Dreams of Souls (a group roleplay) CLOSED by BladedPsycho
Dreams of Souls (a group roleplay) WilliamTheConquerer
The royals of Allusia have come of age and it's time to find them a bride from the most prestigious nations around the globe. It has been 20 years since the previous sel...
  • lose
  • ăn
  • ör
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Unravel Me by justcallmepapi
Unravel Meby Trey
Leonie Chevalier has always lived life from other people's perspectives. That is until she meets Zion Vicente, an Adonis of a man who changes her life and ignites the fi...
  • beautiful
  • intriguing
  • romance
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How I Killed Natalia by amudhini555
How I Killed Nataliaby Infinitely~Bookish
Her dirty boot digs into the soil as she waits for me to recognize her. She finally sighs and mutters her name. "Natalia". Natalia? I rack my brain in searc...
  • bloodchilling
  • thriller
  • interesting
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Anonymous by AuthorChristineBene
Anonymousby Christine Benedict
The story was inspired by my 100-year-old farm house you see in the background where neighbors still say it's haunted. The letters in my thriller are actual letters from...
  • readatthebeachoronaplane
  • pageturner
  • surpriseending
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7 Wonders by theveiledgospel
7 Wondersby Dìlay
Thoughts put down in merely seven words.
  • random
  • intriguing
  • short
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We eat deer by legandall
We eat deerby legandall
We eat deer is a story about a place called little clover populated by hunters and mad men. They love their rabbits but they love the deer more.
  • deer
  • strange
  • intriguing
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History of The Savior (Negan) by BuiltFordTough1214
History of The Savior (Negan)by N
The moment you finally begin to feel safe is the very moment you must realize you most certainly are not, this moment became the hellish reality for Rick's group of Alex...
  • thewalkingdead
  • michonne
  • rick
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A Different Arrangement(ADA) by bhersieobort
A Different Arrangement(ADA)by its_bhersiblue?
This isn't your typical story where the poor girl marries the billionaire guy to save her family member or because she was threatened and then they later fall in love an...
  • wattys
  • intriguing
  • arrangedmarriage
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She's My Nightmare by phuckyoug
She's My Nightmareby phuck boi
To conclude what we all failed to Invision. Someone's heart was broken, somebody's back was stabbed, eyes were closed. And yet she was left with the bloody hatchet. (S...
  • mystery
  • aysiagarza
  • intriguing
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It's Complicated by NineWorthIt
It's Complicatedby Janine Rouse
Lesley's a virgin who's torn between two guys. A sexy, cold-hearted millionaire and a cute athlete. Kendall Parkens is one of the two guys. The school's golden boy with...
  • seductive
  • number1
  • lies
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Aesthetic Writing Prompts  by bluccentric
Aesthetic Writing Prompts by blu
Just a bunch of semi-original story ideas for all your creative writing needs. Mostly relationship related.
  • aesthetic
  • cliche
  • inspiration
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The Ray Of Sunshine (ZM AU fanfic) by exquisite_22
The Ray Of Sunshine (ZM AU fanfic)by exquisite_22
It all started with a phone call. The Mysterious phone call. The most horrible troubles and problems find itself at a place where she least expected of. She feels someon...
  • highschool
  • zayn
  • harrystyles
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The Devil  by kaykayMC5
The Devil by KaykayMC5
This is a story about two broken souls who are connected in a way they would have never expected. There will be drama and heartbreak and a lot of tears, their love comes...
  • love
  • mate
  • ruthless
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Accidental Experiment by QuitePossibly32
Accidental Experimentby QuitePossibly32
17 year old busboy Benjamin Pogues stumbles across a small, strange box of mint-looking tablets. From this point on everything will change...... Enjoy a story packed with
  • intruiging
  • adventure
  • fiction
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We're not alone (The last species of the Zanzilmatas) by Wolfie13xx
We're not alone (The last Wolfie13xx
When friends discover they have spiritual powers they set off to be alone but something keeps following them like an evil spirit. Will it stop haunting them or will they...
  • powers
  • mystery
  • wattys2018
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A Series Of Unfortunate Events~The Intriguing Introduction by TheMultiAuthor
A Series Of Unfortunate Multi Mullestip Ply
Dear Reader, I'm sorry to say that the book you are viewing on your electronic device is extremely unpleasant. It tells an unhappy tale about an unlucky boy with three u...
  • themultiauthor
  • ply
  • events
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waving by Fluorescent-Phantom
wavingby Fluorescent-Phantom
i wrote this on sports day, because i hadn't signed up for any events. it was hot, and i probably had more sugar than necessary, but i wrote a masterpiece. this book is...
  • originalcharacters
  • wow
  • dank
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The Ximez La Telcto  by Wolfie13xx
The Ximez La Telcto by Wolfie13xx
In a world, where vampires rule in the Malexu (the capital city) werewolves are merely a tale, told to stop anyone. To stop anyone from going in the Sancatu. A prison fo...
  • dropper
  • uncontrollable
  • intriguing
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The Story of a Recovering Perfectionist by NovelbyNature
The Story of a Recovering Abigail Opeen
Jade Ever-Green is a self-harm addict, validation seeker and perfectionist. Just like every teenage girl she has some issues, but what goes on inside Jade's head is a tw...
  • anxiety
  • perfectionist
  • mental
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September Falls by Taasja_
September Fallsby Babe.
September Vincet raised by two educated, successful, parents on the north eastern side of Atlanta known as Buckhead, is a straight A freshman at Spelman College. A lot o...
  • hate
  • hood
  • thuglove
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