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Fate Kaleid - Visitor from the Void by TRUExtremeSamX
Fate Kaleid - Visitor from the Voidby TRUExtremeSamX
A guy becomes Shirou, but wait- why is Illya younger? And why is Irisviel here? And why does he have the First Magic? And why is Illya so cute?! (Self Insert Shirou in K...
Prisma LxL by SaveTheWeak
Prisma LxLby Soskūe
They were both Counter Guardians. They were both siblings that had never met. They were from separate realities. Yet a disturbance unexpectantly brought them together. T...
Gil x Illya (one shot series ) by Natsuki158
Gil x Illya (one shot series )by Leticia
it just a bunch of one shot
Protection ( Gil x Illya ) by FateFandom
Protection ( Gil x Illya )by Fate Series Comunity
It's been 3 years since Illya save Miyu , and Gilgamesh be king again . Kuro start to told the untrue about Illya since they came back . One day , her family kick her ou...
Ashes by SaveTheWeak
Ashesby Soskūe
Hollow. That was what Illyasviel felt when Kiritsugu betrayed her. A hollow is what she summoned.
The Faker Spirit (Genderbent Reader x Date a Live) by TrapMaster20
The Faker Spirit (Genderbent TrapMaster20
Story Inspired by @Ezkuchan. Y/n L/n is a young man who has enjoyed Fate/Kalied Prisma Illya, but his favorite character was Kuro, Illya's dark doppelgänger. When he get...
Anime Roommates by -_-WendyMarvell-_-
Anime Roommatesby ウェンディ
What happens when your generic anime protagonist has to share a large house with 11 other girls? A lot of insanity, to answer the question. Characters included are from...
A faker's second chance at life by RoseAramashi
A faker's second chance at lifeby Rose Aramashi
Kuro von Einzbern sacrifice herself during the fight with Darius Ainsworth. She expected her life to simply end there, but she was so wrong. Now, she was back in the pas...
Fate: the New King of Camelot. [Rewrite] by FWZ2404
Fate: the New King of Camelot. [
A servant named Mordred was summoned to the fourth Holy Grail War by her interesting Master. They both will meet allies and enemies, with various goals, Ideals, and view...
Fate/Harem Antics by Gundamboi
Fate/Harem Anticsby MrBruh
[Warning:This Not My Book,But this One Rightfully Belongs to (Authour:Kamenriderhero25). I Am Simply Righting this Book because of the Orginal Book was Unavailable to Ma...
Renací En Kaleid by Muramasa_Emiya_Shiro
Renací En Kaleidby J_A_H
¿Qué tan jodida debe de estar tu vida cómo para despertar en el cuerpo de la persona que más odias? No solo tienes que volver a ver esa molesta cara que denota inocencia...
The Second Magus Killer Summoned To Chaldea (DISCONTINUED)  by AndikaSurya186
The Second Magus Killer Summoned Andika Surya
What if Shirou Emiya become heroic spirit and summoned to Chaldea. This Shirou have Time alter magic and equipment Kiritsugu Emiya and Archer ability too
Gallya Shorts by amerasian21
Gallya Shortsby Amerasian
Little Chapters of Illya and Gaby. This will be updated with chapters every so often. If you have any requests, let me know in the comments or private message. I hope yo...
𝙎 𝙐 𝙉 𝙎 𝙃 𝙄 𝙉 𝙀  / Beyblade Burst DB SHIP STORIES! by sxndaybonbon
𝙎 𝙐 𝙉 𝙎 𝙃 𝙄 𝙉 𝙀 / ʟᴏᴠᴇ!!
Just some short stories (about romance and stuff). I HAD TO DO IT, DB HAS SO MUCH GAY AURA I LOVE IT OwO!
Zero Under Snow(Discontinued) by Kazuharu0
Zero Under Snow(Discontinued)by Alilios Kazuharu
This story is about Shirou, Shirou Emiya, and his path into becoming a hero, a true hero who could save everyone, who could protect everyone he holds dear I was inspire...
Suprising change by Infinity-kun
Suprising changeby Infinity Pizza
Since Illya became a magical girl her life wasn't the same. She transformed into one with the help of her talking wand Ruby. Miyu also got one, Sapphire. Illya and Miyu...
fate/kaleid liner Prisma ⭐Illya x Kamen rider ZI-O by blackNeoFox
fate/kaleid liner Prisma ⭐Illya Markus Moreno
In a city named Fuyuki City, a girl named Illyasviel a 5th grader in Homurahara Academy was living a normal life with her family. But that all changed one day when she b...
Your Not Alone by LunaWu3
Your Not Aloneby Luna Wu
Fate Stay/Night x My Hero Academia Itsuki Emiya has been through hell and had tremendous trauma. Will she be able to recover? What happens when she meets the green haire...
Naruto The Exterminator by Boahancocksimp
Naruto The Exterminatorby Ambatukum
Kara Danvers or Kara Zor El aka Supergirl was the girlfriend of naruto until he caught her cheating on him with Shazam. Heart broken naruto broke up with Kara as she did...
Goku y la maga homúnculo (pausada de momento hasta que tenga idea) by blackgokudios
Goku y la maga homúnculo ( blackgokudios
después de que goku y vegeta derrotara a la cabra moro, ambos decidieron seguir con lo suyo entrenado. El saiyajin de pelos alocados decidió ir a un universo diferente p...