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Azur by kuwebby2
Azurby kuwebby2/Councilman4
An Azur Lane high school AU of sorts with me and Alex as self-inserts
Fenrir's Leash  by Zsaxwer
Fenrir's Leash by Zsaxwer
With the deception's end, so is the record of the Pride of Leasath. Reborn from the depths of despair, the Airborne Fortress Gleipnir rises as a kansen in the world of A...
Azur Lane: A Royal Navy Carrier by Izumo2
Azur Lane: A Royal Navy Carrierby Izumo
After dying in a very bizarre way, she was reincarnated as the daughter of the battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth... WHAT? DISCLAIMER: Azur Lane is not owned by me, all im...
Rogue-Repair-Ship by zero252
Rogue-Repair-Shipby Zero
IJN Kohaku is the brother of IJN Akashi, the scam cat. He is one of the best repair ships on the ocean, but one day he leaves the Sakura Empire and becomes distant from...
The Venetor by White_Tiger_1987
The Venetorby zubu smither
The Triumphant was a Venetor class star destroyer in service to the Republic however on one faithful mission against the Separatist it was destroyed by a super weapon lo...
The Betrayed Pirate: Betrayed Reader X Azur Lane Harem by GASTLY42957
The Betrayed Pirate: Betrayed Rhogar
A commander, betrayed by his fellow commanders over jealousy. They called him a coward, a traitor to the rest after. But only they knew what they did. They killed him. B...
life as a commander by acroyang
life as a commanderby Yurei
one day Acro gets into an accident at the beach. he wakes up in an unfamiliar place Acro finds out that he has been chosen to be a commander at this place called Azur La...
Azur Lane: You Need Therapy!  by PanickyHypnotist12
Azur Lane: You Need Therapy! by Thingamajig
Author: I'm gonna mess this up so bad... Azurlane, a port filled with beautiful shipgirls, usually commanded by males but after multiple reports of harassments and other...
The Hospital Ship of Azur Lane (Slow Updates) by Crime_Chaser
The Hospital Ship of Azur Lane ( Riot Trooper
The RCS Doctor Solace is a hospital ship operated by the Red Cross in the war torn Austronesian Republic. It is the only hospital ship belonging to the Red Cross capable...
Me 262 In a different world. (Slow Updates) by BIGTOSE888
Me 262 In a different world. ( to123814
A Me 262 Pilot on the Graf Zeppelin was out and ready to attack the ship when the Zeppelin was attacked and returned and help his ship, went on an attack Arun but was ki...
Betrayed Male OC x Azur Lane and Kantai Collection by Emperador_Nemesis
Betrayed Male OC x Azur Lane and Nemesis
So uhm... this is the new story, the other one is kinda cringe not gonna lie so yeah. He was a Guardian of the Sea, AKA "Nightmare of the Seven Seas" he was kn...
Country Ball Anime Adventures(Azur lane) by JusRusska
Country Ball Anime Adventures( Just Russka
The countryballs journey through the Azur lane dimension. How would they react?
Azur Lane: Living a fun life in another world by Arcadia2121
Azur Lane: Living a fun life in IJN KIOTO CV-90
I am the admiral of the United States confined fleet and former commander of the USS Enterprise CVN-65, I was in charge of supervising the first mission of the USS Enter...
Azur Lane: The Cruiser That Doesn't Exist  by Izumo2
Azur Lane: The Cruiser That Doesn' Izumo
Follow the fast-paced adventures in a dangerous world of a cruiser that doesn't exist, CLM-1701 a lone cruiser on a crusade to stop a war between factions on another wor...
Azur Lane - The next one who attempts to marry me, gets detention! by DearUnclePete
Azur Lane - The next one who DearUnclePete
Generally, the admiral's fleet isn't known for its adequacy. For good reason. - Idea borrowed (totally stolen) from "Please stop eating the hell butterflies" b...
Battle Maniac by AnimeAddict0202
Battle Maniacby AnimeAddict0202
Y/N was someone who was called a battle maniac during his time in the war. when Azur Lane suddenly loses their commander to the crimson axis, his sister calls him back t...
The Engineer by Reptile54
The Engineerby Reptile54
A former engineer of the Her Majesty's Royal Navy is asked to return to save the Battlecruiser Amagi from being scrapped, and afterward becomes Chief Engineer of Azur La...
One Ship NAVY (Loli MC x Azur Lane)​ by Harbour_Hime
One Ship NAVY (Loli MC x Azur Harbour Hime
Do i have to explain this? Really? *inhale*......... *long sigh* She'll have a gamer system based around World of Warships, the ships will be the rigging like the usual...
The Skies Are Mine by KhaizulFrost
The Skies Are Mineby Khairul Afif
(crossover harem x male reader) You have no power whatsoever. You have been bullied because of this by everyone except for the headmasters, teachers, few loyal friends...
Old Man Admiral by Kayto2538
Old Man Admiralby Kayto2538
Why am I here again? I'm retired I should be enjoying my time writing music and running my shop, but nooooooooooo I had to get roped into another mess. Damn that worthle...