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Chaos' son [Percy Jackson Story]

Chaos' son [Percy Jackson Story]

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KJ By Yours_only_fangirl Completed

Percy Jackson, hero of Olympus, is betrayed by the gods. they claim that he is too powerful and must die. He is also told he is not Poseidon's child, but Chaos', the creator of the universe. Percy runs away, and in time says his farewells. He bumps into his REAL dad, and Chaos recruits him to be commander of his army. Now he has a mission. End is rising (Chaos' evil counter-part) and as well as Kronos. Gaea is too weak to join now, but she again is waking from slumber. When he returns, will he love Annabeth again? Has Annabeth moved on? Does he start to like a goddess..or love? All shall be answered in this book......

Oh so that's the ONLY way he survived the war? It had nothing to do with his level of skill? Ok then, way to lower someone's self- esteem.
                              Everyone is perfect!
                              They go to Olympus!
                              Then they say "Percy, prepare to die!"
                              Percy runs and bump into Pops!
                              Then it's all like "I may not know you but I love you, Dad!"
This is actually the first chaos book I've read without Annabeth cheating on him in the beginning
sasuke4545 sasuke4545 Nov 06, 2016
Omfg finally someone who knows about god of war, seriously dude you have LIVED!
I think I use to have the cover except darker tone and you know without the letters
-MissCreepyPasta- -MissCreepyPasta- Dec 18, 2016
Wait, he isn't the one who defeated Gaea. It was Leo. It even said so in the prophecy.