Time and Space by mrsamgreer
Time and Spaceby Amber Greer
"Why are you here?" "I just needed time and space"
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  • jacksonavery
  • derekshepherd
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Little Shepherd by _MadeeP_
Little Shepherdby Madee
When surgeon Derek Shepherd finds his wife in bed with his bestfriend he takes his four year old daughter Josie and flees to Seattle in search of a fresh start. He never...
  • mcdreamy
  • mcsteamy
  • greys
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I Shouldn't Love You Anymore | Alex Karev | by steveharringtons
I Shouldn't Love You Anymore | oofio
When Maia Sloan runs to Seattle, she meets Alex Karev, and they instantly fall in love. But there's obstacle after obstacle in their seemingly perfect lives.
  • greysanatomy
  • georgeomalley
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Clear{Greys Anatomy} by hidden_addictions
Clear{Greys Anatomy}by .
When I was little I played Doctor, while other little girls played princess. Looks like only one of our dreams came true.
  • lexiegrey
  • meredithgreylong
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The Light In Dark  by Lonely-writer-girl
The Light In Dark by Lonely-writer-girl
So this is kinda based on the idea of Derek Shepard having another baby sister other than Amelia who was more like him than the others but also if she came to work in se...
  • romance
  • mercer
  • drama
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Start Of Something New by mcdreamygreys14
Start Of Something Newby mcdreamygreys14
AU merder Derek is officially divorced from Addison, and is one of the greatest neurosurgeons. He meets a beautiful girl at the grocery store and can't stop thinking abo...
  • greysanatomy
  • derekshepherd
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More Than Just A Scraped Knee (A Grey's Anatomy Fanfic) by Unoriginal-Blue
More Than Just A Scraped Knee (A Unoriginal-Blue
Amity Wills was wheeled through the door of Seattle Grace Hospital with a broken leg and possible head trauma at age 12. She had been in the foster care system since sh...
  • adoption
  • dereklives
  • arizonarobbins
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Paging Dr. Shepherd [Completed] by NyBrave_7
Paging Dr. Shepherd [Completed]by Catherine L
Dr. Derek Shepherd is the worlds foremost neurosurgeon and he does it all while caring for his 10-year old daughter Maelyn. Except Mae also has to care for her dad with...
  • derekshepherd
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  • greysanatomy
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Medical Love by mrsxpratt
Medical Loveby mrsxpratt
Grey's Anatomy fanfiction. Derek Shepherd / OC. The story takes place around the ending of season 7 and beginning of season 8, where Meredith and Derek get temporary cus...
  • seattlegrace
  • meredithgrey
  • fanfiction
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grey's anatomy [mark sloan] by pieelovee1
grey's anatomy [mark sloan]by pieelovee1
derek's sister anna comes to town, but what happens when his best friend mark shows up too? will he fall in love with her, how will derek feel about this? (I will be fol...
  • greysanatomy
  • marksloan
  • derekshepherd
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The Half Shepherd || Grey's Anatomy by PetraTheDoritos
The Half Shepherd || Grey's Anatomyby Petra Laura Kreidli
first, only a secret.. then the reality and the truth... now, just a memory..
  • derekshepherd
  • capshaw
  • caterinascorsone
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Stitches of Survival by HopeEG
Stitches of Survivalby Hope
"Why are you doing this to yourself? Why hide away from something that makes you happy?" His blue eyes bore into me, practically swimming with confusion. "...
  • mirandabailey
  • family
  • jacksonavery
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Bones | Jackson Avery [ O.H. ] by HelloTodaySunshine
Bones | Jackson Avery [ O.H. ]by HelloTodaySunshine
Blythe Veruez is a third year Cardiac specialist at Seattle Grace Memorial. Although she only transferred there a month ago, the other doctors had managed to make her fe...
  • alexkarev
  • yang
  • jacksonavery
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Nascent • George O'Malley by Tyner1125
Nascent • George O'Malleyby Mrs. Chat Noir
in which Dr.Proud can't stand men who are pussies and only has confidence because of the heels she wears everyday which is exactly what makes her a amazing surgeon. &quo...
  • meredithgrey
  • alexkarev
  • derekshepherd
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Greys Anatomy Preferences+Imagines by mel6825
Greys Anatomy Preferences+Imaginesby Melissa Rose ✨
More like mini stories but still good 😝👍 Will Include: Mark Sloan Alex Karev Owen Hunt Jackson Avery Derek Shepherd DISCLAIMER: All characters were created by Sho...
  • derekshepherd
  • owenhunt
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morphine | jackson avery | grey's anatomy by kuwonumarais
morphine | jackson avery | grey' Arielle Monessa
"the best of the best, that girl is." Shepard spoke with pride. "trust me. i know." Jackson said with a grin. "more than she'll ever understand...
  • greysanatomy
  • jacksonavery
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brawling love ii | a. karev [AU] by mgchasmyheart
brawling love ii | a. karev [AU]by :)
The new chapter for Alex Karev and Savannah McCarthy has begun. They vowed they would stand with them, through sickness and health, for better and worse, 'till death do...
  • izziestevens
  • lexiegrey
  • meredithgrey
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Dia Ruim? by DeiaAzevedo
Dia Ruim?by DeiaAzevedo
One inspirada no episodio 9 da quinta temporada onde Lexie percebe as consequências da "revolta do bisturi" e vai receber o apoio de ninguém menos que Meredith...
  • amor
  • lexiegrey
  • seattlegrace
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Sutures // Grey's Anatomy by MaddyS3115
Sutures // Grey's Anatomyby maddy elizabeth <3
"You're my world, Hadley. My entire freaking world. You are the one holding me together, the sutures keeping my life from plummeting into complete destruction...tot...
  • doctor
  • mirandabailey
  • romance
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Grey's anatomy preferences + one shots  by blondejovi
Grey's anatomy preferences + one yellow lovely ☼
Grey's anatomy set your standards too high too? 🌧 + Derek + Alex + Owen + Jackson + Mark + George + Andrew grey's : seasons i- requests open! ...
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