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She's Broken by Lilohorse
She's Brokenby Kate
'Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.' Most people ignore Kat Price and go s...
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Suddenly Royal by the_dumb_blonde03
Suddenly Royalby Sarah Neal
From the small town of Bellville Texas to across the world to the country of Sweden, country girl Lilly Bloom is taken away from her best friends and home, to Sweden. S...
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Look for the Sky by _oliviarhi
Look for the Skyby Olivia
Eva loves riding but when a problem happens, will Eva be able to ride in the jumping show or will a boy with dreamy eyes distract her from riding?
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White Rivers EC by Viva-La-LP
White Rivers ECby I want home
When Michelle gets accepted to WREC that every year takes three teenage girls and guys to learn there for a summer, live, learn and compete for the whole summer to becom...
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Dawn by HeidiZettl
Dawnby Heidi Zettl
One summer day, Delia suddenly finds herself in a frozen wasteland full of unimaginable danger. She learns of her unexpected origins - and fate - as she comes face to fa...
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The Four Horses of Legend by BornOfMoonAndStars
The Four Horses of Legendby BornOfMoonAndStars
Here are four poems for the four horses of legend; the Kelpie, the Unicorn, Pegasus, and the Nightmare. Enjoy...
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My Horse and I (SSO) by RockinRockelle5543
My Horse and I (SSO)by Sup *trips* *falls*
Abbie is a teenage girl with a passion for horses. She was sent to a mysterious island Jorvik, where a bond like no other was made. READ IF YOU DARE! No but seriously.
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St. Reiston Academy by Riverrunequestrian
St. Reiston Academyby Riverrunequestrian
A boarding school with teenage girls, hot guys, and some bitches that try to ruin peoples lives.
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Kryptonite(A Harry Styles Fan Fic) by Forever_Tornxx
Kryptonite(A Harry Styles Fan Fic)by Annie:)
When Rosalie Jones, a sarcastic and witty tomboy who runs a summer horse riding camp in the Uk, teaches a famous pop star's sister, her brother comes to visit and they f...
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The Cowboy's Promise (UNDER HEAVY REVISION) by wayward_impala67
The Cowboy's Promise (UNDER Taylor
Blake Dodge is your typical western cowboy. Horses, cattle, family, life lessons, and rodeo dominate his life. The 30 year old has had only one serious relationship, whi...
The Horse Diaries (A One Direction Book) by Rudy_Luvs
The Horse Diaries (A One Mary Leahey
Callie is the new girl in town. Her trainer, Taryn knows her story, but no one else does. She soon learns to trust people, and she confides her little secret to the...
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School of Equestrians by GracieB2218
School of Equestriansby GracieB2218
Eva Barret is a new girl at a boarding school in Scotland. Except it's an equestrian boarding school. Will she make it? Or will she fail?
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The Hidden Life by alexisbreanna
The Hidden Lifeby alexisbreanna
Growing up ShayLynn has always had a deep and passionate heart for music. She has already began a strong start as far as getting her songs out there. Although she is pro...
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The man from snowy river by cougarbundy
The man from snowy riverby tahlia
"The Man from Snowy River" is a poem by Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson.
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Lucky Lady Barn by molly2853
Lucky Lady Barnby Danielle
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Cowgirl Up And Ride by sorra86
Cowgirl Up And Rideby sorra86
Channing Russel loves everything rodeo and family. She travels the circuit with her family, but her boyfriend is a real treat. The girl is left to decide just what to...
Happy Never Ending by standup_975o
Happy Never Endingby standup_975o
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mindfulness by sophieeharris
mindfulnessby sophieeharris
this is basically a diary about me, and what's been going on recently. Mainly based around horses, the 1975, and everything else.
Elite Equestrians by saddlers_home
Elite Equestriansby Saddlers_home
Whitney Winehouse is a rich daddy's girl, that has a perfect life. Except for her mom, who expects Whitney to be a lawyer, even thought Whitney wants to have a career in...
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The Unbreakable Bond by morninglightfarm
The Unbreakable Bondby Grace
A story and possible series about a girl that is head over heals in love with horse. That becomes great friends with a girl who is deathly afraid of them. She buys her a...
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