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The Moon's Guardian(Being Rewritten)

The Moon's Guardian(Being Rewritten)

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Logic By Lord_Logan_Strattus Updated Jun 11, 2016

Perseus Jackson.....hated by his enemies....ignored by his acquaintances....Betrayed by his friends....destroyed by his love.....and only the moon goddess can bring him back...

After Atticus took his enemies, took his acquaintances, took his friends, took his close friends, took his girlfriend...took his life, Percy wanted nothing more than to end his life. 

Zeus wouldn't allow this, he knew of Percy's worth, even if Poseidon was blinded by a lie. He inquired in many of gods to look after the broken ex-son of Poseidon, only one fit the best....Artemis. After much fighting she decided to take Percy in. Started with mutual friends, quickly became close friends, and  maybe if possible....A little more?

The blood, sweat, tears, beginning to the end...The world twist to fit the weirdest of things...How about a god and Demi-god love story?

We may never see why they started to love each other, but we know the do....

Pertemis story

Don't judge if you don't like this ship, actually don't read unless you look past the fact the story lovers make no sense, we all don't care XD

Am I the only one who caught the reference?  (DRAGO BLUDVIST)
A kid yelled at me for saying something similar to that.
                              The queer dog was queer. Thats what i said and he got so angry when i laughed he went on a rant about how that made no sense. Lol sry 4 the story time 😜
GO DIE IN A HOLE ATICUS! GO TO TARTARUS! Thank you this is a live announcement.
Multiplelifes Multiplelifes Feb 15, 2016
Inuyasha Sesshomaru Kagome Shippo Sango Miroku.
                              I Rachel Elizabeth Dare you to try to eat me
SnowBird81 SnowBird81 Feb 22, 2016
Really a little bump you gotta be out of your mind there Poseidon
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Jun 12, 2016
                              YOU ARE FRANKLY AMAZHANG 
                              Sea of Monsters. 😂