His Servant? (Sesshomaru x Reader) by Animekia
His Servant? (Sesshomaru x Reader)by Animekia
This is the story of a 16 year old girl who was forced to run away from her village due to constant demon attacks. She lost her adoptive family in the mess and was now a...
  • romance
  • lemon
  • action-romance
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From the Ashes by Ruechari
From the Ashesby Ruechari
Juliana could not believe Lady Catherine assigned her to be Richard's chambermaid. She obviously enjoyed doing so because Juliana could hear the wretched woman's cackle...
  • adventure
  • lord
  • writing-contest
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Gay Prison / Captive by WinterPrince4
Gay Prison / Captiveby WinterPrince4
#9 GAY [18+] When Jake and Colton get pulled over on their way to work, they get a whole lot more than just a ticket. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. Warning: contains s...
  • boyxboy
  • kinky
  • prison
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Royal Servant - Manhua yaoi hard +18 (Español) by blackqueen194
Royal Servant - Manhua yaoi hard
  • 18
  • royal-servant
  • yaoi
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A Tale of Romans and Slaves | PJO/HOO by iheartshipper
A Tale of Romans and Slaves | iheartshipper
This is not a happy story. Let's take Percy, for example. He was a poor fisherman's son who was perfectly happy with his life. Then he was thrown into slavery, in the...
  • slave
  • romeau
  • royaltyau
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Servant  by goldenscares666
Servant by Golden
(Insane/Yandere King x Reader) Don't you change the subject, Cuz you're my favorite subject~
  • servant
  • insane
  • xreader
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Wings of a Dragonfly by Camlaaarr
Wings of a Dragonflyby Cameron
By the time Oliver was ten; he was royalty and didn't have a care in the world. At the same time, Finn was five; he was working after being sold into slavery by his star...
  • lord
  • forbidden
  • historical
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Her Darkness, His Light by sscrowned
Her Darkness, His Lightby Stephanie Jane Sebastian
"Come here" he said motioning for me to step closer. This is it! God please help me! I knew that I had to obey his every word. It was just that my body decid...
  • trolls
  • wattys2018
  • punishment
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A Manservant's Loyalty (merlin BBC OneShots)  by Grace_LXOX
A Manservant's Loyalty (merlin Grace XOX
The adventures of Merlin, Arthur and the knights of the round table. Short stories/ oneshots are rated: PG (Unless stated otherwise) Stories may contain adult themes...
  • arthur
  • merlin
  • servant
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A Prince's Never Told No (Zarry) by FlowerIn1DHeaven
A Prince's Never Told No (Zarry)by Zarry Is ❤
Zayn's eyes looping around the room nervously, trying to find an escape. "But I-I do-don't want to, yo-our highness." Zayn pleaded. "I don't care, I'm yo...
  • gaylove
  • boyxboy
  • malik
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Love In The Palace by ponytailedClaire
Love In The Palaceby ponytailedClaire
She was sold to a richer family, and then substituted their daughter to be a palace servant candidate at 15. As news spread fast like the wind, she knows that a palace s...
  • palace
  • concubines
  • royal
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Forbidden Love | Taekook [completed] by RoyalTaekook
Forbidden Love | Taekook [ RoyalTaekook
What happens when a King falls in love with a warrior? To be exact a Royal Commander. Taehyung - a King who devotes himself for his nation but finds love in a man and on...
  • bangtan
  • bts
  • commander
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Save Me Kuro (Kuro X Reader) by Nickigirl314
Save Me Kuro (Kuro X Reader)by MissAnimeLover🤓
(Y/n) does what she has to do to keep her and her little sister Nanami off the streets. Even if that means putting her own life at risk. She honestly couldn't care about...
  • sleepyashxreader
  • fanfiction
  • story
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Assassin [boyxboy] by xSkullxRedx
Assassin [boyxboy]by xSkullxRedx
Edge isn't an average seventeen year old boy. He's a Realm Jumper and an assassin. On top of being a top killer who needs to be everywhere and anywhere, he has to deal w...
  • magic
  • highschool
  • royalty
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The Vampire Queen's Servant  | (Camren) by passivecompassion
The Vampire Queen's Servant | ( Chloe
Book 1 of Vampire Queen series Lady Camila Cabello is a one-thousand-year-old vampire in need of a new servant - now more than ever as she's suffering the signs of a mys...
  • 5h
  • camrenfanfic
  • jauregui
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CALL ME ❝MASTER❞ (vhope a|u) by girlfromnowhere21
CALL ME ❝MASTER❞ (vhope a|u)by ♣ ♐︎ᖇOᑕƖO♐︎♣
..."Son are you sure about this madness?" He crouched down a little to pick up the paper that slipped from his hands. I smiled at my dad hiding my darkest emot...
  • servant
  • lovestory
  • master
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A Captive of Time by Rose_Penn
A Captive of Timeby Rose Penn
Blue Doe is an independent, modern day women. She doesn't take no for an answer and gives the world the middle finger whenever it gets in her way. So, what happens when...
  • romance
  • timetravel
  • digitaldreamerawards
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Welcome to Hell by SinpaiCasanova
Welcome to Hellby Queen of Salt
*DISCONTINUED* Collaboration with @Septiphaniplieraway Dive into a demonic world filled with sex, love, and slavery.
  • apocalypto
  • servant
  • crank
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Alpha's Mate: The Pack Servant [COMPLETED] by laurachelseaa_
Alpha's Mate: The Pack Servant [ Laura Woods ♥
Eleanor Tate, a normal wolf who became a pack servant after being rejected by her mate. She didn't run, she stayed to look after her dying mother but for five years had...
  • amnesia
  • servant
  • alpha
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A Maid For Mr. Arrogant by dandan101
A Maid For Mr. Arrogantby Danielle
Life couldn't get any better for Xia Cameron, she's run away from a negligent mother and an abbusive father, she's about to be evicted from her apartment, She's behind o...
  • finish
  • theft
  • divorce
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