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The proto hero (young justice betrayed oc) by blastercrow
The proto hero (young justice betr...by blastercrow
When Zane gets kicked off the young justice team his family takes his progrise keys and driver and gave it to his sister.....he decided to make his own driver plus progr...
Remnant Game start by IamGamerA
Remnant Game startby Ren Higakita
Ace Gema Goodwitch was alway distance from everyone, people often see him as a loner and weird but only a few peoples get to know his true sides as the genius gamer A an...
RWBY: GAMRs of Remnant (RWBY x Kamen Rider) by DoomSlayerZex
RWBY: GAMRs of Remnant (RWBY x Kam...by DoomSlayerZex
The world of Remnant is a world filled with the dangers of Grimm and the White Fang, but there is a third danger...the Bugster Virus. To save the world from these danger...
RWBY: The Greeed Rider  by IamGamerA
RWBY: The Greeed Rider by Ren Higakita
Eren Belladonna is the twin brother of Blake Belladonna, he is the younger one out of the two. From birth he was different from the rest of the family, instead of having...
The 20 Heisei Servants by Ronindzsuwito
The 20 Heisei Servantsby DZSuwito
Ritsuka Fujimaru is Chaldea's Provisional Master who has summoned multiple Servants but a malfunction if FATE caused a bright light to shine revealing 20 Servants in fro...
The Abused Black hole Evolto X Highschool Dxd by Kamenriderman
The Abused Black hole Evolto X Hig...by Kamenriderman
Akira, the brother of Issei hyoudou the biggest pervert in Kouh. Akira was abused and tricked by his brother but the lowest point in Akira's life was when he was arreste...
Gamer in different world  by KRrin0
Gamer in different world by
Y/n is a normal teenager who suddenly wake up in unfamiliar forest. What will Y/n do? well....read it This is my first time writing this also English is not my main lang...
Simulated Lanes by ArceusDescent
Simulated Lanesby Neet Sensei
After buying some cursed merchandise from a shady seller, (Y/n) got displaced into the world of Azur Lane. With Bang Bang Simulations and a Gamer Driver on hand, he begi...
The Dangerous Abused Zombie (Abused and Neglected Genm Reader x RWBY) by Ronindzsuwito
The Dangerous Abused Zombie (Abuse...by DZSuwito
Qrow and Winter had two sons, Dylan and Y/N! Dylan and James were in the Schnee mansion, but Dylan was taken from the abusive family by Qrow and Winter, meanwhile, Y/N w...
MY Hero Tale (my hero academia X Fairy Tail X Kamen Rider) by Shadowdragon157
MY Hero Tale (my hero academia X F...by Rider dragons
In a of hero's and magic, there is a school that is the greats in all the land, Fairy U.A. but the problem is not everyone is gifted. Y/n is Magicless but he tries harde...
The Dragon of Remnant [ RWBY AU Fanfiction ] by EvoJaden
The Dragon of Remnant [ RWBY AU Fa...by THE TRUE DEMON KING!
A fugitive, framed for a murder he did not commit, and with this was put on trail and sought to be executed. But during the time he were to be executed he was abducted b...
RWBY: The Thief by IamGamerA
RWBY: The Thiefby Ren Higakita
Born in a family with no love. Ryu Rose after escaping from his abusive family, he met a man that chance his life forever. Ryu Kaito became a thief and a Kamen Rider. Af...
Kamen Rider Demons: The Genomix Rider in Marvel Universe by SINS_COUNTER
Kamen Rider Demons: The Genomix Ri...by SINS_COUNTER
Daisuke Akira is a fan of Kamen Rider & Marvel, especially Spider-Man. He have a Siblings and a Girlfriend. One day, he's got transported to Marvel World along with his...
Izuku New World (Kamen Rider Cross-Z X Small Crossover) by TheEternal_King
Izuku New World (Kamen Rider Cross...by (King)
This story about Sougo Tokiwa visiting another world and found out protagonist Izuku Midoriya. He gave Izuku the power to become Kamen Rider Cross-Z in this story. (This...
Hard-Boiled Rider in Remnant (Kamen Rider Joker x RWBY) by R1der_FOREVER
Hard-Boiled Rider in Remnant (Kame...by NØir
Noir was a huge fan of Shotaro also known as Kamen Rider W, but after coming home from school a explosion occurs killing him, but he is given a chance to live again in t...
Mha X Male Reader X Heisei Kamen rider - The Mask Rider Of Ua by enzomallari2003
Mha X Male Reader X Heisei Kamen r...by enzomallari2003
The story of Y/N becoming a mask rider in a world full of heroes
Author's Magical Isekai to RWBY by KRBTMHAuthor420
Author's Magical Isekai to RWBYby ThatWeirdAsfAuthor
So basically..............I got accidentally killed by God and I uuuuuhhh, get reincarnated as a genie in Remnant. Now follow me, my master and friends on this magical w...
The Cosmic Wanderer by OrbPrime11
The Cosmic Wandererby TheNexusWarrior
15 years have passed after the Ultraman, Kamen Riders, and the Super Sentai sacrificed their lives to destroy Dark Killer and his forces in hopes to save the Multiverse...
RWBY: Relic Of The Kingstone. by emiyadaffa
RWBY: Relic Of The Kingstone.by emiyadaffa
In a world where Huntsman fight for humanity against the threat of the Grimm, one warrior fights alone in his own battle against the dark forces. It is only a matter of...