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The Bad Boy And The Prankster by -litbaby
The Bad Boy And The Pranksterby sadia✨
Bella Smith. The name doesn't sound harmful. Does it? But what if I told you that was a lie. What if I told you that Bella Smith, a smart, beautiful girl, who was practi...
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The Unmuzzled Underdog ~Poetry  by UnmuzzledUnderdog
The Unmuzzled Underdog ~Poetry by Underdog
We go into this game as underdogs. This is how I play it #1 in teen writing 11/05/19 #10 in amateur poems 11/10/19 #2 in first poems 29/11/19
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Dreams Becoming Reality (Naruto x Sakura) by Deviled_angel13
Dreams Becoming Reality (Naruto x...by Deviled_angel13
18 year old Naruto Uzumaki has had strange dreams about a pink haired Girl who he thinks is just part of his imagination. 17 year old Sakura has dreams about Naruto, and...
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Love You Anyway by SeptembersDaughter
Love You Anywayby Icarus
Poetry, again.
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Beyond Me by Moccony_Is_Me
Beyond Meby Macy Kay :P
Copper Mackenzie and Elmer Grey are two very special high school Freshman on an earth where 5% of the population have extraordinary powers. Hunted by the MSC the "M...
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The Shifter by juvostudios
The Shifterby Juvo Studios
Luke grew up with his mother alone. In the middle of nowhere. His father killed by the cruel king trying to wipe out the entire race of the Gifted. Luke was the only one...
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Highschool Crush ❣ by Just__Smilee
Highschool Crush ❣by Just__Smilee
You ever had a crush ? A crush that lasted since forever ? Kristal Isabell Marie has been in love with Shaun Madden since middle school.. turns out they end up being par...
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My Subconscious Mind ❤ by Deep_thoughts1840
My Subconscious Mind ❤by Deep_thoughts1840
Just my collection of poetry, writing, my thoughts, my hopes, and my yearnings. This is my heart, soul and mind. Thank you for exploring the deepest, most vulnerable, p...
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Falling for you by typical_storywriter
Falling for youby typical_storywriter
"Why do you think that I should give you the job of my personal assistant?" He asked with a hint of anger in his voice. Great my soon to be boss (hopefully) wa...
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Quiet Wild by juliettekennedy
Quiet Wildby groovalistic
Vernie McGill is a truly good person, one of the few left on this earth. He can see through the lies of materialism in this world. Too bad only one person has ever seen...
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Poetry Book by Zent288
Poetry Bookby Noah
My collection of poetry.
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Look Behind by CarsonSandell
Look Behindby carson sandell
Problems the people of color LGBTQ+ community faces, what the LGBTQ+ community faces in general, and any other group that is oppressed.
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|Thoughts On Paper| by emmakav1
|Thoughts On Paper|by Emma Kavanagh
This is a collection of my poetry! Most of this poetry is random thoughts typed out on my beloved typewriter. Thank you for everyone who takes the time to vote! :) It is...
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To be decided by Edel174
To be decidedby Edel174
Still being lived
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Heartbreak on Pines Blvd.  by JayFics
Heartbreak on Pines Blvd. by JayFics
Imani is a 15 year old African American girl. She's brownskinned, 4'11 with long hair. She meets a boy named Travis and her life turns around completely. Was it for the...
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The Thirteenth Union: Desolation #1 (Draft) by ConstanceNebelwerfer
The Thirteenth Union: Desolation #...by Natascha Thornton
There is no peace without chaos. There is no such thing as Utopia. Can you tell the difference between absolutism and harmony?
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Raised by Boys by KierraWatson4
Raised by Boysby Kierra Watson
Hay! Haha I can't think of a good title for this writing. But I hoped you enjoy! Please vote and comment what you think and improvement I should make:)!
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Our Time by huntressargent
Our Timeby dominic
15 year old Ashleigh Carson was bullied her whole life for not looking like all of the other girls. But that all soon changed when Junior year came. Ashleigh had gotten...
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