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Battleship: Orochi by DragonLord39
Battleship: Orochiby DragonLord39
As you all know, ships are mainly referred to as girls. What would happen if one of those ships... was a male? Striker stars as the only male Battleship as he is sent in...
Not all of us wish Humanity's destruction by KMS_Hindenburg
Not all of us wish Humanity's Your friendly O-class
A Siren Ship is merged with a Wisdom cube by accident and develops a conscience. Will Azur Lane accept a Siren as their own or will the Siren have to fight alone? I own...
Azur Lane: The Indomitable Duo [ON HOLD] by Galv324
Azur Lane: The Indomitable Duo [ Galv324
The Indomitable Duo. The most feared pair of battleships the world has ever seen are born into the world of Azur Lane as they try to find their place in this world. USS...
Dawn of A New Age by Devvy2015
Dawn of A New Ageby DTM
Azur Lane The Creator has decided to introduce an entirely new nation to the world of Azur Lane. Things are about to get spicy. Will this new nation side with the Sirens...
Terror of the Seas by N7Captain
Terror of the Seasby N7Captain
What if a battleship from an alternate dimension came over? What if this ship was the strongest anyone had ever seen? Why does he look so evil but isn't? Let's find out!
Life with Two Foxes (Azure Lane) by StoryBloodhound
Life with Two Foxes (Azure Lane)by StoryTellingGhost
Life with Two Foxes - revolves around a 19 year old high school student,that comes home one day.Laying on his Bed day dreaming about how his life would be with Two Fox G...
the giant from the depts goes to another world ( alicorn x azur lane) by Downneck
the giant from the depts goes to Downneck
alicorn was off from erusea naval to avoid from trigger, but in the middle of his journey. there was something wrong ( The pictures from this book are not from mine)
Azur Lane: Male Reader Regent Ship X Azur Lane by Sherwinkent
Azur Lane: Male Reader Regent sherwinkent9011
Y/N play battleship game mini boss appeared striker after striker destroyed light appeared front of screen teleport him to azur lane universe and become striker what wel...
Azur Lane: Commander (X Male Reader) by rg808guy
Azur Lane: Commander (X Male Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: this is a (Azur Lane x Male Reader) Description: You, are the commander of the Azur Lane base. As the commander, it's always possible for your ships to fall I love...
Russian supercarrier goes to azur lane by Downneck
Russian supercarrier goes to Downneck
in the year of 2030, the Russian navy successfully build an supercarrier they name it Shtorm or project 23000E. they send this ship naval training in black sea, but some...
The Legacy {Male Reader X Azur Lane}  by theidiotno23
The Legacy {Male Reader X Azur Bang💥..
Y/n a boy who has been raised in orphanage because his mother abandoned him. He has been raising until age 6 then someone took him as his son. Y/n think him as a Stepfat...
CHERRY. [JESS MARIANO] by sincerelyhales
Cassandra Quinn had her three phase plan. One, ace her SAT's Two, graduate Yale with a Law Degree Three, move to New York and work as a lawyer. That was her plan. She...
"Impressive Commander." (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by Mobius117
"Impressive Commander." (Azur Mobius117
In a world in conflict with the Sirens, a young commander is assigned to Azur Lane. He will be tested by his command, his enemies and his ships. His command and enemies...
The Venetor by White_Tiger_1987
The Venetorby zubu smither
The Triumphant was a Venetor class star destroyer in service to the Republic however on one faithful mission against the Separatist it was destroyed by a super weapon lo...
Azur Lane: the beast (male battleship x azur lane) by Codmplayer2514
Azur Lane: the beast (male Codm
USS Missouri is the third of the iowa class battleships missiouri was fighting againts an alien mothership, after the battle missouri was sailing back to port for repair...
The Soldiers of Azur Lane by White_Tiger_1987
The Soldiers of Azur Laneby zubu smither
6 soldiers who were long lost friends are teleported to the world of Azur Lane. They realized that they where now ships from the future and decided to band together once...
Highschool DxD: Azur lane's Crimson Commander by N7Captain
Highschool DxD: Azur lane's N7Captain
"Why?" "Wait!" "He's gone, and it's your fault!" Issei Hyoudou was your average perverted high school student. So imagine how he felt when...
The Engineer by Reptile54
The Engineerby Reptile54
A former engineer of the Her Majesty's Royal Navy is asked to return to save the Battlecruiser Amagi from being scrapped, and afterward becomes Chief Engineer of Azur La...