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The Lavery Twins

The Lavery Twins

1.5M Reads 28.9K Votes 28 Part Story
Mary By Drummstixx Completed

Growing up with Shane and Matt - the Lavery twins next door, Holly can't seem to get rid of them. 

With her dad always gone, Holly has always been forced to stay with them - having to put up with the constant teasing, bugging, bear kidnapping and name-calling. All her life.

However, as years go by, Holly gets older....and so do Shane and Matt. Not being little kids anymore, Holly still has to put up with the two - but now it's even worse. Why?!

Because now that Matt and Shane are older, hotter, and well....(somewhat) mature , she finds herself in a bit of a mess.

A certain mess she NEVER thought she'd ever have to be in with the Lavery Twins.

romance/teenfiction. - drummstixx

Miami is soooooo overrated! I went there on vacation expecting it to be lit! But it was just boring and looked really dirty. I was in North Miami Beach.
IHaveNoName83 IHaveNoName83 Nov 15, 2016
My favorite food in the whole world especially with bananas on it yum
shanti_forever shanti_forever Oct 16, 2016
Smh I live in Florida, idk what's in the water some of these guys should be a sin to look that fine. And some others are thank you.
xIdiotHeart xIdiotHeart Dec 15, 2016
hahaha pookie, 😂 hello to all filipino readers. u know what i mean XD
shanti_forever shanti_forever Oct 16, 2016
You're insane!  Omg if someone did that to my stuffie I'd go bloody mad!
I searched up "Its in the wind" and this story showed up and not the one I was looking for lol haha😅