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Lemons by kayleejpk
Lemonsby kayleejpk
This is Valerie's last summer in her tiny home town and a new next door neighbor promises a new beginning... hopefully he won't break her heart like all the rest of them...
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Teen Rants by Zarrysluvs
Teen Rantsby corny bitch
I taIk about celebrities mistakes oh I also talk about black problems. [Cover by: @britishdudes]
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Chopsticks by gucciette
Chopsticksby - ̗̀ kelly ̖́-
Ciara Hart is not Asian. Or at least, that's what she says. (She's actually half Asian.) But when she meets Ethan Lee, she learns that being Asian isn't all just math ho...
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Pretty by escapiist
Prettyby ❝wynter blake❞
about a girl who is beautiful but nothing else and a girl who is ugly but utterly talented [extended summary inside] -.-.-.-.-.-.- #FreeYourBody
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Luna Romero's Lesson in Recovery (#wattys2016) by wheresmybroomstick
Luna Romero's Lesson in Recovery ( Ashwathi P.
Recuperare. Graphic by @justlyd
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corpulence  by undertones
corpulence by Justin Case
"You need to realise how important loving yourself is because if you don't love and respect yourself you're constantly going to be accepting less respect than you...
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One Size Fits All by tigress-
One Size Fits Allby m
[Book One of the One Size series] One size fits all, they said. Small fits skinny. Medium fits curvy. Large fits fat. It's a love story that defy's the 21st century g...
boy; by unbirthdays
boy;by han
in which phoebe feels like she doesn't belong in her body and needs a new one to be happy. - an entry for #bodypositivitychallenge [copyright @ unbirthdays || all right...
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What Is #StopBodyShaming by StopBodyShaming
What Is #StopBodyShamingby StopBodyShaming
Inside will be an explanation of what this movement is and what you can do to help it grow.
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Anger Managment (Dan x reader) by coachstopframe
Anger Managment (Dan x reader)by coachstopframe
dude another x reader fic get a life
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crippled skies by timeisnow
crippled skiesby ❂ sunset
"Skin under crippled skies/Tell the stories of most of our lives." [little random entries i write when inspiration hits]
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A Blind Boy by JoinMyPhandom
A Blind Boyby Anonymous ❤
A poem accidentally written about a beautiful boy x I hope he knows how gorgeous he is.
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What is FreeYourBody? by FreeYourBody
What is FreeYourBody?by #FreeYourBody
Confused about #FreeYourBody? Come in here to ask questions and get the answers you want!
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Story of a girl: affectionately titled by quazzie111
Story of a girl: affectionately Kate
A unique collection of words, short poems, and sounds you could probably make with your mouth. Some of it is true, some of it is just a long metaphor for my fears and ho...
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DreamCatcher Book Club ▶ OPEN by diversilient
DreamCatcher Book Club ▶ OPENby Diverse & Resilient™
Welcome to The Dreamcatcher Book Club. A book club dedicated to help undiscovered writers of diverse genres in finding out ways that they may have their story known for...
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Baby Fat by dreamfloats
Baby Fatby dreamfloats
+updates every wed/thurs. "Change is not good or bad. Change is change." Bradley Johnson has lived all of his life with standards: standards to look a certain...
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Kelly's Diary (short story on eating disorders) by Geminixo
Kelly's Diary (short story on Geminixo
Kelly has always hidden her insecurities to herself. She has a problem and she knows it, but what happens when everyone finds out? Read dairy entries of her thoughts and...
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Wish Upon A Demon [EDITING] by echoyourname_
Wish Upon A Demon [EDITING]by k a r a
Book 1 in the 'Demon' series. "I wish to become beautiful, inside and outside." For eighteen-year-old Faye Martin, becoming beautiful was the only wi...
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Young ✔️ by echoyourname_
Young ✔️by k a r a
"I'm Eileen James, and I avoid speaking as much as possible." For seventeen-year-old Eileen James, emotion and communication is an obstacle. Having faced situ...
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Cosmology and her Stars by belora
Cosmology and her Starsby Bee
In which Cosmology writes about her life. {short story #80 - 3rd January 2014 & humor #242 - 28th December 2013} © belora / bee s. 2013
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