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The Demigod Team Goes To Highschool by AnimeLover8776
The Demigod Team Goes To Highschoolby AnimeLover8776
It is after the war and the seven including Calypso, Nico, and Thalia want to have a normal life, but not completely normal. So they are going to high school together wi...
Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓ by ClaireValdez
Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓by claire ・゚*
Another prophecy, another quest. Seven demigods enrol as students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. They're hoping to help the wizards and witches defeat...
Arranged Marriage by LikeACrackAddict
Arranged Marriageby Can'tSleepLove
Princess Annabeth Chase of Athens did not think she would be stuck like this. She always assumed she would meet a nice guy, fall in love, and then get married. She never...
Gifted And Talented Goode  by toppercabethtrash
Gifted And Talented Goode by toppercabethtrash
Basically Percy, Thalia, and Nico are in a world famous band Big 3 and they go to Goode, and meet some interesting people. Percabeth, Thalico and more The music will be...
Have a Good Day at Goode by WriteOutYourStory
Have a Good Day at Goodeby WriteOutYourStory
Everything seems perfect. Everyone's happy and in love. But, when Chiron decides that the kids need a real life, what will happen at Goode High School? Thalia, Nico, Pip...
King's Crown by LikeACrackAddict
King's Crownby Can'tSleepLove
Many years ago, King Chaos split his kingdom into five. Atlantis, Athens, Skyt, Geylon and Mirandos. One day, the king of Atlantis, King Poseidon, has an affair wit...
When the Sky meets Death (a Thalico FF) by happyllama14
When the Sky meets Death (a WHO'S READ BOO YET? ME!
This is the story of Thalia, a hunter. A hunter who is sworn to Artemis, a loyalty that forbids a man in her life. But when a simple set of matchmaker cards, pairs her u...
Heroes of Olympus: Truth or Dare by KandyRush5
Heroes of Olympus: Truth or Dareby KandyRush5
Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Leo, Nico, Rachel, and Thalia play a nice game of truth or dare. What will happen? What secrets will be revealed? Read to fi...
Forgotten, Cheated, Shunned, Betrayed by nivi2008
Forgotten, Cheated, Shunned, Nikki_The_Demiwitch
Percy and Jason are cheated on. Nico and Reyna are forgotten. Thalia is shunned. They are all betrayed. Read to see what happens when the five leave the camps, and join...
Man In The Moon by TheHunter24
Man In The Moonby TheHunter24
The Man In The Moon Perseus, Jason, Nicolas, and Leonardo were betrayed, By the creator himself. He and his brothers were dubbed to powerful. Perseus the primordial god...
Demigods in Highschool by Percabeth_for_ever
Demigods in Highschoolby Percabeth_for_ever
The couples are Percabeth,Tratie,Jiper,Thalico,Frazel,Lenya, and Clariesse and Connor (they are a couple it is just that I couldn't think of a ship name.)They will strug...
Persassy Jackson Series by LayaBeImmortal
Persassy Jackson Seriesby Lay Lay Babitt
This is what would happen If Persassy Got on Facebook, And also played truth or dare. This is book one.
PJO/HoO One Shots by MyVintageUnderworld_
PJO/HoO One Shotsby Onyx
Just a couple of PJO and HoO one shots! Always open for requests! If you do, please state if you want something like a brotp or otp
12 Years Away, 12 Years the Same( Percy Jackson Fanfic) by Demi_wizard8610
12 Years Away, 12 Years the Same( Lena
In midst of fighting Percy get knocked out. He wakes up in the hospital His parents tell him he has been in a coma since he was twelve and he realizes his whole demigod...
I'm No Cinderella by abrilliantidiot
I'm No Cinderellaby ashleyimane
Annabeth lives a modern fairy tale. Her step-mom hates her, she's in love with Percy, a boy she can't have, and she's the bullied outcast in her school. When her two fri...
I'm Dating My Brother's Tutor by exxperiment626
I'm Dating My Brother's Tutorby Haiii I'm Stitch
Hey guys! I've been reading a lot of fanfiction about Percy Jackson lately and I thought I would give it a shot myself. This is my first fanfiction ever and English is m...
Arranged (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by WiseWolf826
Arranged (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)by Mary-Kate
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase hate each other with a passion, and everyone at school knows it. Regardless, their parents decide that the best course of action for the...
The Revivers by Dazed_1344
The Reviversby Dazed_1344
In a post-apocalyptic and zombified world, Annabeth and Thalia team up with another group of survivors. As Annabeth becomes close with another survivor, her world begins...
Demigods at Hogwarts (PJO and HP crossover) COMPLETED by carpenoctem__
Demigods at Hogwarts (PJO and HP Carpenoctem_
Unfortunately after Tartarus, Percy and Annabeth just can't catch a break! On Chiron's orders Percy, Annabeth, Nico and Thalia are sent to Hogwarts to try and protect Ha...
Nico di Angelo's moments by Percy2345
Nico di Angelo's momentsby Persassy Jackson
Hey, this is a series of Nico di Angelo's caring, loving, serious, sad, and funny moments. I do requests, and do ships too.