True Love

True Love

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Olga Guevara By xXdemolitionloverXx Completed

Picture on the side is of Annabel:)

Chapter 1

"Are you ready?" Matt asked, as he stood next to the door.

"Hold on, let me just grab my jacket," I replied.

"Do you think it will be packed?" I asked him, making my way outside.

"Maybe, but it's worth it," he said, unlocking the car as we got inside.

We were on the way to the Toby's Pizzeria. Today was the first day of summer vacation. We had graduated yesterday and were trying to enjoy the freedom of finally leaving high school, before starting college.

Matt and I had started dating last summer as soon as I moved into town and transferred to Lorain High.

Since I arrived two weeks before school let out during my junior year, I waited to enter school until the fall.

During those two weeks, while I was meant to be at school- I spent the days at Sal's Café.

One day, I was sitting at an empty table, my laptop in front of me, with a mug full of coffee- when a guy approached me.

"You're not from around here," he said, as he took...

shyyy16 shyyy16 Aug 04
Only because he said "I love u" to her doesn't mean it true or like actual love he could be playing around with Annabelle's feelings..😭
Why can he just be happy that she's with him. If he truly loved her he wouldn't be thinking about all that stuff!
shyyy16 shyyy16 Aug 04
U should of just pulled the glass piece out of his neck like it might of helped in some way I guess...
Deeebbbbb Deeebbbbb Jul 30
Loved the story so much...tht i wnt to read it again and again......
shyyy16 shyyy16 Aug 04
She seriously should of pulled the glass piece out of his neck
Wait k so the dad is k with this?!? And who plans this lmao!😂😂😂