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Goggles x Rider by YummyUUU
Goggles x Riderby .
Don't judge me I was bored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm NO professional writer... please excuse my mistakes. This is rated M but who listens to ratings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cover is not by me
Goggles x Rider Oneshots by gogglleskun
Goggles x Rider Oneshotsby Bakugo Simp
💙 yo favorite squids,, mostly doing the cuddles n hugs here 💚 Requests are open! DM me or Comment in a story and i may write it!! There isnt enough oneshots to quench...
what... have I done..? [Rider x Sanitized Goggles] by ADreamingWish
what... have I done..? [Rider x Sa...by ☆Dreamin'☆
"why was I so mean to you... now.. now you're gone... you're not here... not fully... I'm so.. so sorry.. goggles..." ~ Rider Story was inspired by the: Saniti...
RiderxGoggles oneshots by coroika
RiderxGoggles oneshotsby uh shits self
just some gay drabbles (This fic will be on a LONG hiatus!! Hopefully the fandom can pull me back in,, but for now I'm taking a break hhH <33)
gorai oneshots by cephalopodtime
gorai oneshotsby squid
a collection of soft oneshots :)
{Goggles x rider}  love is sickening 💔  by frisktheloveguard784
{Goggles x rider} love is sickeni...by frisktheloveguard784
(The covers of the art is not mine) In a city of inkopolis Lived an enthusiastic and goofy blue inkling That named goggles. Goggles is always nice to everyone especi...
My Entire World // Goggles x Rider Fanfic by StupidOofies
My Entire World // Goggles x Rider...by I guess you can be my little...
Rider has had feelings for Goggles for awhile now but he can't get out of the "friend zone". He tends to either lash out or have a heart attack whenever he is...
Rider X Goggles by Stwraberry
Rider X Gogglesby Stwraberry
Hey! Just a quick heads up, there will be LEMON/SMUT scenes in this. I will leave a warning at the top of the chapters indicating whether it'll have LEMON/SMUT scenes th...
Splatoon One-shots (Feat. Original Characters) (18+(?)) by Kiwi_Veemo
Splatoon One-shots (Feat. Original...by Kiwi_
So- Title says it all, message me if you want a certain ship. I dunno if I'll do lemons because I do write them, I'm just very shy about it...haha... Also, I'll be featu...
Dreams do come true ❤Goggles x Rider❤ by thenewDerpynat447
Dreams do come true ❤Goggles x Rid...by Emo Inkling
(I only have the first four books,so please correct me if I get some things wrong about the characters.) Goggles has always had a huge crush on his friend Rider, but Rid...
rainy days - goggles x rider by chariieuwu
rainy days - goggles x riderby chariie
"his smile was bright enough to lighten up the recent gloomy days. rider loved to be near that smile, but he would never dare confess it." ╲⠀╲⠀╲ ╲ ...
Goggles X Rider | One Shots  by sk4ppys_s1mp
Goggles X Rider | One Shots by jaden
;^; Hi Read this if you like rider x goggles I guess uwu
Goggles x Rider Oneshots by gogglesishot69
Goggles x Rider Oneshotsby ben dover
uwu,, I don't write very often so don't expect too many updates
∆| Rider x Goggles One-Shots |∆ by UmeboshiLover
∆| Rider x Goggles One-Shots |∆by UmeboshiLover
welp, as the title says... Gorai/Rider x Goggles One-Shots! i'll Accept requests, no lemons allowed here. shoo! I'll Also make the first one to start with this... other...
💚 Goggles x Rider - Parenting is tough... 💙 [DISCONTINUED] by CoroikaNerd
💚 Goggles x Rider - Parenting is...by Eggbert
This is a spin off series and takes place a few years after my previous Goggles x Rider story. To get you up to speed. Goggles and Rider adopted a child, now they have t...
The Haunting  by kavinsky_falcon
The Haunting by kavinsky_falcon
Rider being annoyed and mad about everything, he gets called out. Goggles wants to make him happy and others know. The others want him to change, Goggles is the only one...
Splatoon Manga Oneshot. by kawaiiprincepudding
Splatoon Manga Oneshot.by Prince
Some ship between you and your favorite manga character....
Q & A With My splatoon (and coroika splatoon) ships! by ZikiChii
Q & A With My splatoon (and coroik...by ZikiChii
Ships include: -Bobble x Mask -Army x Aloha -Goggles x Rider -Skull x Headphones No longer doing emperor x edging, but will do Emperor x Gloves! (my ships change a lot...