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Storms Don't Last Forever (A Giant Jacksepticeye X Borrower Reader)  by SaunFlower
Storms Don't Last Forever (A Giant...by SaunFlower
(Y/n) is a Borrower that has been abused all her life. She has been kicked, attacked, beaten, and manipulated with no control of herself whatsoever. When she was 16, she...
Boarding School for Giants (G/T) by GiantObsession
Boarding School for Giants (G/T)by GiantObsession
A troubled teenager gets kicked out of her high school and is forced to enroll in a boarding school for giants. As a tiny human, she struggles to navigate a giant world...
Just an Orphan (G/T story) by yomamaschesthair
Just an Orphan (G/T story)by Viola
This is my first story ever so if there's mistakes I'm really sorry. Also I hope you enjoy! What would you do if you got kidnapped at the dead of night by Giants? Better...
The Giant by Baileyschatz
The Giantby Bailey Anne Schatz
A princess is given to a giant prince as humans try to make peace with the giants. Will she be treated as a pet, a prisoner, or a love interest. Read to find out.
The Giant (G/T) by GiantObsession
The Giant (G/T)by GiantObsession
A giant/ tiny vore fantasy about a tiny woman that finds herself in the clutches of a hungry giant. This story contains lots of vore, fluff, violence, and some mild sexu...
Pocket Dad (G/t) (Discontinued) by Marakura
Pocket Dad (G/t) (Discontinued)by Mars
Anthony was tired of life. He hated responsibilities, challenges, hardships and life in a society where his race was looked down upon. He has hoped to find peace at last...
The Giant's Pet by thundercat2016
The Giant's Petby thundercat2016
Nikki lived most of her life in the human pet shop, but it all changed when a wealthy giant comes into the store on a rainy day
G/T Deku x Bakugou by MangleFoxy9
G/T Deku x Bakugouby Mangle
G/T Vore (Hope y'all end up liking it) so, what happens is... Katsuki Bakugou is hit by a mysterious quirk. The class believes he's dead, for a few weeks. Deku notices...
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Big Brother To The Rescue  by thundercat2016
Big Brother To The Rescue by thundercat2016
Tommy and his older brother always got along good but what we'll happen when Tommy's older brother finds a girlfriend who comes between Tommy and his brother.
My Darling Little Kitten | ✓ by iiLoveydoveii
My Darling Little Kitten | ✓by A N G E L
" I brought you a surprise Alpha " The one holding me, Jaxon I suppose said. The alpha lifted his head and it was as if the world froze. His green eyes were me...
ALIVE! 》Ninjago x Fem!Reader《 by PurpleNinjaOfSpirit
ALIVE! 》Ninjago x Fem!Reader《by A Dragon and an Oni
Ever imagine that LEGO pieces ever came alive? Well, they do! What happens if you come across some very adventurous LEGO boys who need your help! And what would happen i...
G/T Stories  by TankyAsh01
G/T Stories by TankyAsh01
Bunch of oneshots (and not only) about folks various sizes and shapes.
Marvelous Smalls by A-Black-Pegasus
Marvelous Smallsby A-Black-Pegasus
One shots of different avengers, interacting with different tinies, either other tiny avengers or readers
Celebrity G/T Oneshots by EleneMaz
Celebrity G/T Oneshotsby elene maziashvili
Never written a Oneshot before, but there's a first time for everything. Most people tend to write about YouTubers like Markiplier or Jackcepticeye, but I'll write abou...
little mia  by ddlgxmdlb
little mia by daydream🫀
17 year old mia, cat hybrid. was abandoned and is now looking for somewhere safe to stay, until she met issac
Lost And Found (G/T) by leahsliving
Lost And Found (G/T)by leahsliving
After a catastrophe of a date, Robin Turner finds herself stuck at about 4 inches tall. While learning to deal with the world that seems out to get her, she also has to...
Supernatural G/t Snippets by The_Little_Dove
Supernatural G/t Snippetsby Lil' Dove
((Image made with azaleasdolls.com 'Casual Style 2')) A compilation of adventures all with the same Borrower OC within the world of the Winchesters.
These Little Women by thebigpotatoqueen
These Little Womenby BPQ
Women that fit into the palm of your hand are rather delicate. But at least stable relationships can still come out from them. A collection of unrelated stories featurin...
A Giant Among Giants by TheGiant1998
A Giant Among Giantsby Giant1998
With all of the human dorms at Titanus University full, Tim has not choice but to room with a Giant. To Tim's surprise, his roomate isn't just any giant, he's the bigges...
- G/t Oneshots - random  by Trashopper
- G/t Oneshots - random by Trashopper
I've created a little space for me to write one shots. This is a G/t book which focuses on a power dynamic based on exaggerated heigh difference. So if that doesn't floa...