Chapter 6: Le Ring

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Chapter 6: Le Ring

<Dave’s POV>

Only two weeks left. You finished your job at the music store, and to be honest, it was kind of fun to work there. Except all those times when girls wearing all black and looking for rock CDs were trying to flirt with you. That was terrible. You finally don’t have to wake up at 8:30 in the morning, so today on March 1st you wake up at 1:30 p.m. and lazily walk to your laptop. You go on ebay and buy a present for John.

It is a ring from black gold with black diamonds, you choose the smallest size for his tiny fingers. It will be delivered on time, before you leave to Washington, and you can’t wait till you get it and complete the present.

2 more weeks. You freak out like a teenage fangirl about her favorite character. Wow, Dave, where are you going, you just compared yourself to a teenage fangirl, all because of John. That guy will be the death of you.

Oh wow, he is pestering you now, you are of course answering. You unlock your Iphone and he is talking in your group chat. Oh, joy.

ectoBiologist [EB] created a group chum at 02:01 p.m.

EB: hey guys

TG: sup

GG: i decided to go back to gardening

TT: That is a great idea, Jade.

GG: It reminds me of fun old times with my grandpa.

TG: cool

TT: So, John are you ready for your birthday, it’s in a little more than a month, isn’t it?

EB: thats right rose :B

EB: i dont even know how to feel, it will probably be as always, dad will bake a million cakes, I will sit the whole day in my room, talking to you and watching Nic Cage movies.

TG: …

EB: dave, you are being all quiet and mysterious what are you planning there?

TG: nothing much, just thinking about what present to get for you, dear

EB: did you just call me dear?

TG: yes, honey

EB: hehe, I hate when you are being all weirdly ironically sarcastic

EB: still love you though

TG: lol

TT: My lovely heterosexual friends, can you move your mating call to a private conversation?

TG: wow sis

TG: rude

TG: didnt expect that from you

TG: i will go cry

TG: bye

turntechGodhead [TG] quit the group chum at 02:09 p.m.


That was funny. You enjoy those sarcastic conversations with your friends, especially with John. You are almost sure he is also attracted to you as much as you are to him. You are completely determined to tell him on the first day you will meet. You have to stop thinking about all the possible reaction scenarios, playing them in your head, it is just being too gay.

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