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The Vampire Stories Book One: the Origin by TKCouncil
The Vampire Stories Book One: the...by Keven Thomas Brink
this book will explore the living and undead life of the Enigmatic Vampire Kell Oswin
You are my peace by Ted_loves_Mo
You are my peaceby TedMo
A beautiful love story of a hot-headed, rude trueblood alpha and a cute,bubbly yet strong and sassy omega.... Boun, a trueblood alpha and also the CEO of his company,who...
strawberry milk - stiles stilinski ୨୧ by salemstilinski
strawberry milk - stiles stilinski...by sae
vivian yukimura moves to town a few months before her twin sister kira does. she stumbles upon the supernatural things going on in beacon hills one night which gains her...
Cherry Lips // s. black by clichest-cliche
Cherry Lips // s. blackby that random writer
A marauders fanfic? A marauders fanfic with a HAPPY ENDING? *le gasp* // hand knitted beanies + shitty drawings+ inheriting a coffin + cherry tarts + quidditch rivalrie...
delicate by simp4aSociopath
delicateby lexi <3
He hummed, amused. I was growing impatient. "I want you to have sex with me. Whenever I want. For as long as I want." I furrowed my brows. "Seriously?&quo...
Covet by HappyTimeFarmer
Covetby Lorraine Quiche
In a world dominated by werewolves, Odette leads a simple, human life until what was supposed to be the best day of her life, her wedding day, takes a nightmarish turn...
Bonded To Her Triple Alphas  by Royhanh
Bonded To Her Triple Alphas by Royhanh
"Look at you, completely at our mercy," Kade sneered. "How does it feel knowing that someone else holds the power, witch?" Kieran added making them l...
Secrets under moonlight by umayastories
Secrets under moonlightby umayastories
a single mission to save everyone he loves, a secret princess hidden in the human world with extraordinary powers. Two friends in thirst for their hidden knowledge, and...
Raven's School of Magic: Year Two by xxHoneyFernxx
Raven's School of Magic: Year Twoby xxHoneyFernxx
(This is a series!!! Read Year One first!) Daily Updates! The truth is out. Ariel is the missing firstborn twin born to the Rose's and the Dark One knows who he is. To s...
Mouth Of Hell • SPN Crossover TW• SaraSosa7  by SaraSosa7
Mouth Of Hell • SPN Crossover TW•...by Sara Sosa
The Hunter falls in love with an Archangel. Season: 2 - 6B in Teen Wolf Season: 4 - ? in Supernatural Book Cover Made By @acklescline
Under The Moon's Embrace by DarK_Fairy96
Under The Moon's Embraceby StaR
Leanne seeks only one thing above all: freedom from Marco, the gang leader responsible for her parents' death and the crippling debt they left behind. Her dreams of esca...
Teen Wolf Peter Hale finds his mate by Night_Watcher22
Teen Wolf Peter Hale finds his mateby Ghost Wolf
Peter Hale was never expecting to find his mate, since he's a person that only does something if it benefits him. Accept what will have happen when he does find his mate...
LOVE AND DEATH, edward cullen by WANDARYEN
LOVE AND DEATH, edward cullenby dylan
in which a girl named Aspen Swan wasn't sure about any of the boys in her town, especially the ones with the last name Cullen. but like a sickness in a small town, it al...
Octavian & Samuel by ABWOLFE
Octavian & Samuelby ABWOLFE
Previously known as 'Life on Record.'
Avengement by worldker
Avengementby worldker
"She just got outta the slammer, and turns out she's the heir to the biggest arms dealer in Southeast Asia, keeping that on the down-low. Got screwed over big time...
It Was You All Along by Nepheliana
It Was You All Alongby NEYE
People said one day something amazing will happen to you but not for Ana, could she handle living in the country side? Will she finally find peace?
This Future Of Mine by stephyfaith6422
This Future Of Mineby stephyfaith6422
After killing Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Van Helsing is having weird dreams. He is also remembering a life he's never had and developing powers he doesn't understand.
Only Magic (1) by K3nChampion
Only Magic (1)by Ken
Malakai Spellman, older fraternal twin brother of Sabrina Spellman, after a decade after his parents had died, he began to have these weird powers with help of Ambrose...
TPM: Twelve Past Midnight The Series by Gothamknight33
TPM: Twelve Past Midnight The Seri...by Gothamknight33
Death Is Only The Beginning In this hybrid horror/action/fantasy/sci-fi, join The Uneventful's, a group of misfits who live and work in a society run by Angles and Demon...
When She Ran  by CupidzGh0st
When She Ran by Cupidzghost
Aurora Lilac isn't your typical 19 year old girl. Aurora has been on the run for 6 years after finally escaping her tormentors. She runs deep into the forest in order t...