeo & Juliet follow The White Rabbit a...
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Pandora's Box by daisy_chain
Pandora's Boxby Daisy Anne
*CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT* When tough gets going, the going gets tough. Sixteen year old Pandora is suffering with Bulimia and when she hooks up with boyfriend Finn, she f...
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Glass House, Amberlynn by DaniAVeer
Glass House, Amberlynnby Dani A. Veer
What would you do if someone offered you the chance to take a walk through time...Literally?
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Trapped by xx7j7xx
Trappedby xx7j7xx
Choose. Outside the box. Or Inside the box.
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Why do my kittens look like the Akatsuki?? by yoso_no_neko
Why do my kittens look like the Aisu
Kisaki Akine has been alone for most/all of her life with no parents from a terrible bus accident with her the only survivor. She now is 15 year old that has a house, jo...
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The Girl He loved(Markiplier Fanfiction) by TheDonutWriter
The Girl He loved(Markiplier Thedonutwriter
It was a like every other typical day of my life,I'd be done filming a video for youtube and I would go out for brunch.Today I wen t
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Twin Sins by Lady_DJxo
Twin Sinsby Lady_DJxo
This story was created and inspired by pitch wars for the new adult and mature readers although it will not be submitted as a rated R writer and the love of sensual expr...