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Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times... by B_Minnie
Happiness can be found even in B_Minnie
Petunia and Severus both miss Lily with all their hearts, but that shared pain brought them closer together than they ever dreamed possible. Me and my friend Paulw00p ar...
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(Not So Normal Sequel) Magic, Lust, and a Prophecy by mandi_bby
(Not So Normal Sequel) Magic, mandi_bby
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Elizabeth  by loves_youtube
Elizabeth by loves_youtube
How did she do it? How could she do it? Why would she? What did she do? Read to find out my love... (all artwork is mine)
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You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Intro by zombiecatninja
You Just Haven't had Myke
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When Fate Brought Them Together (Zayn Malik/One Direction Fan Fiction) by princessinchucks
When Fate Brought Them Together ( princessinchucks
An ancient tape and a beautiful voice: that was all Callie Mason had that could pave her way towards her goal. By sending in her tape, the most exclusive, major record...
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Confessions of a Bad Girl by Honorbound20
Confessions of a Bad Girlby Honorbound20
Sasha Lazer could be a role model for some of the students in her high school. She’s a junior who gets good grades, 2nd captain of her softball team, has a sexy boyfrien...
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Taylor's Secret (Combo Shipments FanFic) by parkswifty
Taylor's Secret (Combo Shipments tay af
This story comes with the mindless decision of the author I don't know. Read Vote and Comment To know her secret.
Twisted by JustABitOfLiterature
Twistedby JustABitOfLiterature
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We Fight In Numbers [Degrassi FanFic] by ConverseLove
We Fight In Numbers [Degrassi Kait
This is pretty much a sequel to my last story, Welcome to the Competition. So yes, this is a Degrassi FanFic. I am going to have this get deeper into the thoughts of Emi...
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Just a boy and a girl by kenzietalsma
Just a boy and a girlby kenzietalsma
This story is like 99 percent real so I hope y'all like it.
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Comatose by paige_by_paige
Comatoseby paige_by_paige
What if you had the perfect life? Perfect fiancé, perfect town perfect family... And what if none of it was as it seemed? Find out while reading about a young girl with...
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Memories by Pr1nc3ssy18
Memoriesby Princess Evans
Everyone cherishes the memories that are closest and dearest to their hearts. You have one or more too, don't you? Have you ever had a memory that made you smile with de...
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Beauty Realized by MGKelley
Beauty Realizedby Michael Kelley
A poetic exploration of newfound love, dedicated passion, and the realization that ir will never be.
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Two Hearts VS. One Heart by EliseMartin159
Two Hearts VS. One Heartby Elise Martin
Emily heart is the new girl in town, and with nowhere to go, her parents thought it would be a good idea to move in with friends: the Moore family. But what Emily did no...
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Love? Nope Thats The Enemy's Territory by PeaceLuvHippes
Love? Nope Thats The Enemy's PeaceLuvHippes
19 year old Adele Vencia doesn't believe in love ever since she was 16 and her boyfriend, Isidro Jinny, of 2 years got her pregnant and left her. Now single with a thre...
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The two that created the light by demongirl2004
The two that created the lightby Jordyn_victor04
Lily&Leo are the main characters and they are both special but they barely talked to each other at first Lily despised Leo But later on she grew to like him more and mor...
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Roadkill by --EW--
Roadkillby --EW--
Roadkill is a unpredictable interesting short story with a twist ending you'll never see coming
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Dreams on Top of Things  by queenleazy
Dreams on Top of Things by queenleazy
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Magnetic  by _xtreme14
Magnetic by _xtreme14
Avery was an average girl who just lived life calmly and peacefully living with her best friend Leanna until Jeremy appeared and crashed her entire being.
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