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.•KomaHina/HinaKoma Book•. by DreamyLumi
.•KomaHina/HinaKoma Book•.by DreamySkyes
.•*>☆A Book full of Komahina and Kamukoma☆<*•. -------------------------------------------------- Characters Do not Belong to Me, Only to Danganronpa, Ships: Kamuk...
Serving Mr Popular  by cherryworks_
Serving Mr Popular by cherryworks_
"Whatever, I call people as I deem fit," he interjected expressionlessly. Okay, that was insulting - how on earth did the name 'banana girl' suit me? He paused...
What happens when you summon Emiya Shirou in Chaldea by rvidify
What happens when you summon rvidify
What would happen when Ritsuka summons Emiya Shirou in Chaldea? The result: chaos. Crack fic. (NOTE. THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE FROM THE REAL FANFICTION ON FANFICTION.NET...
His Light ✓ by AzaleaOlive
His Light ✓by AᴢᴀʟᴇᴀOʟɪᴠᴇ
*COMPLETED* Alexandria had a simple life. A loving family, and a roof over her head. But when that is taken away, when the king and his men destroy her village and take...
One Hell of A Butler | Jujutsu Kaisen X M! Reader by Noya_The_explorer
One Hell of A Butler | Jujutsu °\\Dinosaur_ Rawr//°
" I, M/n Michaelis at your service, young Sorcerers" When the pinknette named Itadori Yuuji had a Demon butler named M/n Michaelis with him calling him young m...
The Crown by chofachofachofa
The Crownby Chofa
It was the first thing he saw when his eyes opened for the first time. The glistening, golden glow shining in his eyes ... how he should die for it. He was brought up b...
the broken servant( male servant x Fate grand order ) by Arthurpendragon285
the broken servant( male servant Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n was a saber Servant a 0 star type ( like Angra ) who was the rares of all, not very strong but loyal to gudako his máster, however one day at the misión His " c...
Monster in Chaldea by Middernacht1
Monster in Chaldeaby Ga'Hoole
This is the story of a man who lived 3 lives, his normal life, his like as a monster and his life as a servant. He is reborn as the king of the seas he is the Ocean Elde...
Chained To My Alpha Master by KarmaLou
Chained To My Alpha Masterby Lou Lou
Humans are slaves to the werewolf population. Separated from her family, Isabella is now a servant to the Alpha of the pack after she is sold when her previous master di...
My personal Servant AU (Bakutodo) by twink_shoto
My personal Servant AU (Bakutodo)by Rou_lji
Katsuki Bakugo, an arrogant, cold hearted, aggressive boss of a mafia gang. He lives in a mansion that his rich parents have got it for him. He had hired maid and servan...
The Servant (TodoDeku) by CelesteIsTaken
The Servant (TodoDeku)by CelesteIsTrash
It's a TodoDeku story. Read the first chapter to find out more. I don't think I need to say this, but no art is mine...
The Killer's Servant by Themuffinmademedoit
The Killer's Servantby Ďæŕķ Şøûľ
Daisy Dawn is the normal teenage girl who gets into trouble. One day she decides to make fun of a cute boy for no reason. Little does Daisy know.. This boy is a famous a...
My King by always_clever
My Kingby Nia
A time when King and Queens lead a whole country and servants was punished to even look at royalty. Akia Buhari is a servant that was ported in from Angola and into UK w...
Sombre by Desolve
Sombreby Disturbed
He was born into this world to serve men, the first human born for no purpose other than sexual desire. He's sad, and rather lonely, his body is more sensitive than an a...
The prince's new maid// Loki Laufeyson x Maid character COMPLETED by PricklePeach
The prince's new maid// Loki Eden Smith
Prince Loki and Prince Thor are to be assigned, new maids in the realm of Asgard. Loki is cold and harsh god of mischief but something piques his interest in his new ch...
Saviour by HoneyBuddah707
Saviourby CEO Of Mahipeko
Servant comes across a cold and scared Reserve-Course Survivor and takes an interest in him. Their story progresses from there.
Touch Me (boyxboy) by Jinglebean
Touch Me (boyxboy)by Jinglebean
Joel has always hated werewolf society. As one of the lowest ranked werewolves of the Bournville pack, he has learnt to clench his teeth and smile while having to bow t...
Lil' Ultimate Music! (Nagisa Shingetsu X OC!) by TKSans
Lil' Ultimate Music! (Nagisa Penny Pally
This is a story about a little girl, a very *TALENTED* little girl... She always gets awarded due to her talent, however, because of said talent...she became miserable U...
I Reincarnated As The Universe by FlowerOfEternities
I Reincarnated As The Universeby FlowerOfEternities
I've always wanted to be someone powerful...who wouldn't? Fly around like superman, stand for justice, eradicate all evil. Like that you know? Or perhaps a cultivation g...
The Throne of Heroes. by Grand_Caster
The Throne of Hans Christian Andersen
El Trono de los Héroes, un lugar separado del tiempo y el espacio que se ubica en Akasha, la Raíz. En este lugar es donde los Espíritus Heroicos convergen, conozcamos a...