Chapter 3: The Plan

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Chapter 3:


<Dave's POV>


You are really worried about John. He is too cute to be so broken. He told you he needs some time alone, around a week. You said sure, because you understand how he feels. And it was a really hard time for him, but also for you. You were waiting for three years on that meteor to see John again, and after that you just met few times. You really want to tell him how you feel but not now. Now you need to help him, and you will do whatever you can for that boy. You got through so much with him all the tragedies that happened in the Game, you will not let him down here.


You want to see him. You want to touch him. You want to look into his deep blue eyes and kiss him.

But you can’t.


You promised that you will see him soon and you will. You stand up and walk over to your closet to find an old apple juice can where you ironically store your money. You dump its contents on the floor and count the papers, mostly consisting of one one dollar bills. With your amazing math skills it took you only few seconds to add everything you have together. You have 96 dollars.


Not even enough to buy one way way ticket to Washington.

You will get your lazy bud up and go get a job and get your money and buy a ticket and go visit john and tell him that you love him and you will be a fucking perfect couple.

Sounds like a plan.


You get on your laptop and look for the jobs available around you. You can’t find anything cool except for dumb nerdy jobs. Oh here is one that catches you eye, and it is in the music store. That is perfect for you, and you quickly register on the website and send your resume in. You will get a response in 2-5 days. To spend your time you scroll around the website and you find that you can just upload your skills and portfolio for a specific job, and if someone needs they will hire you. You opened a page and started typing a paragraph about what an awesome DJ you are and also add some of your best songs. Done. John is finally pestering you. You immediately stop doing everything and answer. The windy boy is your #1 importance.


ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 9:56 a.m.

EB: hey dave

TG: hi how are you?

EB: I’m perfectly fine just finished talking to Karkat

TG: cool

TG: how is he doing

EB: looks like he is finally dating Terezi

TG: really?

TG: I don’t believe that asshole finally got himself together

EB: yeah they are living together now

EB: but thats not I wanted to talk about

EB: karat told me that vriska knows that we are going to meet

EB: all of us together again


TG: see i told you

TG: that is great

TG: hopefully no one dies this time

EB: hehe :B

TG: i have to do something really quick I will get back to you later

EB: later:)

ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 10:02 a.m.


You feel so much happier right now. It is kind of weird how your mood depends on Egbert. You really care about him. You also got jealous when he mentioned Karkat, sometimes you suspected that they have something going on, but you quickly calmed down when he said that Kitkat and Terezi got together. You have to admit, they are very cute together. That weird girl that types with eights that pretty sure was hitting on John before she started dating the fish one thinks you are going to meet again. During the Game John always trusted her and said that she could see future or something. You always thought she was insane, but you hope she is right. You learned that sometimes you have to trust crazy people.

You went to the kitchen to grab some apple juice. When you come back sipping he ironic drink of the gods you see a new email. You open to see you got a response from the local music store. They really need people to work, so they want you to start tomorrow, and tell you some basic instructions and time. You send them a thank you letter, and are prepare yourself for your job as a shop assistant. You decided to work for two weeks, 5 hours a day, so by the end you will make $770. That’s more than enough for roundtrip tickets to Washington and back and a birthday present for John. Which is exactly in two months, on April 13th. You really hope John’s dad will let you stay for like a month, but that dude never seemed to give a fuck, so yeah. When you will finish working in two weeks, you will buy tickets to get there on March 13th and you will get the other one later. This plan is perfect, you give yourself a high five and decide to write some ironic rap about it.

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