How to Fly Without Wings by seizethehighlighters
How to Fly Without Wingsby seizethehighlighters
"This doesn't have to be your forever." Myra Knight was stuck. It almost feels like all she has ever been is stuck. Caught in the space between being alive an...
  • fiction
  • teen
  • werewolf
Werewolf Savior or Vampire's Pet by RavingWriterSky
Werewolf Savior or Vampire's Petby RavingWriterSky
Back again with the story of Ellie, Liu, and how the world seems to want them apart so bad that random shirtless men keep appearing out of no where and whisking her away...
  • gore
  • werewolf
  • lovetriangle
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The Wolf The Witch and The Vampire by _notsosilentreader_
The Wolf The Witch and The Vampireby _notsosilentanymore_
Aurora is a witch. She now leads her Coven of misfits, including the two other supernatural species, a few witches and hybrids, in a secluded forest area where they perf...
  • werewolf
  • royalty
  • witch
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Two Half's Make A Whole by Rihanna_The_Wolf
Two Half's Make A Wholeby Rihanna_The_Wolf
Allison is a 14 year old girl with a hard life. Since her mother died a few years after she was born Allison had to get a new mother. But there's a slight problem. Sarah...
  • action
  • pride
  • drama
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Sweeter than Sweets {M/M} (Dogs, Bats & Monkey Series, Book III) by CatMint5
Sweeter than Sweets {M/M} (Dogs, Dilyana K.
A young man who believes rules aren't meant for him. A by the book law enforcer. An interrogation gone wrong puts them in each other's paths. Half-shifter, half-vampire...
  • romance
  • lgbtq
  • mxm
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The Moon Is My Heart by Aarlly360
The Moon Is My Heartby Colourfull Chloe
Its been 15 years since (Y/N) bumped into him. 5 years of her music career. 4 years of her new relationship. 3 years of torment. And 15 years since shes felt love.. ~~ T...
  • werewolf
  • genexreader
  • minecraft
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Beginnings: Supe City Series PREQUEL by Krissmithauthor
Beginnings: Supe City Series Kris Smith
Part One is posted and the remaining is COMING SOON... *** Before Victoria Townsend began her work with the Supernatural Task Force she was a big sister on a mission. W...
  • werewolf
  • crime
  • vampire
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Wolf by Meii__chan
Wolfby Somiin
"Mantinha-se à espreita, sabia que os humanos o temiam, e com medo faziam coisas horríveis, ficavam cegos pelo pavor e sujavam suas mãos de sangue despreocupadament...
  • drabble
  • werewolf
  • suspense
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MONSTER|Twilight by lunasalvatoree
MONSTER|Twilightby Luna
A life of bliss could never apply to the life of a monster Twilight: New Moon Second book in the Hunter Reed Series OCxOC DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the Twilight saga, it'...
  • movie
  • werewolf
  • thriller
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Shattered Curse -sequel to Shattered Midnight by LDWalters
Shattered Curse -sequel to L.D.Walters
Three years have passed since Darren left Sabrina. She has gotten along fine without him until another strange investigation brings them back together. Vampires and were...
  • werewolf
  • fairytale
  • darkhumor
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patient zero  by kthixo
patient zero by ∞
the howl at night awoke something inside of namjoon kthixo © 2019
  • seokjin
  • omega
  • alpha
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Kiss by Nash-nashh
Kissby Nash-nashh🖤
He stood up and dusted himself off." Just remember Amina You don't see sick animals in the wild." He then walked off with some sort of dark laughter, leaving m...
  • sextalk
  • lesbianism
  • photography
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Adopted By The Alpha by DevilGirlLayla
Adopted By The Alphaby Layla Devlisa
This is basically a recreation of "Adopted by supernaturals" with a slight twist. Enjoy! Updated every week or more if I can!
  • wolfpack
  • family
  • adoption
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Extraordinary. {First Draft} by XDtheWolf
Extraordinary. {First Draft}by .•*Artemis*•.
Roxanne, her twin Candy, and their three friends live a relatively comfy life at their orphanage. But, what happens when a group of young girls crave adventure and sneak...
  • elemental
  • werewolves
  • angel
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rejected but special by KaitlynJohnson222
rejected but specialby Kaitlyn Johnson
Crystal has always been special she just never knew why when she gets rejected from her mate because she stood up to him what will happen to her.
  • werewolf
Wolves Tears by SacredFire17
Wolves Tearsby SacredFire17
A story following the life of a young werewolf named Elaria Crescent, daughter of Marcus and Ivy Crescent. Also known as the Alphas of the most powerful and cruel pack i...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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Hi. Call me Monster by Lordraiden3600
Hi. Call me Monsterby Elijah Marcus Manchester
(Raiden's POV) I have ran every day since that day. Since I was bitten.... its hard. Not knowing anybody, having nobody, being all alone in my kind of world. The world o...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • teen
  • wolfvsvamp
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A Different Breed ▻  Legacies by arios2004
A Different Breed ▻ Legaciesby Angie
Valerie Rose was widely known at the Salvatore Boarding school as the daughter of Ophelia Rose, everyone's favorite teacher at the supernatural school for all different...
  • landonkirby
  • witch
  • werewolf
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His Touch by TessaT
His Touchby TessaT
As a female wolf, you crave the touch of your male. It sends a type of pleasure, unlike anything you've ever felt before. No one's touch will ever match it. Lexi knew th...
  • steamy
  • werewolf
  • erotic
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Sky by Autum1978
Skyby Autum1978
Skylar just found out she has a brother and now he's gone. Before he takes off he makes Dean promise to protect her. Then her past catches up to her. Will Dean and his b...
  • deanwinchester
  • supernatural
  • hunters
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