So, I love My Best Friend

So, I love My Best Friend

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Hey guys. Before you start to read I want to tell you that, this is just a preview of a story.

This story is coming soon, I'm not writing it now.

It's just something for you to look forward to.

I was so excited I wanted to share it with you guys.

I hope you like it!


Chauncey and I go way back.

We've been friends forever, he was my best friend. Sure we had other friends but at the end of the day, he's the one I count on.

Chauncey was the first and only one to see me cry...

I woke up bright and early on a Saturday. I walked over to my fish tank and saw that my fish were floating on top on the water with their bellies up.

"Mommy," I called.

"Yes honey?" she asked walking into my room.

"What happen to Thing 1 and Thing 2?" I asked.

My mom looked at my floating fish and she sighed.

"Honey, I'm sorry to say, but they ... passed away,"

"Passed away?" I asked cocking my head to the side.

"They went to fish heaven,"

I started to tear up a little. "Fish heaven?"

"I'm sor...

MELISSA5432 MELISSA5432 Aug 27, 2016
Wtf this book is already rly weird. And I'm kind of just like wtf this book is so weird, their friendship is just rly weird times 10 & laughing.
RedFlower0803 RedFlower0803 Sep 06, 2016
it's a pretty weird friendship... bit it's too fuckin cutteeee!
- - Nov 13, 2016
Um even when I was ten I just wouldn't do that... lol too innocent I guess...
Insanity_blade Insanity_blade Sep 04, 2016
Me: uh yeah, wow, those are. They're really something I can tell you that much, uh... Please put your shirt down.
MELISSA5432 MELISSA5432 Aug 27, 2016
I would be cringing a lot less if this was with her girl best friend
Sumiianna Sumiianna Nov 01, 2016
Now THIS is a deep question. Do best friend that become couples love each other or their comfortable and loyal friendship?