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 (arsu ) Love That Never End by parthjaya
(arsu ) Love That Never Endby arjunpriya
marriage happened without knowing that who are they now let see what happened after marriage of arsu will balram accept him? will hastinapur expect Arjun and subhadra r...
Strangled Sweetness ✔️ by dwarkaratna
Strangled Sweetness ✔️by Subhi
"Sweetness can be suppressed. But it's essence always remain stable after being suppressed also." ~Author This fact is progressing here, in this story. "...
Light Of Love: An Arsu Fiction by santa__sa
Light Of Love: An Arsu Fictionby Sandra
" The greatest love stories are not in which love is only spoken, but those in which it is acted upon" Disclaimer:"This story is fictional".
Krishnaanuja Subhadra by olympiangodsarereal
Krishnaanuja Subhadraby Invisible Dragon
Subhadra. The beautiful (that's an understatement) wife of Arjun, the charming sister of Krishna, and the valiant mother of Abhimanyu. The forgotten heroine of the Mahab...
Rajeevloochana's Phalgun by Parthajaya
Rajeevloochana's Phalgunby ᴋʀɪꜱʜɴᴀᴀɴᴜᴊᴀ
The world saw him as a hero and praised him like he was God on the Earth. Virtue as rich as sandal and charm as divine as the moon. In a few moments, I knew that I was n...
Beyond Pains And Possibilities ✔️ by dwarkaratna
Beyond Pains And Possibilities ✔️by Subhi
"The premises of love is unlimited. But till where you can continue the journey of our love?" Subhadra asked to Arjun looking straight into his eyes. "I...
The Story Through My Eyes ~ Subhadra by sssm2569
The Story Through My Eyes ~ sssm2569
"Royalty is rich in love, glittering yet always humble." Subhadra is the pampered and loved Princess of the Yadava Clan. Being the youngest of her siblings, h...
Inseparable Hearts ~ Arjun Subhadra by arjunsubhadrey
Inseparable Hearts ~ Arjun Subhadraby YadavKumari
Hey everyone! Here's a tale about the feelings of Arjun and Subhadra for each other. How each other's name, presence and support affected them. How they felt about each...
Unseen Fragments by dwarkaratna
Unseen Fragmentsby Subhi
"The fragments which are unseen can never be underestimated," ~Author A protagonist can only narrate his/ her story the best. Beholder of a certain existence c...
Arsu love for each other by parthjaya
Arsu love for each otherby arjunpriya
This is story of most beautiful , mature, caring, loveable and best couple of mahabharat they are arjun and subhadra Arjun third Pandav and prince of hastinapur he is so...
Arsu: the Eternal lovers(Discontinued) by hhedjjzz
Arsu: the Eternal lovers( Happy
hello! everyone this is my first story on arjun and subhadra . hope u like the story This is the story of two love birds. One of them was from dwarka,The heroin .and th...
Love In 3D✔️ by dwarkaratna
Love In 3D✔️by Subhi
"For tackling evilness make it the toughest for you so that after winning over it you never have to face it again," ~Author Subhadra, the princess of Dwarka wa...