True Hero

True Hero

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Percy Jackson, the hero of Olympus, everything was going well for him. The war was won, Leo came back, and in two weeks he and his Wise Girl would move into an apartment together in New Rome to go to college. Finally, there was peace and he would cherish it. Unknown to him the gods above are afraid, not of another war, or primordial, but of Percy himself. After forcefully searching Annabeth's memories the gods decided that he is to powerful to leave alone. They decide to replace everyone's memories of him, striping away his identity, and finally, locking him away forever.

Two hundred years pass by and now the gods are faced with another was, this one against the creator himself, Chaos. Chaos feels that the gods can no longer rule and threatens war. He has his most powerful beings his army come fight against the gods. 

So what has happened to Percy Jackson and who will win this war. Read and find out!

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I actually love SPN Lucifer but I also like the show Lucifer aswell. I'm obsessed
In the movie sea of monsters I laughed when Annabeth dies and said "Yes kill the imposter"
Male_Hunter Male_Hunter Mar 21
Hera had every right to be mad. First Zeus has an affair with her, then the child is named for someone he had another affair with? Did the mother want her killed or what?
F*ck you Poseidon! Did you forget that Percy saved your arses like A LOT of times?
Borealas39 Borealas39 Jun 22
Yall best let him go before I come up there and MAKE YOU BEG FOR TARTERUS AND ITS TORTURES!!!!
ruks145 ruks145 Apr 22, 2016
Amazing. It's like written by a perfectionist. Who are other 5 gods ?