The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel) by dgkitten
The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel)by Divine Grace
Now that Emily Maxwell has gotten her delicious "treatment" from Dr. Alexander Greene, little did she know that being engaged to the hottest gynecologist alive...
  • pregnancy
  • sequel
  • wattpride
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Chasing My Mate by Benita_16
Chasing My Mateby Part Time Wolf
WARNING: Contains mature themes "Please stay." He says and my breath hitches at those two words. It's his raw emotions, unfiltered by his logical part and unwe...
  • luna
  • possessive
  • love
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The Lycan's Possession by NoviceRocke
The Lycan's Possessionby -Briseida Roque-
He's a lycan. She's a werewolf. He's fearless. She's shy. He's tough. She's fragile. He loves with all his heart. She doesn't know the true meaning of love. And they are...
  • fighting
  • fantasycreatures
  • action-thriller
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CONTROL  (KookV) +18 by khushitae
CONTROL (KookV) +18by
"it's.... y-you",-kth "Surprise baby" {COMPLETE} Taehyung 4 years ago nightmare came back to take what is his...aka Taehyung. Will Taehyung develop...
  • posessive
  • love
  • action-romance
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Before Noon by squirrelg
Before Noonby G (READ PERFECTION!)
[COMPLETED/WATTYS 2018 LONGLISTED] At noon, disasters sweep the planet. A long-awaited consequence of human wrongdoing - people have tried, but there is no turning back...
  • future
  • sciencefiction
  • romance
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Coming Home by EDPowell
Coming Homeby Elyse
** FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S ADULT FICTION READING LIST ** //First Draft// Markus Reiner is haunted by a traumatic past and war-ridden memories. After serving out his contra...
  • military
  • college
  • thriller
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In the hands of my new bodyguard {GxG} by crash_romely
In the hands of my new bodyguard { Sailor Moon
There was a loud explosion in the building and the alarm went off and everyone started running, the whole place tremble, I was grabbed and dragged through and over peopl...
  • gay
  • lesbianromance
  • lovestory
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HONEYDEW (A romantic thriller) REWRITING by voracious_writer
HONEYDEW (A romantic thriller) Haneeza iqbal
#1 (What's hot list) Alhamdulillah. **REWRITING** **Featured by Project WOMAN UP profile** It was time to leave the wedding avenue and I saw Aahil take brisk strides tow...
  • freeyourbody
  • mystery
  • islam
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Broken Streetfighter by Nouryasser20
Broken Streetfighterby Anonymous
Lucy, is what you can call nice, but used. Was there for people but abused. The person no one gets in his way is at her school. He sees her by the window jumping at 11pm...
  • action
  • streetfighter
  • action-adventure
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Deal | Reader x BTS by XxVanTaexX
Deal | Reader x BTSby XxVanTaexX
"Y/N.... I love you, why is it so hard for you to understand?!?" "Excuse me?!? You call this love?!? I don't want you and I will never be yours." &qu...
  • deal
  • kpop
  • seokjin
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Boy King  by beesherly
Boy King by beesherly
❝ His Majesty, The King of France! ❞ When young Charles IX reigned as the new king of france, Protestants and Catholics breaks out into an endless war along with the...
  • cwreign
  • royalty
  • love
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GOLD RIVER by ericdabbs
Coming to ebook & paperback in 2019! A retired treasure hunter with gold in his veins. A museum curator's daughter held for ransom. A jungle trail with danger at every t...
  • adventure
  • lies
  • betrayal
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A SECRET.. by Akemiaya
A Akemiaya
Prologue: thoughout life..People will make you mad,disrespect you and treat you bad.Let god deal with that things they do,cause hate in your heart will consume you too.
  • wattpadromance
  • action-thriller
  • mystery
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UNSIGHTED by lukreshanataly
UNSIGHTEDby Wangechigrace
As he walked along the hallway he bumped on to a girl with frizzly hair, bending down to pick the fallen books "am so sorry its all my fault(standing up),,,here you...
  • humor
  • fiction
  • supernatural
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His Little Play Thing  || P.J.M FF  by xYoonminFanGirlx
His Little Play Thing || P.J.M FF by Hannah Marie
Make sure to read the entire description. School was hard, the depression. A joke. But falling head over heals for the schools number one bad boy Park Jimin, was probab...
  • jimin
  • depression
  • crudehumor
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Trapped in her encounter (Completed) - Abhigya 3 shots by Crazymahiz by crazymahiz
Trapped in her encounter ( MAHII / CRAZY
#1 in Kumkumbhagya (30/08/18 to 12/9/18)) #16 in Actionthriller (05/09/2018) #4 in threeshots (05/09/2018) He is a terrific and dangerous cop... She is a super cool, yet...
  • marriage
  • abhi
  • threeshots
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Crazy In Love (Book 1) by cieloxxlmte
Crazy In Love (Book 1)by ✨hothouse flower✨
  • stalker
  • diversity
  • poc
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Salient: Tale of The Dragon by WendyZou
Salient: Tale of The Dragonby Wze
Linsdorf is a continent with a very unique ranking system. You fall into one of four categories depending on your eye color. No one has succeeded in breaking this caste...
  • superpowers
  • fantasyadventure
  • fantasy
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Trial 017 by jhobbes627
Trial 017by John Hobbes
Charlie doesn't have powers, but everyone else does. Growing up in the shadow of his brother's genius, Charlie has always been perpetually alone, never fitting into a so...
  • apriljanesbookawards
  • conspiracy
  • unique
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What Defines a Criminal - Part Two: The Syndicate by Jamfox94
What Defines a Criminal - Part Jessica McCain
The WDAC series continues with Aria's official induction into "the Syndicate" -- a group of quirky professional criminals with colorful personalities and deadl...
  • adventure
  • lesbianfiction
  • combat
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