Twilight:Symphony (Jared Cameron) by mrnorton94
Twilight:Symphony (Jared Cameron)by Performer
🎶And now your song is on repeat and I'm dancin on to your heartbeat and when your gone I feel incomplete so if you want the truth I just want to be part of your symphon...
  • twilight
  • twilightsaga
  • vampires
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Bound To You by IIJayIILovesBooks
Bound To Youby Bella Esther
"She looked up and her eyes narrowed in to his striking steely grey eyes fringed by his thick eyelashes that flickered against his cheeks ever so often." "...
  • rivalry
  • queen
  • romance
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Scratch by SophiaTheFirst11
Scratchby <3 Senior Duck <3
Daniel Hart, a werewolf who for most of his childhood had many friends and loved everybody. That all changed when a group of older boys gave him a scar almost went right...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • mysterious
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Lollipop Awards 2018 by CocoS_14
Lollipop Awards 2018by Coco
Open (X) Accepting entries and judges!!! Judging ( ) Closed and winners announced ( ) Welcome to the lollipop awards! Inside, there will be a list of rules, entry forms...
  • vampire
  • tag
  • prizes
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Wolf Cop | After Dark by Rose_Conspiracy
Wolf Cop | After Darkby Rose
"You have the right to remain silent, but I dare to you try..." 💋Paranormal Romance 💋Highest Ranking- Who the hell knows! 💋1st place winner- #WolvesAfterDar...
  • chicago
  • love
  • romance
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Blake by kyleeb04
Blakeby Agent Nobody
Blake Summers, a somewhat normal 16 year old she-wolf, has never been like the other girls at her pack. Her brother, Blane, was to take over as beta, but at the night of...
  • rejected
  • beta
  • rebels
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  • gilbert
  • vampire
  • donovan
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This Is Becoming a Wolf by Flikasia
This Is Becoming a Wolfby Flikaasia16
Meet Brooke McCall , Scott's long lost little sister who always thought life was all planned even if we tried our best to change it. Until she had a horrible experience...
  • jealousy
  • teenwolf
  • werewolf
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🐺 Running With the Wolves 🐺  by kim_the_cactus
🐺 Running With the Wolves 🐺 by kim_the_cactus
Fiammetta Aura Kailani Gaia got lost in the woods when she was two years old she could barely walk, she couldn't get back home. She slept under a tree not knowing the da...
  • badass
  • fiction
  • alpha
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Saving His Princess [Book 2] by PurpleAsparagus27
Saving His Princess [Book 2]by Elizabeth Rauh
It has been some years since the disappearance of Alyanna Lexington (20 years to be exact). Connell still hasn't gotten over the ruled death of Alyanna and is out for re...
  • lies
  • secretorganizations
  • found
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Caged Wolves by JorginaAdele
Caged Wolvesby JorginaAdele
Lucina and her siblings have been locked in a cage for moon knows how long. They are weak and malnourished, they don't even know where they are or why they have been loc...
  • lifeordeath
  • dominance
  • pack
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Professor? by CNTanner
Professor?by Fangirl For Life
Anne Longbottom is having trouble with her Defense against the darks arts lessons. Not the lessons themselves but her professor. Professor Remus Lupin May have been the...
  • romance
  • harrypotter
  • werewolf
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Because your my Mate (Yandere Werewolf Jungkook x Reader) by Kaiyaltaylor
Because your my Mate (Yandere kaiya taylor
Y/n is a regular 15 year old girl who lives in Michigan. When going to a BTS concert in Chicago during their tour, y/n is kidnapped by Jungkook because she is his mate...
  • bts
  • yandere
  • jungkook
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Personal tales and other tales by bijulisunsets
Personal tales and other talesby julius
I tried to write poetry in my spare time...
  • blue
  • lifeofateen
  • experience
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Monster's Academia by OpticalWolfie
Monster's Academiaby OpticalWolfie
((A collab book with @csddf4 her OC's POV is on her account)) This is a book about two girls in Highschool try to survive the horrible classes and weird students that me...
  • monsters
  • titania
  • fantasy
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The Eyes Of A Wolf by ChyKid123
The Eyes Of A Wolfby Samantha
Welcome to the supernatural life of an unsuspecting teenage girl. A girl who had a nice and quiet life. Nothing in life ever comes easy as catastrophe struck into her li...
  • romance
  • adoption
  • drama
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The Alpha's Mistake (bxb) by madelyn_snow
The Alpha's Mistake (bxb)by Madelyn
"I'm not fùcking gay!" Hunter growls out, his fists collide with a poor locker as pack members look with shock. I'm frozen in place as Hunter lashes out, my h...
  • mates
  • rejection
  • bxb
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Haunted Love by lanabutt
Haunted Loveby Lana Rose Veneziano
Jean thinks she is a normal teenager living in a supernatural world....then suddenly her life is flipped upside down by a red box and a boy with blue-green eyes. What is...
  • vampire
  • faeries
  • werewolf
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You Are Mine! by Constance_mac_
You Are Mine!by Constance McIlvenna
Hailey Flat is a normal girl who works at a "Normal" bar. She works at a bar always filled with party animals... literally she does! Packs come from all over t...
  • action
  • alpha
  • luna
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In the Presence of Enemies: Under a Glass Moon by jon_the_revelator
In the Presence of Enemies: Jonathan Dominguez
Continuing his struggle, Jericho learns many hard lessons in the second installment of the "In the Presence of Enemies" Series. On the run and trying to find a...
  • action
  • fantasycreatures
  • vampirewerewolf
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