Homestuck Ship Comic And Picture Book  by arcaneNeutralizer
Homestuck Ship Comic And Picture arcaneNeutralizer
Look at the title
  • yaoi
  • yuti
  • homestuck
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Homestuck x Reader by GamzeeOrAnyHomestuck
Homestuck x Readerby Marshmallow
Heyyo, GamzeeOrAnyHomestuck here! This is my X Reader book for the amazing/trashy/crazy/contagious Homestuck fandom. I personally love the webcomic and many of the chara...
  • kankri
  • karkat
  • kurloz
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HoMestuck Stuff by Cherry-Baby
HoMestuck Stuffby Kaden Zenady
Pls share this. Comment? Suggest?
  • gamkar
  • homestucksmut
  • davekat
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CronKri Comics by arcaneNeutralizer
CronKri Comicsby arcaneNeutralizer
It is exactly what the title says. Most are going to be smut.
  • cronkri
  • homestuck
Homestuck + Hiveswap lemons by tixuc_toad
Homestuck + Hiveswap lemonsby tixuc_toad
Just a casual smut book. you may request any kink or whatever, i even do ocs. so please, dont be shy to request youre oc if the requests are open please, be patient if i...
  • fanfic
  • cannonxcannon
  • fandoms
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Homestuck boyfriend scenarios by pixelatedJester
Homestuck boyfriend scenariosby pixelatedJester
Homestuck boyfriend scenarios
  • vriska
  • sollux
  • kanaya
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Homestuck Lemons by AngelGarry1013
Homestuck Lemonsby Samarah Renee Garry
this will have lemons lmao this is second attempt at writing on phone so if the grammar and shit is bad don't remind me about it know ._.👏👏👏👏 but anyway this will b...
  • homestucklemons
  • homestuck
  • gamtav
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「 🌙 」s/mb by FOP-DOODLE
「 🌙 」s/mbby ﹢ ˖ ✐▐
I'm not good with advice. May I interest you in a sarcastic comment?
  • jokes
  • lol
  • offensivejokes
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Demonstuck by red_homestuck_101
Demonstuckby Caitlyn Morgan
In a world where demon's run free. Hunter's plan to take away not only the freedom but the lives of the demon's But what happens when the myths about an unbeatable d...
  • demonstuck
  • gore
  • homestuck
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Nsfw Comics -HomeStuck- by WhispyHipsterGlitch
Nsfw Comics -HomeStuck-by ~~₩HispyHipster~~
Y3Ah I kn0w I hAt3 m3 t00 N0t All 0f 1ts nsfw Just th3 mAj0r1ty 0f 1t w1ll b3 N0ne 0f th3s3 Ar3 m1n3 unl3ss I tAg 1t #m1n3 At th3 t0p 0th3r w1s3 All Cr3d1t g03s t0 th3...
  • fluffballs
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Homestuck x reader oneshots (taking requests) by Cr0nusAmp0ra
Homestuck x reader oneshots ( Wwizard
Can't do lemons very well but you are certain to have fluff I do mostly a reader with they/them pronouns so any gender should be able to enjoy these Requests are defini...
  • makara
  • jade
  • homestuck
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Fandom Spanking One Shots by Creepypasta_013
Fandom Spanking One Shotsby The android sent by CyberLife
Sorry, none of this is Yaoi, insest, Yuri, or smut in general. It's all non sexual spankings. Eddsworld Hetalia Yu-Gi-Oh Undertale Fullmetal Alchemist Legend of Zelda Su...
  • tord
  • america
  • alfred
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Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios by burnt-wasabi
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenariosby Finn
Ello beautifuls! I'm doing this as a request to a friend who is in love with Karkat! This includes Gamzee Makara, Kurloz Makara, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor, Equius Zah...
  • boyfriend
  • various
  • romance
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Unexpected (Dirk Strider x Abused! Reader) by mewbbydude
Unexpected (Dirk Strider x Mewbby
(20 Parts) Why...? Why was he being so gentle? He hadn't taken any positive interest in you until that moment, but then again, you hadn't really seen much of him since h...
  • abusedreader
  • homestuckdirk
  • depression
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Homestuck imagines ~Slow updates~ by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines ~Slow updates~by Noodleneck 💀
Basically everyone from Homestuck... ⚠️Slow updates, you've been warned⚠️ Will do girls only by request!
  • strider
  • davestrider
  • homestuck
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Is It Worth It? [Davekat] by AddictiveCatnip
Is It Worth It? [Davekat]by McHoe
Karkat Vantas is suicidal and depressed because of school. He has been bullied his whole life because of his ginger hair and freckles and it just got worse when he dyed...
  • depression
  • davestrider
  • humanstuck
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Hiveswap x reader (oneshots) !DISCONTINUED! by Egg_socks_the_snail
Hiveswap x reader (oneshots) ! Sages a lemon
This book, my good sirs, is discontinued. Feel free to read what's left! I hope you enjoy! -Sage
  • hiveswap
  • fanfiction
  • oneshots
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The Blood I Spill for You by 69CarcinoGeneticist
The Blood I Spill for Youby 69CarcinoGeneticist
Dave Strider has never liked the idea of owning a troll. Dogs and cats are fine, they're animals with small brains, but trolls are as smart, or even smarter, than humans...
  • karkat
  • davekat
  • fanfiction
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Sexcanons by causticCrabdicator
Sexcanonsby Pastel Đysfunction
bunch of smut and all that juicy stuff, happy reading all
  • sexcanons
  • smutish
  • homestuck
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Male characters X Uke! Male! Reader by Steampunk-OtakuRS
Male characters X Uke! Male! Readerby Carmine Jake White
  • bobo-bo
  • fnaf
  • creepypasta
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