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Finding Home by AEBennet
Finding Homeby AEBennet
Paige was going home. It had been a long time she had thought of it as home but her brothers wedding was bringing her back. As the only human in the wolf pack she had ne...
MY ALPHA MATE. by 450Emma
MY ALPHA MATE.by Emma Bree
(This book is kind of Romantic filled with extra drama and smooth story line.) EVA SCARLET. I never thought I will ever meet my mate in one of the most embarrassing mome...
Destined for Disaster ✔️ by MarjorieK64
Destined for Disaster ✔️by Marjorie
*Book 1 of the Destined Series* Every year, King Alder opens the doors of the Royal Prison for people to find, among others, their fated mates. Every year, Alpha Ellis...
The heartless mafia Alpha king by Hapiness345
The heartless mafia Alpha kingby strawberry
******* "Help, I don't know him." She cried, as she ran towards a group of men outside a bar. "Get back here right now, or you would regret ever asking th...
Their Fated Mate (Reverse Harem) by Eunice_Amnell
Their Fated Mate (Reverse Harem)by Eunice_Amnell
Armed with a forged identity and burdened by a problematic instinctual magic, I came to Crawford Werewolf University with one mission-to unravel the chilling mysteries s...
Greykin Valley by TateCsernis
Greykin Valleyby T.Csernis
• Season 2 of Greykin Mountain • Jackson and his pack must travel deeper into Greykin Valley to find a cure for fighting the zombie wolves. But the virus is evolving, an...
Heir Of Violence (#1 Betrayed Destinies) - ONC2024 by MGHicks_reloaded
Heir Of Violence (#1 Betrayed Dest...by Melody Grace Hicks
Caeryssa's quest for relaxation spirals into chaos, entwining her destiny with the infuriating playboy prince whose smile conceals a dark vendetta that will shatter any...
This Alien Life by AshleyCash123
This Alien Lifeby AshleyCash123
This is the second book in the This Alien Soul series. After years of poisoning herself to keep her Zionian genes at bay, Ambers body can no longer take the war inside...
ReJecTed by the GaMma LoVeD by the AlpHa [AnGel's Choice book 2] by ChaosMarie3
ReJecTed by the GaMma LoVeD by the...by Chaos💀Marie
This is book two in the " ReJecTed by the GaMma LoVed by the AlpHa" Series it's a standalone for the time being. ReJecTed by the GaMma LoVed by the AlpHa...
Deals with the Devil (PA #1) by SAlexander99
Deals with the Devil (PA #1)by S. Alexander
{Complete} What happens when your parents make a deal with the Devil that you have no say in? What happens when the Devil decides to take you as payment? Willow is not y...
Reluctant Berserker: Isaacson Trilogy Book One by BritCYancey
Reluctant Berserker: Isaacson Tril...by BC Yancey
*Book 1 in the Isaacson Trilogy* Gunnar Isaacson, a berserker who faints at the sight of his own blood, works as a US Marshal in Old West Wyoming territory. Vowing his c...
His Sweet Luna by Morgan_Lee02
His Sweet Lunaby Morgan Lee
Mature Themes...18+ JoLynn Masters is returning to the Gray Mountain Pack after being away for 8 years. She wasn't going to let the snotty she wolves of her childhood ke...
The Wolf Lord's Mate by cassidysmokeauthor
The Wolf Lord's Mateby Cassidy Smoke
"Understand, little mate," Nathaniel's lips curled into a smile, "That I intended to fuck you on every surface of this house. There will not be a single r...
Embers of Love (Book 1) by MeganLutz4
Embers of Love (Book 1)by Megan Lutz
Twenty year-old, Victoria Snow, is sent to Claemarth College of Fliers to fight against Dragon-kind. But, when she is third in line to the throne of Acril, she must figh...
Banished To The Wolves by LollyDoll1800
Banished To The Wolvesby LollyDoll1800
A story about a hybrid prince reject, finding his life distrusted when a small wolf boy lands on his mountain on No Man's Land. A three way love between three different...
The Devils in My Life by srizafiction
The Devils in My Lifeby sriza debnath
Her: I came to this university expecting some change into my life, but never in my dreams I would have imagined that this change will turn my life upside down. My friend...
The Mate Keeper : Everlee's Beginning  by Elizabeth-Thomas
The Mate Keeper : Everlee's Beginn...by Elizabeth-Thomas
Everlee Stone is the youngest member of a set of triplets that belong to the Alpha, Luna, and Beta of the Stoneridge pack. When the Luna, her mom, is murdered right in f...
A secret we have to keep (Omegaverse) by kokongyo123
A secret we have to keep (Omegaver...by Kokong
Set during the first Sotus series. Kongpob and Arthit have been fated mates and married years before Kongpob's first day at SSU. The couple has a young daughter together...
The Fall of the Prince: MMMM Why Choose Romance ✅ by violetxdragons
The Fall of the Prince: MMMM Why C...by Violet Dragons
When Asmodeus goes missing, Hell falls into chaos. His demons are uncontrollable. Inconsolable. Three weeks after he goes missing, I'm called to retrieve a soul. I'm not...