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One Piece: Build The Strongest Beast Pirates by 0StolenDream0
One Piece: Build The Strongest Dream Stolen
Barbarossa Kaishu transmigrates to one piece and becomes the older brother of Kaidou of the Beasts while possessing a stronger physique talent! After the Battle of the G...
Kshatrani - The Warrior Princess by anaemic_ameoba
Kshatrani - The Warrior Princessby aarya
Chitra. Veer-sodari, Veer-patni, and Veer-mata. Why? The world knows her as Princess Subhadra, the beloved sister of Lord Krishna. The pride of Dwarka. The mother of Abh...
Reborn in demon slayer as an Uchiha by dec302005
Reborn in demon slayer as an Uchihaby 7qwsa
I die in was reborn in demon slayer as an Uchiha. None of the character belong to me except for the mc all of them are the creation of Koyoharu Gotouge
A Survivor's life in the dungeon (A Danmachi Fanfic.) by TheManCandy
A Survivor's life in the dungeon ( The Man Candy
Witness the journey of a man who lost everything, as he dives in the dungeon for strength and power. will he succumb to the dangers that he'll face, or will he persevere...
Why Do All The Target's Hate Me?! by Desert_S
Why Do All The Target's Hate Me?!by Desert
Chen Yanyan was hated by that man, despised, ignored, that man even wanted him dead! ...D-didn't he?! Then why... Why was that man suddenly clinging onto his thigh as t...
One In A Billion | TFP by gkoea13
One In A Billion | TFPby g r a c e
Praxina Chenkov, code name EMBER, is an unstable fugitive Russian girl who is deemed uncanny. For sixteen years, she's fought to bury her dark secrets in the grounds bel...
It has always been you! by shehwarali
It has always been you!by shehwarali
"...Don't show that you cared about my happiness, when you actually didn't. I doubt if you ever truly did care." I whispered the last part menacingly at him, c...
My Sunshine  by kenziehamilton1999
My Sunshine by Kenzie Hamilton
In which Iris figures out a way in life with boys, kids, and trouble so much trouble. "You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are gray...
Claws by AlexaChamberlain6
Clawsby AlexaChamberlain6
"We are warriors of the night, lycanthropes as some would call us, but we go by an altogether different name. A more significant name, one that we wear in the highe...
The Alpha's True Love by mRosemi13
The Alpha's True Loveby mRosemi13
Alpha Julian Walker has yet to find his mate. While it would be nice to have one, his top priority is leading and maintaining his pack. When a human is allowed to reside...
Gregory by BlackenNights
Gregoryby Moonlight
The dimly lit room was filled with the acrid smell of cigar smoke, its tendrils curling up toward the ceiling, which was hidden in shadows. Seated at the head of a long...
The Lost Daughter of Poseidon  by Shadow_Assassin628
The Lost Daughter of Poseidon by Shadow_Queen
Persephone Astraea Jackson, the younger daughter to Poseidon and Sally Jackson, twin sister to Perseus 'Percy' Jackson, and the lost daughter. This is her Story. All cha...
HIDDEN- Sides, Truths, Secrets by NavroseKaur88
HIDDEN- Sides, Truths, Secretsby Navrose Kaur
Rose knew she isn't normal. And neither was her family. Like which family force their daughter to live alone and change her house every single fucking year, definitely n...
love heals by Desi_author24
love healsby desi_author
a broken girl whose life is ruined by an incident happened with her. she was bubbly,happy girl with innocence but a demon came and destroyed her dignity and everyone lef...
THE MOTHER  by Dizzy069
A quest for immortality gone wrong leads to the creation of the mother, a monster that breeds other monsters. Will Quezi, his brother Connor and his friend, Aliah have b...
Arknights: Dr.(Y/N)'s Riposte  by VioAndBio
Arknights: Dr.(Y/N)'s Riposte by VioAndBio
A story about an independent doctor named (Y/N), who is well known for his reputation earned from his career along with sets of combat skills as a veteran but not unbeat...
The Adventures of Rose Hood by keeperofgaming
The Adventures of Rose Hoodby keeperofgaming
Hood is a dragon that has hidden her identity for many years. Now that she has been discovered, she must set out to become an adventurer. What secrets will she learn... ...
Courtship by SusanGarod
Courtshipby Susan Garod
Rafe Harlington and Marina Sojour-D'Sa met at various social functions, moved in similar circles and worked in the medical profession. Marina had initially pursued a...
Immortal Deku by Dark_Forest321
Immortal Dekuby Jonathan
Disclaimer: I do not in anyway shape or form own the rights to My Hero Academia (obviously) Basically Izuku was one of the first to get a quirk in the twenty-first centu...
Rebirth: Rewriting My Destiny (ON HIATUS) by Kaneko_123
Rebirth: Rewriting My Destiny ( Kaneko-chan
I never knew that love could be this destructive. Simply loving him could brought me so much pain and disaster. I longed for him that I coud not come to understand that...