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True Love by xXdemolitionloverXx
True Loveby Olga Guevara
The Way Back To You by SunlightBlossoms
The Way Back To Youby Sunlight Blossoms
April Clover doesn't know what to think when Alexander Valdez shows up during fifth period Calculus. Instantly, her mind takes her to their chance encounter from the pre...
Math Jokes! ✓ by morgandstone
Math Jokes! ✓by moregon
So, math. Most people will encounter math at some point in their lifetimes and many people will view it as a huge problem that hinders their fun. This may not be your pr...
When Summer Ends [SAMPLE ONLY] *** Previously called The Perfect summer... by DazedAndConfused
When Summer Ends [SAMPLE ONLY] *** Isabelle Rae
THIS IS A SAMPLE ONLY!!! THE STORY HAS NOW BEEN PUBLISHED SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD. Chloe Henderson has never been one to break the rules or push...
Tintin X Reader by PinkCropTop
Tintin X Readerby PinkCropTop
A young girl finds herself in an adventure when her childhood friends go missing and the reporter Tintin offers his help. Note: I do not own any of Hergé's characters...
The Blue Beanie by JesusLovesMe07
The Blue Beanieby JesusLovesMe07
My name is Julianna and I'm your average tom boy. I absolutely love being bullied by the most popular guys in her school, Harry Styles and his bimbo of a girlfriend Lind...
Calculus: A Basic Introduction by Da_Lonli_One
Calculus: A Basic Introductionby Fan girl for life
Calculus surrounds all of us every day. But most people either don't want to learn about this glorious subject, or find it too difficult. That is where this book comes i...
Differential Equations (Notes, Lecture, and Examinations) by EngrJnB
Differential Equations (Notes, Engineer JNB
This book contains the compilation of our notes, lecture notes and articles about Differential Equations. We are publishing this book to share our understanding about th...
Calculus II by lavenderstar
Calculus IIby Lauren-o de Bergerac
It looks like a math textbook, doesn't it? Well, it's not. This is something far less sinister. This is a story of a murder. ~*~ Calculus II is the son of Abacus and he...
Reporter and the Photographer SHORTS by magicar
Reporter and the Photographer Fanfiction Queen
More Abigale and Tintin shorts until I come up with a plot for the sequel!
The Player & The Tomboy by BiiteMee
The Player & The Tomboyby BiiteMee
Meet Aiden King, he’s got it all, money, the car, the girls, the popularity, the body and a bright future. He’s also the world’s biggest player. Meet Katarina Pierc...
Dylan's Homework Ordeal by BizzyKitty
Dylan's Homework Ordealby Bizzy Kinz
This story takes place in the Webkinz Universe, where Dylan, a pink and white cat, attends high school. He struggles to find the motivation needed to complete his calcul...
The Algebraic Side of Wattpad by Kratos9966
The Algebraic Side of Wattpadby Kratos9966
Because I love math. If you do to, you might as well read this. I'm not a writer, but I am a scholar.
Me, and My Game by Hungergamie8
Me, and My Gameby Hungergamie8
Scarlet Jacksons always been prepared in her job, her job as a proffessianal killer that is. But nothing can get her to be ready to go back to highschool, where she meet...