Heartbreaks by Edythe77
Heartbreaksby Curious Ravenclaw
Edward has left Bella, hearing this Bella's sister Annabel came to help her through her heartbreak, but when Edward comes back and takes more notice in Annabel than Bell...
  • swan
  • cullens
  • harry
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Annabel: the Evolution of a Poem, from free-verse to constraint. by CottonJones
Annabel: the Evolution of a Olan Smith
Annabel started out as a comment on another poet's work, and that poet suggest I post it; I did. Now, it has taken many forms and I thought it best to keep track of this...
  • poetry
  • ghazal
  • wattys2018
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Fire & Water & Earth & Air by all_in_my_mind
Fire & Water & Earth & Airby Space(wo)man
So there is this girl. She can walk through fire and not get burned. Nor does she need anything artificial to keep her warm. So there is this boy. He does not need to co...
  • killer
  • good
  • juliette
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Die Volturi Prinzessin - Twilight FF by Ekaussen
Die Volturi Prinzessin - Ekaussen
Annabel ist 2800 Jahre alt und die Tochter von Caius. Sie wird von allen Vampiren "Die hübsche Volturi", "Die Schönheit der Volturi" oder "Die w...
  • bella
  • félix
  • wolfe
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Napped {Jason McCann} (Completed) by keeney_keri1
Napped {Jason McCann} (Completed)by Keri Lynn
"You scared me you jerk!" I exclaim, grabbing my chest. "Sorry." He deadpans. I cock my head to the side. "Are you okay?" I ask. Chandler's...
  • gangs
  • chaz
  • gangwar
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Romeo and What's Her Name by Jnhawkins1312
Romeo and What's Her Nameby Jnhawkins1312
A low growl erupted from the dark woods, a warning. Enter here and you won't come back. I look around, searching for something, anything, that will help me protect mysel...
  • thriller
  • danger
  • werewolf
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