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Maid to Serve by AnimalLover231
Maid to Serveby AnimalLover231
Two 16 year old girls, Anna and Lily, both are having trouble at home, though for very different reasons. They both decide to take the bus, that's where they meet each o...
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[Forever...] ~Servamp~ (sleepy ash) Kuro x Reader by dawnx_edt
[Forever...] ~Servamp~ (sleepy Dawn
Ever since she had become a subclass, (y/n) had lived with the Aliceins in their manor. Her Servamp, Sleepy Ash had left her there with no true explanation after he had...
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Always Yours (King Series #2) by heyitsmaiii
Always Yours (King Series #2)by Maiii
They both swayed to the music seeming as they were lost in their own universe, they smiled at each other and the sight was unbearable, as if there was someone constantly...
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Claimed by 1hatecheesecake
Claimedby Adélaïde Masson
It had been a stormy winter mix, the weather perfect for an unsupervised hunt. The moonlight illuminates my path as my paws crunch playfully on the forest floor. I leap...
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The Crown by chofasifo
The Crownby Chofa
It was the first thing he saw when his eyes opened for the first time. The glistening, golden glow shining in his eyes ... how he should die for it. He was brought up b...
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The Lady of Rosewood Manor by Tears_Of_Ink_72
The Lady of Rosewood Manorby Taryn
When Tayna's mother died, her life was turned upside down. Her father turned into a mean, abusive man, and she had no one left in the world to care for her, so she ran a...
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Manservant by Lyana_S
Manservantby Lyana_S
Wealthy, sheltered Alicia has never had a servant like Theo before. He is sexy, passionate, rebellious ... and definitely off limits. The next thing she knows, he become...
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The Servant Girl by i_am_a_merp
The Servant Girlby i_am_a_merp
You've probably all heard the tale of cinderella, but what happens when cinderella is a servant to the prince? A tale of friendship forgotten, or is it? After an acciden...
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A Giant's Servant by Wolf_Flower
A Giant's Servantby 😴
A story based on a couple I made up. This story is about a young woman who has always been treated badly for her looks. She always dreamed of a better life away from the...
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Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots  by stressed_simone
Danganronpa X Reader Oneshots by ~ Fire ~
Requests open! Welcome to my unoriginal book. I will do girlxgirl and boyxboy when I want to, so if you don't like it, either skip that chapter or don't read. Enjoy!
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My personal Servant AU (Bakutodo) by yasnaleilaji
My personal Servant AU (Bakutodo)by Rou_lji
Katsuki Bakugo, an arrogant, cold hearted, aggressive boss of a mafia gang. He lives in a mansion that his rich parents have got it for him. He had hired maid and servan...
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The 20 Heisei Servants by Ronindzsuwito
The 20 Heisei Servantsby DZSuwito
Ritsuka Fujimaru is Chaldea's Provisional Master who has summoned multiple Servants but a malfunction if FATE caused a bright light to shine revealing 20 Servants in fro...
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Mob... Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Nan Desu Kedo!? by Tsu2Na7
Mob... Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Tsu2Na7
Author(s): Bannbu Artist(s): Hanamori Ito 花守 絃 Afflicted with an illness at 25, my life s...
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Where We Started by Keaton20
Where We Startedby Mason
Soooo, this is based off a dream I had! So here we go! Kagae is the prince of the fairies.... but he doesn't want the royalty. Knadi is just a lowly servant for Kagae. U...
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Fate/Alternative by King_In_The_Storm
Fate/Alternativeby King_In_The_Storm
A world in which masters and servants all exist at the same time, and even go to school together. This story follows a boy named Karma as he and his friends goes throug...
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The Nerdys Checklist (How to Get the Famous Pogi) by MissEbunny
The Nerdys Checklist (How to Get Elle
What if miss Nerdy Girl fall inlove with a famous Heartbreaker? Magkakaspark kaya When Porsche is persistent to her FAITH? She's a warrior. She fight using her faith, s...
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Forever Never Lasts by PreciousPerson07
Forever Never Lastsby ~Leann~
Little One... Catchy much? Imagine waking up in a cell only to meet your new "Master" whom is to be the next gang leader soon. What happens when she finds her...
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Selena Wraith by CrystalRust
Selena Wraithby CrystAlvineRust
"Beauty akin to morning dew; pure, refreshing and precious. Eyes held enchanting purple and lips colored with the gentlest of pink, each strand of her hair long, w...
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Servant or Human? (Male Reader X FGO) (In The Process Of Yet Another Rework)  by Chronological_Void
Servant or Human? (Male Reader X Apple Pie!
A mysterious man was seen standing above a skyscraper. His black coat moving with wind as he looked down a broken city. His (E/C) shine briefly before donning a mask as...
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The Hidden Servant by CrazedTemptations
The Hidden Servantby CrazedTemptations
⚠️!Omega Verse!⚠️ Once young and a small prince, kicked out to the roads for a mistake he didn't make. Years passed and he became a useless servant, an unused, pushed ar...
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