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The King & His Queen✔ by -periwinkles-
The King & His Queen✔by Perri
He ruled Oz. He ruled MistHaven. He ruled Corona. He ruled Wonderland. He ruled Camelot. He ruled Dunbroch. He ruled the Caribbean. He ruled Arendelle. He ruled Never...
  • zelena
  • robbiekay
  • neverland
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Beta's Guardian Mate by monika_annabattula
Beta's Guardian Mateby Monika
Highest Ranking ~^~ #1 in DarkMagic >> 14/05/2019 #2 in DarkMagic >> 13/05/2019 #72 in Werewolf >> 23/09/2017 #79 in Werewolf >> 07/1/2018 Runnin...
  • alpha
  • angel
  • elements
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The Wolf Beneath | The Wolf Series #1 | by PrettyInPinkJessicaa
The Wolf Beneath | The Wolf Series...by Jess
Nola Edmond finds herself at breaking point. She's had enough of her troublesome pack and her overbearing brothers and right about now she could just happily pack up her...
  • lycan
  • paranormal
  • blood
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The Girl Who Stopped The War by ShibangiDas
The Girl Who Stopped The Warby Shibangi Das
(on a hiatus because SCHOOL) Look, I didn't know I was a witch. I didn't know that the Harry Potter world was real. I didn't know that I possessed powers Voldemort wan...
  • thesecondprophecy
  • hermionegranger
  • voldemort
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Midnight Star  by Midnight-Madness13
Midnight Star by J.R.Angelie
A Gren x Aaravos fanfiction After Lord Viren's imprisonment for going behind the council's back, Commander Gren is tasked with sorting through his possessions to uncove...
  • imprisonment
  • tdp
  • dragons
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The Bloodsucker's Babygirl by Simmurgh
The Bloodsucker's Babygirlby Arion
READ THIS FIRST This book contains content that is made for adults. Please be 18 or older or read at your own risk. You've been warned. This book will contain chapters t...
  • sexual
  • sexualfrustration
  • ddlg
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Saving the King of the Underworld | Book 2 by _lovepenny
Saving the King of the Underworld...by _lovepenny
COMPLETED ~ Featured on the Saturn Needs Sequels Wattpad List ~ Emylin never thought she was special - she was perfectly happy living out her days finishing college and...
  • lovestory
  • powers
  • underworld
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Demon Obsession by Starry_Galaxy20
Demon Obsessionby Starry_Galaxy20
He can hear her each breath He can see her every move He can sense her every emotion He can appear anywhere He craves her He wants her And He has her He resides in her a...
  • action
  • supernatural
  • dark
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The Otherworlders ✨ - THE COMPLETE SEASON 1 by paulapdx
The Otherworlders ✨ - THE COMPLETE...by Paula G.
SOON TO BE A WATTPAD PAID STORY. Forced to call a truce to the Shadow Wars, overcome their hatred for each other, and band together to fight off a much greater threat, V...
  • heroes
  • fantasy
  • poc
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The Mark of Aether by Tima_R
The Mark of Aetherby Tima_R
Wattys longlist 2018 A wattpad featured story! Highest rank #3 1st-list winner in the Aspiring Author Awards! A winner in the eminence awards! A winner in The Best Book...
  • adventure
  • faes
  • golden-age
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The Wrong-Boy-Who-Died (Tom Riddle/Harry Potter) by Carnivore4
The Wrong-Boy-Who-Died (Tom Riddle...by Carnivore4
"I respect the darkness inside you, and I respect that you've changed, I respect...that you hate." Harry Potter is the infamous Boy-Who-Died, the twin brother...
  • darkmagic
  • gay
  • dumbledorebashing
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The Enchanted Spring - A Tale of Love and Revenge by floranocturna
The Enchanted Spring - A Tale of L...by 𝕱𝖑𝖔𝖗𝖆 𝕹𝖔𝖈𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖆
[FEATURED on Wattpad's Darkfantasy and Highfantasy] An elf and a mortal. He took her name, but she stole his heart. --- Elysse, the realm of the elves, is kept safe by a...
  • epicfantasy
  • folklore
  • highfantasy
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When Kingdoms Fall (Book 3| Weekly Updates) by ssmith314
When Kingdoms Fall (Book 3| Weekly...by Stephanie Smith
Fate cannot be fought... but it can be played. Once again, the Visrel sisters are separated, but this time, it is by choice. Or so they think. Sterling has chosen to re...
  • epicfantasy
  • maleprotagonist
  • fate
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Wicked by princess1284
Wickedby princess1284
• Everybody wants to rule the world • Isabel tried to break from Tom's clutch but the wizard held her arm tightly and hissed, "End her agony now!" Victoria's s...
  • wattys2018
  • tomriddle
  • hogwarts
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Spellbook by Absolsforlife
Spellbookby The Queen of the Absols
MAX PARTS! CHECK OUT VOL. 2!! Spells I found online. None are mine, okay? Their spells are theirs, I'm just sharing them :3 Also: Vote and comment on which ones worked a...
  • magic
  • wicca
  • whyareyoureadingthis
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Toujours Pur | Euphemia Black by strawberry_bubbles_x
Toujours Pur | Euphemia Blackby Meg 💓🍓
Have you ever wondered about the ancestors of Harry Potter? We all know about the Boy Who Lived, we know about the Marauders but what about the generation before? The ge...
  • pureblood
  • gryffindor
  • lovestory
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Pandora's Box✔ by -periwinkles-
Pandora's Box✔by Perri
Darkness, a concept that is there but cannot be seen. Pandora's Box is the main source of darkness. The box had been around for centuries, and in those centuries it had...
  • pandorasbox
  • emmaswan
  • onceuponatime
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Wege eines Slytherins by Sersi91
Wege eines Slytherinsby Serena S.
Harry und Draco begegnen sich an Harrys 11. Geburtstag in der Winkelgasse. Draco ist der Erste in Harrys Alter, der nett zu ihm ist. Und so ist es Draco, der Harry in di...
  • darkharry
  • slytherin
  • parseltongue
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May Shadows Reign (Book 2| Complete) by ssmith314
May Shadows Reign (Book 2| Complet...by Stephanie Smith
The Visrel sisters have been reunited, but their lives will never be the same. Seraiah is wracked with guilt for the lives she thinks she could have saved. She is deter...
  • revenge
  • magicalcreatures
  • multiplepov
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