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Swallow by Pixee_Styx
Swallowby Sam Schill
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When Mildred wished for death on her bullies, she never expected a demon would possess her and make all her dreams come true...but is it worth h...
Flame in the Veins | Book 1 | Complete by Kiahni_C
Flame in the Veins | Book 1 | Comp...by Kiahni Chae
❝ Pain was my fuel, until the fire began bleeding from my veins. ❞ The girl without a name. The black-haired fiend devoid of fear. The sharp-tongued scoundrel always rea...
The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Series) by AprylBaker7
The Promise (Book 1, The Coven Ser...by Apryl Baker
When CJ, a teen girl living in a town that practices witchcraft, starts uncovering the truth about her sister's death, she discovers the insidious danger that haunts her...
The King & His Queen✔ by -periwinkles-
The King & His Queen✔by Perri
He ruled Oz. He ruled MistHaven. He ruled Corona. He ruled Wonderland. He ruled Camelot. He ruled Dunbroch. He ruled the Caribbean. He ruled Arendelle. He ruled Never...
Missed Me??  by HunterFall
Missed Me?? by HunterFall
"Your a vampire, your everything. You can be anything." "yeah....im also your worst nightmare." I smirk at him
Nyctophobia - Sirius Black by GeorgiaIvoryEvans
Nyctophobia - Sirius Blackby Raven Jhin
Ruby Snape vowed to protect her younger twin brother to the very end, but when he goes to Hogwarts, she is stuck at home, despite being a witch. Now she's finally able t...
The Wrong-Boy-Who-Died (Tom Riddle/Harry Potter) by Carnivore4
The Wrong-Boy-Who-Died (Tom Riddle...by Carnivore4
"I respect the darkness inside you, and I respect that you've changed, I respect...that you hate." Harry Potter is the infamous Boy-Who-Died, the twin brother...
PAINLESS || mattheo riddle  by melinania
PAINLESS || mattheo riddle by 🖤
"riddle?" as the daughter of bellatrix leestrange y/n is on the dark side just like her whole family. don't expect from her to turn on the good side she is pu...
Inheritance - The Dark Sorcerers: Book 1 by IromaVP
Inheritance - The Dark Sorcerers:...by Moira McGregor
As a Dark Sorceress who has lived a lie her entire life, Kenna will have to decide whether the world she is desperately trying to save hasn't been doomed all along. *** ...
MALICIOUS [BXB] by SmileOfSketch
PART II | OUT NOW! "FᎬᎪᎡ ᎢᎻᎬ ᏟᎾᏙᎬN. FᎬᎪᎡ ᎢᎻᎬ ᎠᎪᎡK ᏞᎾᎡᎠ." 𖤐 Donovan Thornhill knows he's a witch - and that something dark will occur to him in October. Well...
Claimed By Darkness by milkteawithmimi
Claimed By Darknessby mimi
--A BRAND NEW FEATURED STORY-- By the age of sixteen, all elves are claimed by one of the six Gods and inherit some of their abilities. There is: Aria (air), Lionel (ear...
H E R   D A R K   S O U L  by gracerayne
H E R D A R K S O U L by gracerayne
"She was the the type of person who'd explain how she was going to stab you in the front before she actually shoved the knife in... and you'd let her. She'd probab...
The Slytherin Rose by Papillon98
The Slytherin Roseby Pip van Linde
The perfect Slytherin was hard to find. Everyone had their own notions about what being a true Slytherin required. Some would suggest a pureblood with pride, whereas oth...
Rhea Hel is the golden girl of Hogwarts. Everyone adores her and worships the ground she walks on. She flashes a smile or bats her eyes and everyone falls in line behind...
Vicious Bonds {COMPLETED} by xOakley_J
Vicious Bonds {COMPLETED}by 𝐎𝐚𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐲 𝐉.
In a world where humans are considered as nothing but servants to the almighty Warlocks and fairfolk, little human Milo struggles to make ends meet without giving up his...
Hybrids - Ranboo x reader by WubbiodohEXE
Hybrids - Ranboo x readerby Wubb
(Dream SMP roleplay based!) You and Ranboo were childhood best friends before he went mysteriously missing, finding him again years later. There was a problem he didn't...
Sickly, Sweet - Book One by HannahPatrixia
Sickly, Sweet - Book Oneby Hannah
~ Complete~ You can spend decades trying to find your purpose and identity and never find it. I didn't know who and what I was. In my desperation, I got myself involved...
Darker Perspective  by DysfunctionalRequest
Darker Perspective by DysfunctionalRequest
Set after the events of "Not What He Seems." "Grunkle Stan, I trust you." The words struck hard in Dipper's heart and he knows that something has cha...
Lying Eclipse by bbllaacckkaangel
Lying Eclipseby black_angel
"Know one thing very clearly, babes. I will never be bound to you for eternity at the cost of anything. Even my life." She was all alone in the world until she...
Fantasy Manhwa List by kdrama_dreamer
Fantasy Manhwa Listby kdrama_dreamer
Looking for some Manhwa to read? And that too of fantasy genre? Than check out this book. In this book I'll suggest you my favourite Fantasy Manhwa. Hope you will like i...