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UGLY ✔ by ssybahz
UGLY ✔by Sam
If people could witness the evil they harbour within their heart on the mirror instead of their appearance, they wouldn't touch another mirror for the rest of their life...
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CRYSTAL HEART (MaleXMale) by Shinouji
CRYSTAL HEART (MaleXMale)by Shinouji
A heart is a fragile item. That is why we need to protect them so vigorously, give them away so rarely and why it means so much because some hearts are more fragile than...
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Seductively Yours by Breanna_Kay
Seductively Yoursby Bre
Kieran Scott was your average small town girl. Her mother was a waitress and her father was a cashier at the local grocery store. Growing up with three other siblings, s...
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Dynasty: My own fate by kandyblush
Dynasty: My own fateby kandyblush
"Trash!" "Useless!" "Slut!" They thought she was trash, a good for nothing, an waste. Their jealousy of her peerless beauty, her family dyn...
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Khawahish  by sonachopra
Khawahish by sonachopra
" sir please don't touch me " shout zoya with anger in her eyes 😡 " oh come on baby in some days you'll be my wife then we can have all the fun I saw in...
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Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypse by KAJordan2
Horsewomen of the Zombie Apocalypseby K. A. Jordan
Not all women are helpless Zombie-bait. The daughters of Clan McLeod certainly aren't, armed with bows and mounted on tireless horses, they ride like Huns across the wor...
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If I never loved you (author:Qi Laoyou) by NingXi214
If I never loved you (author:Qi NingXi214
This is for offline purposes only! I DO NOT OWN THIS... credits to Jiuku Literature, author & translators. Follow@ Synopsis:...
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Pirate King's Treasure by Zuleyma64
Pirate King's Treasureby Zuleyma EJ Castro
Clara, A young girl was torn away from her dreams of marrying the man of her life. And was sold off in an auction. With her dreams of escaping. She finds herself on t...
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The Big Girl's Savior by partygirl2374
The Big Girl's Saviorby partygirl2374
Raven Williams has been through hell and back. While dealing with lack of confidence and an abusive relationship, she meets the handsome Detective Eric Daniels. Will Rav...
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VENUS (The Iron Wolves MC Series #1) by biaswrecker_tae
VENUS (The Iron Wolves MC Series 𝒶𝓁𝓁𝒾ℯ
a rude biker and an ex-convict What could possibly go wrong? -extended summary coming soon-
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HIDDEN- Sides, Truths, Secrets by NavroseKaur88
HIDDEN- Sides, Truths, Secretsby Navrose Kaur
Rose knew she isn't normal. And neither was her family. Like which family force their daughter to live alone and change her house every single fucking year, definitely n...
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To Defy a God by floranocturna
To Defy a Godby Flora Nocturna
Tamara is destined to be an offering to Helios since the day she was born. Abandoned by her mother and raised by the priestesses of Althea, she is being primed for one t...
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Blackmail by witwithfolly
Blackmailby witwithfolly
Some guy named Namjoon found your dirty videos and blackmails you into being his girlfriend. He's hot, but he's also unpredictable and you refuse to give to every demand...
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My Personalities by Abayomii
My Personalitiesby ☾•×ℓιввуו☾
I have MPD or DID and this is our way to help manage that 😊
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Redemption by HazelEyedMuslimah
Redemptionby Aznah
''And what if I was broken beyond repair?'' While her face expressed as much as nothing, her orbs were unfolding whirlwinds of scathing emotions. Tales of tribulations. ...
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 Girl Gang  by Sophiebrownsb5242
Girl Gang by Amazinglysimple
Scar is at the top of her game . She is the new leader of the Eagle gang. Her gang is one of the strongest in the world. She has no emotions and never fails to do her jo...
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Rejected but not affected  by Florachic
Rejected but not affected by Flora White
..."You know what? let's get this over with. I Austin Fox, alpha of the Starling pack reject you Ava White as my mate" he says with anger in his eyes. Ava six...
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Quick transmigration of the villainess by kerlinOG
Quick transmigration of the Rachel low
hua yin yue , a genius doctor of the 21st century, was killed in an accident . "ding" welcome to the quick transmigration system host. "Does host wish to...
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The Light I Followed by LailaAkbar9
The Light I Followedby Laila
It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will always find a way. ...... "Why do you need paper?" she asked while looking into her bag...
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Daughter to the Prince of Death by reptileprincess
Daughter to the Prince of Deathby Cate Reptile
It's been twenty years since the prophecies of Life and Death concluded. The Kingdom flourishes under their rulers: the Princess of Life and the Prince of Death. The Dar...
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