Chapter 13: Discovering True Selves

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Chapter 13: Discovering True Selves

<Dave’s POV>

You got some home cooked snacks from dad, 2 T-shirts (just in case, why not) and our tickets in the bag and got in the car, John was driving. He had all his emotions overwhelming him and you quickly got on the road, while typing the Disneyland address in GPS. You can’t believe that you, two 16 and 17 year old gay guys were going to a park for little kids. 

“So this is like our first date?”, you laughed.

“I guess so.”, John laughed back. 

You turned on the radio. It was some classical music, but you decided to leave it. It was the only classical song you liked: Yiruma, River Flows in You. John looked at you, smiling. His fingers were tapping in the rhythm of the music. He glanced at you:

“My favorite song. The only one I remember how to play.”

“It shall be our song from now.”


You moved your hand to the left, and connected it with his. You sat there enjoying your time together. After song ended, there were sme popular Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars songs, that you sang together. It was a fun one and a half hour drive.

When you arrived, you took your bag and walked to the entrance. You gave your tickets to an old woman, who gave you a weird stare, and you went inside. It was huge. You were never a big fan of Disney, but it was pretty impressive. 

John grabbed your hand and began moving forward, hypnotized by the magnificence of this place. First, he dragged you to some weird house consisting of cubes. You walked around this place, seeing a lot of people dressed in some costumes of various cultures. It was pretty, but strange. Then, you went to some ride in the mountain. You loved roller coasters, but this one was kind of childish; you mentally face palm and spend entire time checking out John. He was such a cute excited baby. After you got off, you walk around looking where you want to go next, and buy some water. Why does water have to be so hella expensive? Is it made of gold or some shit? You eat your food and continue walking. You point at something called Mr. Toads Wild Ride

“Sounds interesting!”, John was enthusiastic as always.

You walk in what looks like an old library, and get in the cart, and it starts moving. You get in the dark as hell tunnel and see some colorful lights in the end of it. As you start moving faster, you see colorful lights here and there, weird creatures and decorations, some people, some frogs. You got further, and lights around you are only red, and you are surrounded by creatures that look like devils. Yes, you are literally in hell. You wonder how much drugs did the creator of this ride have, because you would supposed to be really high to make something like that. The cart stopped, and you exit, helping John get off.

“Do you still like Disneyland, John?”

“Dave. That was…. amazing!!!”, he was jumping like a 7 year old girl who just got a puppy. Probably a pink puppy. Or a unicorn. Probably a unipup.

You smile and take his hand, when he starts skipping. You went on other attractions like Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, Peter Pan's Flight, Autopia and something else, you don’t really remember the name. When you were both tired, you decided to go grab ice cream and drive back home. You went and bought strawberry for yourself, and John got lime. You were going to the exit, holding hands and licking each other’s ice creams. You were walking when you saw a man with a wife and what it seemed like two sons and two daughters, even though one of them didn’t look like others. Probably just a friend or something. Boys looked like they are 8 and 11, both girls looked around 15. You were passing by grumpy looking adult as John kissed your cheek, leaving a sticky mark on it, you laughed and messed around with each others ice cream, as man suddenly started yelling:

“You faggots, what are you doing here?! What are you showing to younger generation? My kids are looking at you what will they think?! That it’s okay to be such a fag as you?”

John almost started crying? You felt his arms shake and you squeezed it harder, you felt his pulse speeding up. No one is going to insult John like that:

“If you won’t take back what you said in three seconds you will show your kids how easily their dad can get a broken nose"

He laughed, “First you too will burn in hell!”

You placed ice cream in John’s hand as you stepped forward. You were preparing yourself, holding your hand in a fist. You felt blood arrive to it, your heart pulsing with anger. Before you made your first move, one of the girls stepped forward, dragging other with her:

“Well, ‘dad’ I’m burning with them!”, she said as she kissed the short pretty girl with dirty blonde hair. She kissed back, not thinking about consequences. Man stood there, amazed, his eyes wide open: “I never want to see you again.”, he said under his breath. 

“Great, those young ladies are going to be loved with me.", the woman said taking girls with them that were still holding hands.

“Fuck this gay world.” Man took the boys, and walked in a different direction.

John was standing there, still holding your ice cream, his eyes watery. You took your dessert, and put a hand around his shoulder, pulling him closer, and walking slowly towards exit.

“Did we just ruin that family?”, he sounded really concerned.

“We saved it. Those girls will be able to be who they truly are, and now they can live peacefully in a better family. That dude had problems, and didn’t deserve to be that girl’s dad.”

“I love you, Dave.”

“I love you , too”

You got in the car, as it started raining. You decided to drive now, letting John to rest. It was raining hard, so you decided to wait for a little, and got on the back seat, John was laying with his head on your lap. You ran your hand through his hair, carefully twisting it. He fell asleep, and didn’t wake up until the rain stopped, in about half an hour. You sat there protecting his sleep. You knew he needed someone strong, and you promised yourself that you will always protect him.

You got into the drivers seat, John also got in the front. It was a silent drive, you holding John’s hand, because you knew it will make him feel better. It will make him feel safe.

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