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The King of Remnant  by TheHaremKing143
The King of Remnant by Motzelt Fox
This is the story of a once-great king falling from power through war only to wake up at the age of 10, how does one man with a burning desire for change, restore a pros...
The Headmaster's Errand Boy (Yang x Cat Faunus Male Reader) by NoOneToRemember123
The Headmaster's Errand Boy ( David Holt
As Yang attends her first year at Beacon Academy, she runs into an old friend. However, he does not seem to be there to study. (Obviously all existing characters belong...
Pure Evolution (Male reader x Blake Belladonna) by Divine_Quirk
Pure Evolution (Male reader x Divine_Quirk
(Y/N) (L/N) is a teenager that just... shows up at Beacon Academy. He sticks out the crowd of all the other students, catching the eyes of a certain cat Faunus. RWBY bel...
New Start In A New World OP Male reader x RWBY Harem by TheObserverOfWorld5
New Start In A New World OP Male TheObserverOfWorld5
(UNDER REWRITING) You y/n l/n have always desired more in your boring life. You have always wanted one where you could actually do something of actually worth and I can...
 The Last Berserker (RWBY x OP Abused Male Reader) by AngeryCrusader
The Last Berserker (RWBY x OP Nobody
Berserkers aren't always heroes. But they are the strongest warriors. What kind of warrior will you be? So, I constantly see countless RWBY stories starring readers when...
Jin the Devil of Remnant by GodofWrath19
Jin the Devil of Remnantby GodofWrath19
Jin has finish off his father Kazuya. After all this blood shed that have spilled because of the Misima Blood. Jin now is to weak and have too many injuries. Right now J...
Dragon Ball Remnant [RWBY X Dragon Ball Crossover] by Arkaden200
Dragon Ball Remnant [RWBY X Mr Nail
Four fighters from the many dimensions of the Dragon Ball Multiverse has been pulled from their time, being sent to the lands of Remnant with no way home. Faced with the...
The silver sharingan warrior  by Ninjacomix
The silver sharingan warrior by Ninjacomix
The world of remnant is full of monsters that seek only death and destruction yes these creatures of darkness are called Grimm and at the time humans were always at the...
Yang's Little Dragon by Arkadium29
Yang's Little Dragonby Arkadium29
Male child Reader x Motherly Yang
RWBY: Crescent Sniper (Ruby Rose x Male Reader) by TheyDidItToUs
RWBY: Crescent Sniper (Ruby Rose TheyDidItToUs
You were trained from a young age to become a huntsman. It was your biggest dream to follow in your fathers footsteps and become a huntsman, slaying Grimm and saving peo...
THE EMERALD HERO (rwby x link and zelda son male reader) by illylaslo
THE EMERALD HERO (rwby x link Illy laslo
After the disappearance of his Parents Y/N was told that if he wants to figure out where they are he has to go to the beacon, a school who's all purpose is to train the...
The Sin of Remnant (Escanor Male reader x RWBY) by codwarhero98
The Sin of Remnant (Escanor Male Captain Harlock
In Vale, a new bar just opened up, but it's only open during the night time. What's even more interesting is The barkeep that runs the joint.
Yin and Yang (Male reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Divine_Quirk
Yin and Yang (Male reader x Yang Divine_Quirk
Yin and Yang. Exact opposites. This is what (Y/N) (L/N) would say about him and Yang Xiao Long. They are life long rivals, constantly trying to surpass the other. What w...
Weapons of God: Revolution (Crossover Original Story) by StriderThomas
Weapons of God: Revolution ( Strider the Rebel
A 17 year-old boy named Strider is one of the 40% of the powerless people that reside in the world of Remnant, filled to the brim with people who wield three types of p...
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY x Child Male!Dragon Reader) by ShadeAkami
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY ShadeAkami
The story's back, I guess. A new year begins at Beacon. The first years have just gone through Initiation and were currently in the middle of the after ceremony when Ozp...
Another Hunt: Remake by FZH048
Another Hunt: Remakeby FZH
The Good Hunter find out that the Waking World are not as peace as he thinks with beasts roaming almost every part of the world. Now, with his companion and the Workshop...
BIG GUY, BIG HEART (bullied fat reader x RWBY AU) by locust_lord
BIG GUY, BIG HEART (bullied fat locust_lord
Y/n L/n is overweight and slow but makes that up with a big heart and a back breaking hug (literally), but teams RWBY, SSSN, CRDL, JNPR, and CFVY all don't realize that...
Chara's New Path: A RWBY Story by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Chara's New Path: A RWBY Storyby NeverTheLess
Frisk has come to the end of there finale route. A True Pacifist ending. With the Barrier broken and a promise to keep, they will go on... But some will have to stay beh...
Anakin and his adventures in Remnant: A RWBY Story by CanDoAttitudesNTL
Anakin and his adventures in NeverTheLess
After Anakin's Death he wakes in a new world as his younger self.