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Defiance (Finn Shelby)  by MuffinLaura
Defiance (Finn Shelby) by ~Laura~
Bunty Adams wasn't like most girls in Small Heath, she didn't like to wear dresses or to stay at home and bake or care for children, she liked to fight. When she arrive...
A Horse-Shifters Tale (Under Going Minor Editing Of Chapters)  by The_Rogue_Werewolf
A Horse-Shifters Tale (Under Mara Halloway
Hali is a 16-year-old horse shifter. Her family were killed by Alpha Prescot of the blood moon pack. A pack filled with vampires and werewolves. When her family were kil...
Book 1: The Horse Whisperer (Pin Hawthorn Love Story) by Silver-Tigress
Book 1: The Horse Whisperer (Pin Gin - Chan
Fifteen year old Emma Morgan and her her family moved to the little island off the coast of England when she was five years old, and her little sister was born the year...
Ferdinand- His friend by AlphaZero7
Ferdinand- His friendby Loveless#968
Read to find out more. Sorry not really good with descriptions. I don't own Ferdinand just my OC character.
Cowboy, Stay with Me by honnaoharney
Cowboy, Stay with Meby H.R. Harney
For Lucy, Sean was the one who got away. Now US Marshal, Sean shows back up in Lucy's peaceful farm life to shake her to her core all over again. But can their love sur...
Silver eyes | Rdr2 Story Vol ¹ by SunHunterz23
Silver eyes | Rdr2 Story Vol ¹by 𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓗𝓾𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝔃♡
"If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have won a friend for life." This is a story of a Arabian mare who won the heart of an outlaw and made him into a...
Free Rein P.H by lucypie555
Free Rein P.Hby Lucy
Phoebe Wright. Originally from L.A. She moved to a small island off the coast of England due to her dad's new job. It also helps that her best friend Zoe was stays on...
The New Girl with History **Free Rein Fanfic** by Pretty_in_Pink21
The New Girl with History **Free Pretty_in_Pink21
Brooklyn Harris is a competitive rider with more money then she could possibly want, the most beautiful horse and history with Pin. How will Zoe react when she learns of...
Loki's Country Girl (On Hold) by KSeasong
Loki's Country Girl (On Hold)by KSeasong
You came to an equine school in upstate New York to learn more about horses. After you help out the Avengers they want to recruit you as their Mounted agent. You will be...
To Rodeo To Your Heart (COMPLETED) by hoofprintson02
To Rodeo To Your Heart (COMPLETED)by Sequoyah- Writer
Caission Beck hates the rodeo and everything that goes with it, including the guys. The Beck family tradition is that every generation a new rodeo star is born and every...
Nakitor II English by Thalia_Frost
Nakitor II Englishby Thalia_Frost
Nakitor grew up happily on a Haflinger breeding farm as a foal, but when he is sold afterwards, he has to learn how unfair life can be, no matter how hard you try.
Free rein ~ New Love  by girlog__
Free rein ~ New Love by girlog__
When new girl Ellisa arrives at the barn everyone is shocked about how well this girl can ride and how well she can ride on any horse,but one person is extremely interes...
Her Single Rose (Remus Lupin) by Taylor510658
Her Single Rose (Remus Lupin)by Brooke Johnson
She's a Slytherin, smart, sly, and cunning. But most of all Aries was a Black. Aries Meredith Black was the twin sister of Sirius Orion Black. After the boy was disowned...
red dead redemtion 2 x horse!reader POV by CAMStheCATASAUR
red dead redemtion 2 x horse! Charli Sanders
I dont know why but every human ive come across has tried to break me They all fail Every one of them Most of them die trying But this time i let them I dont know why i...
Runaway Horse by sparkybark17
Runaway Horseby Elizabeth Hope
#1 in Adventure 6/16/2015 Taylor Evans, a foster child, has been planning her runaway for a while now. Ever since her parents died when she was 6, she's been moved from...
Heart Of A Horse  by The_Rouge_Wolf
Heart Of A Horse by The_Rouge_Wolf
Can you imagine being a shape shifter a proud one strong and brave yet female. No ha well your gonna have to because that's what I am. Me and my family we were all shape...
AVALON by palominolane
AVALONby palominolane
PUBLISHED ON AMAZON.COM Avalon has spent her entire life on her family's Cattle Station in Northern Queensland. In her eyes there is nothing sweeter than working the lan...
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The Captured Shifter by crazyreader111
The Captured Shifterby Just Smile :)
Bree comes from a family of horse shifters. After being separated from her family and sold, she does not know what is going to happen. Through many ups and downs- meetin...
Horseland- the triple crown horse by warriorcatlover12345
Horseland- the triple crown horseby Ash flower
What happens when a. Abused triple crown winner horse arrives at horseland?
Rein It In, Cowgirl  by aahopkins13
Rein It In, Cowgirl by A. A Hopkins
Baileigh Walker has had to live in the shadows of her older twin brothers Josh and Kyle ever since she could remember! She has always been compared to them even in schoo...