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Jasper's true mate by Sgb1011-QOD
Jasper's true mateby Sgb1011-QOD
Jasper and Carlisle have Alter Ego's and they awoke to protect their family. Jasper informed Carlisle his awoke because his True Mate has been born. Can he find her befo...
  • vampire
  • mate
  • twilight
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Slang (Wilford Warfstache x Jameson Jackson AU) *1* by xParanoidAndroid
Slang (Wilford Warfstache x The Paranoid Android
Wilford's in desperate need of an interview. He's told about a particular Jameson Jackson. ----- Hey! DISCLAIMER: I just want everyone to know that I don't want to disre...
  • googleplier
  • schneeplestein
  • schneep
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My Little Flower by Markimoo_darkibae
My Little Flowerby Markimoo_Darkipoo
[Nothing was clear anymore, my home life, school life or social life. He was what was wrong with me. Tormenting me constantly, using my delicate brain to play games with...
  • eroticromance
  • depression
  • youtube
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Am I Enough? (Reader X Markiplier X Warfstache X Darkiplier X Googleplier) by Fan714
Am I Enough? (Reader X Fan714
You're just a fan of him and all his egos. You've seen all his videos and read multiple fanfictions on him/his egos. Sure you had a crush on him like most other fans, bu...
  • alterego
  • boyfriend
  • markiplier
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The Bad Boy's Secret |Complete| by Not_Just_Anonymous
The Bad Boy's Secret |Complete|by Anonymous
When you're a teenage undercover as a part-time superhero you have three options: You can pull on the nerd/geek high schooler or a bad boy/outcast type of high schooler...
  • superhero
  • adventure
  • alterego
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Perks of having an Alter-ego. [POHAA] by sharadhamanju
Perks of having an Alter-ego. [ L. L. Robins
||FEATURED IN WATTPAD'S SUPER-HERO & MULTICULTURAL PROFILES|| An "Alter-ego" is not a different person, look in the mirror, it's you. It's the real you, that...
  • teenfiction
  • science
  • sciencefiction
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Broken Love (AntisepticeyeXDarkiplier) collab with @Nightwolf12345678910 by Anti_is_my_bae
Broken Love ( 💚~MK~🖤
This is a collab story that I did with @nightwolf12345678910 it's a AntisepticeyeXDarkiplier story. Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to show night wolf some love!
  • antisepticeye
  • darkiplier
  • collab
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Operation Mindfuct by mindcontrolMKU
Operation Mindfuctby mindcontrolMKU
Inside dealings and mind control of female CIA agents. A mind is a terrible thing to fuck with. This story deals with dark themes and is intended for mature audiences on...
  • thumbsucking
  • abdl
  • mindcontrol
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Saved By A Goofball: Wilford Warfstache x child!reader by Random_Nerdy_Rebel
Saved By A Goofball: Wilford Dabeca Adhikary
Y/N. A 5 year old. Abused by both of her parents. Her parents, from when the mother became a drug dealer and her father became an acholic, they started to abuse, call he...
  • alterego
  • darkiplier
  • warfstache
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The Nerd's Alter Ego by MariyaMaria24
The Nerd's Alter Egoby Mariya Maria
Nichole Rider: The Nerd of the school. Quiet. Distant. Blends in the background. But has a secret. Alex Carter: The Bad Boy of the school. Rich. Hot. Has girls swar...
  • nerd
  • alterego
  • hacking
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Teacher's Pet by Venoxie372
Teacher's Petby Celia Vivianne
It's one thing to have a crush on your teacher. It's another thing to have him liking you back. You're on a whole new level if he's using you for his sick twisted pleasu...
  • romance
  • student
  • twistedromance
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Markiplier and Alter egos X reader oneshots by Sagittarius6002
Markiplier and Alter egos X
One shots of you and Markiplier and his alter egos
  • wilfordwarfstache
  • darkiplier
  • markiplier
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When Opposites don't Attract by Wolf2263
When Opposites don't Attractby Wolf2263
Jacksepticeye vs Antisepticeye Pink Fury vs Black Fury Markiplier vs Darkiplier Who will win in the battles against opposites? Will friends be turned against each other?
  • alterego
  • markiplier
  • darkiplier
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Another me || RoChan by xXYunhoThiccThighsXx
Another me || RoChanby ohsehunose
Who would have thought that Chanhee will eventually fall in love with someone as twisted as Seokwoo?
  • sf9
  • hwiyoung
  • rochan
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Whisp by Moonlight10198
Whispby Jay Williams
Lmao I really gotta fix this intro, but for now: Gabrielle Hainsley is just beginning her first Season at Feugholt castle. The competition is stiff, but perhaps she can...
  • royal
  • whispered-one
  • gabby
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Lost in Doctor Strange's Universe by nanohaiz7
Lost in Doctor Strange's Universeby nanohaiz7
"Something is not right here," I muttered to myself as I scanned my surroundings. And here I am between the dark and damp alleyway with not knowing where I was...
  • ego
  • sorcerersupreme
  • doctorstrange
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Dr. Schneeplestein One Shots by Markifan18
Dr. Schneeplestein One Shotsby Aaliyah Fowler
This is one shots of Dr Schneeplestein (DUH) if any of you have any ideas leave comments
  • youtube
  • alterego
  • dr
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Ņ̸̢͙̣̤̱͓̯̗̮̻̿͗̅̉͠A̴̧͕̳̯̫̻̙̼͚̱͍͎͓͌̀̇͊̀ͅŢ̷̲͕͎̟̹̯̝̈ͅEMARE & READER | I'm Sorry. by Horroryas
Ņ̸̢͙̣̤̱͓̯̗̮̻̿͗̅̉͠A̴̧͕̳̯̫̻̙̼͌̀̇͊̀ͅ I loved you....
Natemare. His name could even describe this story... It has a horror tag for a reason... And so does the cover of the book. He prefers to come out in the dark... so bett...
  • alterego
  • youtubers
  • maskiplier
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Hocus Pocus (MarvinXreader) by PurplePen111
Hocus Pocus (MarvinXreader)by PurplePen111
you're 18 and in your final semester at school, you hate school not because of the work, mainly thanks to the students. But one night changes your life forever, leading...
  • jacksepticeyeegos
  • egoxreader
  • jacksepticeyeegoxreader
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