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The rider of remnant by ThatShadowPrince
The rider of remnantby ThatShadow Prince
An wolf faunus awakens with no memory of who they are and where they come from, clueless they discover they are gifted the powers of legendary heroes known as "Kame...
ULTRA FAIRY BOOK 1 (Fairy Tail x Male Ultra Isekai Reader) by Thed3m0man
ULTRA FAIRY BOOK 1 (Fairy Tail x The d3m0man
This is the story about a young man name Y/N L/N he's on his way to Malaysia for college but a tradegy happen that the plane he was on got crashed and then he found hims...
Kamen Rider x HighSchool DxD: The Supernatural Rider by alex65722
Kamen Rider x HighSchool DxD: Alexander659
In this world we could believed that god is real but the supernatural exists about god, lucifer, demons, fallen angels, angels, dragons, phoenix, vampires, magicians, sa...
Remnant reacts to earth&tokusatsu by ThatShadowPrince
Remnant reacts to earth&tokusatsuby ThatShadow Prince
The one and only ThatShadowPrince summons many habitants of Remnant to watch what his world has produced in terms of entertainment such as funny videos, anime, etc. so s...
Engine Sentai Go-Onger x Male Reader by sunxy45
Engine Sentai Go-Onger x Male Haha
Follow (Name) and his journey of being a go-onger with his friends and partner and defeating the Gaiark and maybe find a little romances along the way. [i do not own Go...
Kamen Rider Neo Decade by kaikun47
Kamen Rider Neo Decadeby kaikun47
Three years after the defeat of Gyze, Shindou Chrono wanting to get into college to learn astrophysics, but his life has changed after he received his neo decadriver and...
A journey in Remnant [Discontinued] by RiderDecade
A journey in Remnant [Discontinued]by RiderDecade
A young man name Alex Garden, who die from a car crash and get incarcerated for unknown reasons. He was transport to the world of full of Grimm and he must survive in th...
RIDE KAMENS - project by daidokatsu
RIDE KAMENS - projectby SHO
(This is my version of an upcoming game called RIDE KAMENS) -- The story is set in Nijigao City, where nature and civilization are in complete harmony. However in this c...
Top of the Food Chain  (AoT X Male Reader) by MrJustiFaiz
Top of the Food Chain (AoT X CoffeeGuy
Hmm... what happens when Amazons is in AoT?
Mato seihei no slave x MaleReader by RenHusband
Mato seihei no slave x MaleReaderby RenHusband
Kurogane Y/n is a normal kid that has a dark past where his family and hometown was killed and destroy because of the shuuki raid that happened and he's the only survivo...
Neon Genesis Kamen Rider by thedoctorgonepale
Neon Genesis Kamen Riderby Thedoctorgonepale
10 years ago, the human race suffered a cataclysmic event that killed a large part of humanity. This event was called the second impact. In the present day, monsters kno...
Kamen Rider Yokaiser vs Union Academy by JeymisPeixoto
Kamen Rider Yokaiser vs Union Jeymis Peixoto
(A Mini-Series of Megaforce-Verse) A young boy named Kutaro Igawa is the brother of Asagi Igawa and Sakura Igawa, but held a grudge against Union Academy for their attem...
Destroyer of Decaying Worlds by Fate-Turner72022
Destroyer of Decaying Worldsby MeisterRise
The world is on the brink of total decay and collapse. Harry Magtanggol is a photographer, graphics designer and a Kamen Rider fan, specifically Decade. But suddenly, h...
Kamen Rider Den-o And Fresh Precure by WafiqAkmalRajaNazeli
Kamen Rider Den-o And Fresh Precureby kamen rider tokusatsu
the boy was 18 year old is name tsugami hiroto, he was college students as he part of the milk diaper and he from the another world. he same like nogami ryotaro with a l...
Middletown's Masked Hero by JeymisPeixoto
Middletown's Masked Heroby Jeymis Peixoto
Outside of Megaforce-Verse, a world that both Super Sentai and Megaforce Heroes never went the very first outside universe of Megaforce-Verse. TRN68 Earth, home for the...
Just A Reincarnation Story (Summoning Japan Edition) by ngilerjo_
Just A Reincarnation Story ( ngilerjo_
As he closed his eyes, his life flashed before his eyes. Starting from birth, adolescence, adulthood, and then his death. He had witnessed his homeland decline from pros...
Kamen Rider Saber And Smile Precure by WafiqAkmalRajaNazeli
Kamen Rider Saber And Smile Precureby kamen rider tokusatsu
long ago, the book of ancient was the transcribed of history, recordings everything know to man, myth, creature, stories, science and technology, humanity evolved, civil...
Honkai Impact: Trigger Odyssey by KazeharuHayato
Honkai Impact: Trigger Odysseyby KazeharuHayato
(A crossover fanfiction of Honkai Impact 3 x Ultraman Trigger, with several alterations.) A seemingly normal day for Manaka Kengo, a young man who aims to be a botanist...
A Superhero In The Real World (Author Insert) by JeymisPeixoto
A Superhero In The Real World ( Jeymis Peixoto
James Paxton is a director from Megaforce Movies, who recently heard about Warner Bros. shutting down Rooster Teeth, and the death of Akira Toriyama. These events led hi...
Stubborn Hearts, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger by nanaffes
Stubborn Hearts, Kaizoku Sentai .
Matsubara Shoko and Captain Marvelous were to stubborn to admit each other's feelings! Story by Nanaffes. Captain Marvelous x OC. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Super Sentai.