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We Don't Mix by fangirllll_Overload
We Don't Mixby sarahhh :P
Who wins in a fight? Fire or water? But then who falls in love first? Fire or water? Jack and Mark go to a special school to learn how to use and control their powers. T...
Demon Brothers by MeMe90311
Demon Brothersby Me🏳️‍🌈✌️
COMPLETE Danti/Septiplier
Feel the Fire (Septiplier story) by Mandarinkukac
Feel the Fire (Septiplier story)by Mandarinkukac
In the land of magic every child is born with some kind of magical power, but there is one exception. In another world, specifically on Earth, theres is a man who's kno...
Sir playboy by constellations-PMA
Sir playboyby Bored writer
Jack needs a job and it seems that Mark has a space for a new assistant. Warning: Mature themes, smut, swearing and homosexuality... enjoy.
You're All Mine [Jack X Mark fanfic] {Omegaverse and Mpreg}[Completed] by AshtonHunter100
You're All Mine [Jack X Mark AshtonHunter100
This story is about Jacks (Seans) life as an omega. His past of pain led him to lonelyness and suffering until... Mark came along... The story of two unlikely lovers hid...
Underwater Love -  A Septiplier Love Story by NeverEnoughFangirl
Underwater Love - A Septiplier Tuesday
Seán is new to his highschool but he's a senior. He's bullied because of his sexuality. He gets tossed into the ocean where he meets Mark, the prince of the underwater k...
Sin - Septiplier by BSkyeSoldier
Sin - Septiplierby BSkyeSoldier
Jack's parents had always been strictly religious and left him tainted with memories that will never leave him. He decided to escape to America, leaving behind his home...
Wait Stop! by heymaaaannnnn
Wait Stop!by mayo
Jack is in an abusive relationship with Mark. Mark abuses him physically and emotionally. But Jack still loves Mark, he can still see his soft spot. They did have a good...
My Life has Been put on Paws (Septiplier) by fandomlovez
My Life has Been put on Paws ( Septiplier fan girl
Do opposites really attract? Roommates Mark and Jack have been having a rough time being in such close proximity. They used to think it was a good idea but they soon re...
Septiplier smuts❤️ by jessfujoshi112
Septiplier smuts❤️by i still dont know who i am
I have a verrry dirty mind. And basically I just write what ever smut I think about. And I also take requests..what ever it is, I'll type ittt🌚🌚🌚 It could be a smu...
♡the Club♡ (Septiplier) by Slenderboy152
♡the Club♡ (Septiplier)by ♡Dacoda♡
Sean has escaped an abusive prison of a relation ship but now he is homeless and has no where to go. He finds a help wanted sign for a new club called 'paradise' that is...
His Story (A Septiplier Fanfic) by MysteriousCoolDude
His Story (A Septiplier Fanfic)by ThatOneCoolGuy
Seán William McLoughlin, a bullied 17 year old highschooler, is secretly a popular youtuber. No one has seen his face, only his voice (like Cryaotic only no one has had...
Bullies by TimandSam
Bulliesby *Jackyboy*
~Completed~ Jack is the new kid in school and he unknowingly runs into a notorious group of bullies. Mark, the leader, has a plan, but it doesn't exactly go how he wante...
🥂⛓50 Shades of Septiplier ⛓🥂 Vol. 1 by EzraXP
🥂⛓50 Shades of Septiplier ⛓🥂 Ray Ray
Warning!!!!😲 This story contains lots of smut!⚠️ This includes the following, ( abuses, LOTS of smut, kidnapping, murder) 50 shades of gray kind of thing If you cant...
Two bros and The Internet by xXDeltaEchoXx
Two bros and The Internetby xXDeltaEchoXx
This is a Septiplier fan fiction. Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are famous celebrities on the internet, and so they become friends, but there is more to their friendship...
Septiplier one shots ^_^ by EmilyWright466
Septiplier one shots ^_^by Shipper on deck
Hey, I write this pairing a lot, and I figured I may as well have a book to write them in, since most of them are like 1 chapter.
Rooftop (septiplier) by fomozo
Rooftop (septiplier)by Im So Fucking Tired
yaaay the whole comic right here enjoy
you saved the world from me [septiplier] by shipssailsir
you saved the world from me [ a/l/p
Jack is a villain, a flirty thief, the first person with superpowers the world has ever seen. Fine, he's defected to "the dark side", but he has to make a livi...
His Daughter [Septiplier Mpreg] by Fandom_Of_All
His Daughter [Septiplier Mpreg]by Fandom_Of_All
(Septiplier Mpreg) This is based on the song His Daughter by Molly Kate Kestner, and Life In My Stomach by B-Mike. Sequel: His Life (On my page if you look) Jack has had...
Septiplier One-Shots by MatsuMania
Septiplier One-Shotsby Muscle Hustle!
MAY HAVE SOME TRIGGERS, PLEASE SKIP IT OFFENDED. Septiplier One-Shots, Mostly Very Easy For Me To Write! Fluff Angst Because I Wouldn't Wanna Upset Jack With Other One...