My Happiness {DaveKat} by iznot_kit
My Happiness {DaveKat}by ღ KitKat ღ
Just another story of Davekat (Dave Strider+Karkat Vantas) Or is it..? Dave Strider, the cool, ironic, kid with shades, has to help guide one of the new kids in school...
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  • yaoi
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Do You Feel Us Falling? (Dave Strider x Reader) by wookieprincesss
Do You Feel Us Falling? (Dave space buns
~Do You Feel Us Falling?~ ~Demigod_Bookworm~ ~NEW USERNAME: TwiceBakedPot8o~ ~Highest Ranking: #135 in fanfiction~ (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) was a fourteen-year-old girl when he...
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Homestuck One-Shots [EN] !ON HIATUS! by Lunatic_Kitten
Homestuck One-Shots [EN] !ON ソフィア~★
•ON HIATUS• ▶I'll write any one-shot with ANY BOY/MALE character, including Guardians, Ancestors, Dancestors and Sprites. ▶But if you want to, I can write a one-shot wit...
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Homestuck Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by SoundzGood
Homestuck Boyfriend/Girlfriend SoundzGood
Hello ✨ This is my first boyfriend/girlfriend scenario book and I'm pretty darn happy with how it's going Sorry if the characters are OC Also the book has just the bet...
  • trolls
  • sollux
  • betatrolls
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You Want Me To Wear What?! -Homestuck x Reader LEMONS- by MysteriousEcho
You Want Me To Wear What?! Mysterious Echo
Kanaya challenges (Y/n) to wear clothes of her choice for a week, but there's a catch... -LOTS OF LEMONS- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • aradia
  • nepeta
  • karkat
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Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
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  • hiveswap
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Feralstuck x reader by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
Feralstuck x readerby NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
Ok so I recently found out about this homestuck AU called Feralstuck and I cannot find even one good xReader for it. So I just decided to make one. It's gonna start out...
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Homestuck boyfriend scenarios by pixelatedJester
Homestuck boyfriend scenariosby pixelatedJester
Homestuck boyfriend scenarios
  • terezi
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  • eridan
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That Damn Ampora... (A Cronkri Fanfiction) [SLOW UPDATES] by JohnnyEggplant
That Damn Ampora... (A Cronkri James White
Just a Cronkri story because I'm bored. Warning: Mature content, slow updates, swearing, homosexuality. All characters belong to the person who literally captivated my s...
  • whyamidoingthistomyself
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Dave The Smuppet Fucker by davebrodirk
Dave The Smuppet Fuckerby davebrodirk
ship: brodave NSFW dave has always hated those damn smuppets that bro's so fond of, but he's gotta know what the appeal is. he's just gotta try it for himself
  • strider
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CronKri Comics by arcaneNeutralizer
CronKri Comicsby S0llux Capt0r
It is exactly what the title says. Most are going to be smut.
  • cronkri
  • homestuck
Cronus x Reader {Secrets} by CapriciousGirly
Cronus x Reader {Secrets}by Bree
Moving into a strange area where trolls and humans thrive together is out of your league. You meet nice ones, quiet ones, sassy ones, and the bitchy ones.... And then yo...
  • cronusxreader
  • homestuck
  • romance
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The Makara Maid by Anuyushi
The Makara Maidby Anuyushi
The highbloods wanted a small weak little woman to do all their housework without complaints. What they got, was you. And you weren't that. ((Mild language warning)) //R...
  • kurloz
  • cronus
  • eridan
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Kanmitula smut by arcaneNeutralizer
Kanmitula smutby S0llux Capt0r
Kankri goes into heat. He tries to keep it private, but that all goes down hill when Latula and Mituna stop by. ***NOT MINE***
  • tentabuldge
  • nook
  • mituna
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Heart beat (dave strider X reader) by bork118
Heart beat (dave strider X reader)by bork118
How could one night with your friends make you fall in love with one guy?
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  • homestuck
What are the Chances? Kankri x Reader ~Completed~ by AceArlo
What are the Chances? Kankri x ~Arlo~
"(Y/N), may I have a p9tentially triggering c9nversation with y9u?" "Sure Kankri, what is it?" ...
  • fanfiction
  • homestuckxreader
  • kankrivantas
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~Homestuck X Reader~ (One-Shot Series) by Hipster_Nepeta
~Homestuck X Reader~ (One-Shot gremlin™
A series of One-Shots based around a specific Homestuck character and the reader. All characters belong to Andrew Hussie, but you belong to you. The story belongs to m...
  • davesprite
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all my art (from my computer) by Shipping_fan
all my art (from my computer)by Fan_of_everything
here i will show all of you my art from my computer. old ones and new ones. and PLZ no hate
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Homestuck x reader oneshots (taking requests) by Cr0nusAmp0ra
Homestuck x reader oneshots ( Wwizard
Can't do lemons very well but you are certain to have fluff I do mostly a reader with they/them pronouns so any gender should be able to enjoy these Requests are defini...
  • homestuck
  • zahhak
  • fluff
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Who to choose (homestuck x reader) by MissLittleKittyKat
Who to choose (homestuck x reader)by MissLittleKittyKat
I do not own Homestck This is a story of a girl who has four male best friends Sollux Capor, Karkat Vantas, Eridan Ampora, and Gamzee Makara. In this story the main char...
  • solluxxreder
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